Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Harlem Shake Inside a Church? Dancing to Hell!

By Kirby Robinson

Due to a case I'm working on, I'm unable to post a new blog today. I will have a Special Edition Saturday, but meanwhile, here's a blast from the past. 

I’ve noticed a spike in recent cases that focus on young people. The common thing that occurs in almost all the cases was the fact that all the kids took part in dancing the Harlem Shake at their church during regular or youth services.

This is part of the trend in the church of turning their back on the cross and embracing the new age, the Jewish faith, the occult, and the demonic.

Dancing isn’t evil. But this dance takes place in church and how it is done and what it represents is opening the door to allow demons to enter. Not only for those doing it, but also allowing the demon to take up residence there. The demon will perform false works of wonders that people will say the wonders are right from God.

The dance originated in Harlem and the craze really took off after a Christian rock band called Third Day promoted it during their recent Miracle Tour.

This supposedly Christian band and the dance in a concert may not be bad but the one phrase that is repeated translates into “we are the terrorists.” Satan/Lucifer/the Devil and their demons are the terrorists to God and all things Christians should stand for. Why would they repeat that phrase and ask their audience to repeat it?

Notice at the very end of the song [and in some versions are repeated throughout the song] is a deep and loud evil cackle. The same sound I’ve heard from demons I’ve encountered over the years. 

Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church Full Spreads False Teachings

1 No Second Coming

2 The Bible has errors

3 Christ was God’s “do over”

4 The Muslims and Christians share the same God/Savior

Seems they are welcoming in the god Bacchus [lesser god/demon]. If you do not know of him read more here:

Here’s the video:

- Notice the young man wearing the lizard mask and tail [demon]

- The style of dancing is very sexual

Now remember -- this is in a church.

Here’s a video of the dance with Christ hanging from the cross:

- Notice the girl to the left of cross is dressed as the one of the ungodly ones. During the dance, the man playing Jesus is spanking her as she is onstage kneeling like an animal in heat.

- The person in an animal head walks across the stage. Animal masks are common in the dark art schools.

In Jacksonville Florida at an under 30 church group. Onstage, a man wears a mask that appears alien:

What’s next? Beer and chicken wings? Slot machines? Strippers instead of pastors?

Taking part in this is a door opener to the demonic. Anyone that is in a church that allows this to take place needs to find a new church – quickly.

Any pastor that allows this in their church shows they aren’t a man/woman of God but working for the false church that serves the evil one.

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