Thursday, January 23, 2014

How Satan Supports Christians

By Lisa Grace

Many Christians hate the idea that they have actions that support and promote Satan, but they do. Satan, who is smarter and has been around the block longer than any living Christian, uses the Bible to twist messages about God's love and judgment.

His greatest tools within the church are:

  • Denominationalism
  • Judgment
  • Misunderstandings caused by man-made added words,concordances, and incorrect translations
  • Not understanding Hebrew traditions, customs, mores, and early Hebrew language (even the Greeks misunderstood and made up words to describe some Hebraic Torah concepts.)
  • The devil is always working and succeeding by tempting us into judgment
  • Getting us to think "actions" will make us more righteous: "If I do this or get others to do this, then I'm a better Christian" Our righteousness is as filthy rags and we can not "earn" our way into salvation.

How can we guard against allowing the devil to use the very word of God against us?

It's simple:

  • Remember we are all sinners saved by His (God's) grace (Eph 2:8-9)
  • Remembering the basic saving message: We are all sinners, Jesus' blood is what covers our sin, repent( means turn away) from our sin, ask Jesus (Yeshua) into our hearts, claim him as our personal Savior.

Everything else we do to honor Him is a fruit of our faith, and those practices should not be used to condemn others if they do not practice them themselves.

Let God be the judge at the time of judgment. All Christians have a hard enough time just keeping the Ten Commandments, which again God knew we couldn't keep, but they are to act as a mirror to show us our sinful selves, and remind us as to why we each need the gift of God, our Savior, Jesus Christ. He paid it all.

I pray we can all work together, to bring others into a personal relationship with God, through Jesus. If we work at this basic truth, there will not be the interest in the paranormal that exists today, as a personal relationship with our Creator trumps seeking after a relationship with perverted fallen angels, demons, witchcraft, i.e. all other forms of the supernatural.


Jennifer Auld said...

Awesome blog Lisa! So very true!

Anonymous said...

Your messages always seem to be on point, concise, and uplifting. This is very refreshing in contrast to those who mean well, & yet present a dreary, heavy tone in their interpretation of the Bible.

Lisa Grace said...

Thank you Jen A and Anonymous. I think we all have been on both sides of the fence.
So much of the infighting among Christians is just a waste of time and wrong.
How many have we turned away by unwittingly letting Satan use us, in God's name?
Being judged for writing about the supernatural happens to me all the time by well-meaning Christians.