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Psychics Talk for God ~ Parts 1 & 2

By Kirby Robinson

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The following blog is not meant to group everyone with spiritual gifts as fakes or frauds. There are good ones and bad ones out there, but we ask the public to use caution when dealing with anyone claiming to have spiritual gifts.

The disclaimer discussed in this blog did not come from any particular psychic but from several psychics' websites. We took the language of their disclaimer and merged it with others.


Yes folks, according to the many psychic supporters, you can forget prayer. You can get up off your knees, get out your credit card/s, and pay 'em because they can tell you better than anyone what God is saying!

Not long ago I noticed on my Facebook newsfeed a comment from one of my friends that they were going to treat themselves to a yearly visit to their local psychic. I posted a comment that why not save their money and just talk to God? He never charges and it won't be for entertainment purposes only. A few weeks later, she posted a response to my comment basically saying that psychics are great in interpreting what God was telling you. When I read things like that it really makes me go WTF?

When did the psychics insert themselves between us and God? When did God become dependent on psychics to tell us things? Yes, there were dream interpreters and prophets within the Bible but they didn't have business cards. They didn't do phone readings. They didn't post the disclaimer: FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. And if they weren't 100% accurate, they got stoned to death.

When you talk to God there is no charge!

He doesn't ask anything of us when we speak to him. God is there 24/7/365 – and that includes Leap Years! He'd like us to have a personal relationship with his Son, but that's not required. We have free will, you know.

When we talk to psychics there is always a charge.

This is an odd issue to me. Often psychics will compare themselves to prophets in the Bible and claim they have the same gift. Yet in no chapter or verse within the Bible do we ever find a prophet charging for their services. Psychics claim:  "This is how I earn a living." Again, the prophets of the Bible didn't charge any money but God took care of them. If psychics have faith in GOD and their gift is from God, He will take care of them.

Often the next fallback is for those psychics to mention that doctors have the gift of healing and they are paid. That's mixing apples with oranges. Doctors may have been guided into medicine by God. He might help oversee their decisions and care given to a patient, but the patient isn't healed by the doctor in the mysterious way God heals someone through prayer and the laying of hands.

When you talk to God he is 100% accurate 100% of the time.

When you talk to a psychic -- they can go from being 0% right on up.

When you talk to God …

There is no topic off the table. If you need healing it's there. If you need guidance on a job, a purchase, whether to get pregnant, etc., He will give you advice and help any way He can. And it's not for entertainment purposes only. God says what He means and stands behind it.

When you talk to a psychic …

There are all kinds of disclaimers and limitations. There's no guarantee whatsoever.

Let's take a look at the legal disclaimer that psychics post. Again, this is not from any particular psychic, but we took a look at many different psychics' websites.

For entertainment purposes only.

How odd that a claim is made that they have a gift, yet they have no faith in that gift. So with that statement they claim they are only an actor playing a role. You pay them to play a psychic. Which means their reading is nothing more than a sham. Why? Because it's only entertainment. What would happen if you went to a church that practiced the spiritual gifts of healing, prophecy, etc., and the pastor started his sermon by saying: "THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!" Would you stay there?

Psychics claim:

That no psychic [note they say no psychic] can predict, forecast or diagnose with absolute certainty.

That's always troubling to me. It's their escape clause. I just can't say I'll be right. Would you take a job if the boss said, "I'm not sure if you'll be paid." Would you go to a doctor who said, "My advice might be way off." Would you trust an instructor who informed you at the start of the class, "Sorry, the money you just paid for the class might be wasted! I'm not sure what I'm saying is right or not, my interpretation might be way off."

It's odd that psychics claim legitimacy via the Bible and the dream interpreters and prophets, yet they say they can't be as good as them. Yet the men mentioned in the Bible like Daniel and Ezekiel have hit things on the head 100% of the time.

Psychics will say

They can't be held responsible for actions and decisions made by the client as a result of the reading.

What that means is that they can make things up and tell you what you want to hear. They won't be held liable for anything they tell you. So if they tell you that job will work out, that the business will succeed, that that boyfriend of yours is cheating on you, it doesn't matter if it's true. You act on it. The job sucks, the business fails, and the boyfriend isn't cheating. You take that advice depending on these psychics and boy do you pay the price.

But there is another problem. What if that man or woman was your Mr./Ms. Right and you backed away from them? What if that job or business was the career for you and you backed away from it? Who pays the price? You do. And your relationship with God does. [They say their gift is from God. If they're wrong, then God is wrong. So the trust in God is destroyed]. And the psychic doesn't care—they're just sipping margaritas on the beach.

Psychics say …

For medical or legal matters they won't talk about those topics as you need to see a medical or legal professional.

Again, they claim their gift is from God. Yet they have no faith in it. If they did, they could/would help people in any matter. Say what you want about Edgar Cayce, but did he ever turn someone away that came to him for medical advice?

See, I believe in the spiritual gifts. You won't find a person who believes in them more. And what I believe on top of that is that there are so many fakers, so many actors, and so many wannabes. The final and last difference between talking to God and talking to a psychic is this: He loves you yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Most psychics' love lasts until your minutes are done or you card is maxed out. And they move on to their next victim…I mean client.

Psychics Talk for God - Part 2

Did you notice the lack of response by psychics to my previous blog? Why is that? The haters and fakers would say it was simply a lack of interest in my blog. Personally, I think it had more to do with the fact that they know I'm right and they fear where I'm about to go with this blog series.

I recall being part of the new age back in the 80's. I had to chance to meet some of the top psychics, mediums, channelers, and so-called teachers. I drank with them [and we're not talking coffee], I saw their excesses [even new age teachers have groupies and bed hopping was very common], and I took lessons from them [read a bunch of religions and occult practices, mix 'em together, keep your stories straight and soak the public]. This was their best advice then and it hasn't changed. One wonders how many of them are sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists? How many of them have absolutely no conscience and how many have sold out to the dark side? And their escape clause is that it's all for entertainment purposes only.

One of our readers asked a very interesting question after reading last week's blog.

"Not trying to stir the pot, but ministers and preachers get paid and television evangelists make big bucks. Should they feel bad for charging, too? People have to make a living."

Ministers are people who aren't just doing a job--they are responding to a calling from God. Their hours aren't from 9 to 5, but 24 hours a day. They are on call to their flock at any time. No matter if it's a natural disaster, death, illness, or crisis, they are expected to be there. They are expected to teach the word of God to their flock. They are expected to reach out to the poor, the hungry, the sick, and those who have not heard the word of God/those who are unsaved. It's not just a job to them. More often than not, unless it's a big church, they do this for little or no pay and have to work a side job to make ends meet. In many cases, they have a family to support.

Are there pastors that make a lot of money? Yes. There are new mega-churches that do pay well. Yet at the same time, it's a 24-hour a day situation. And in the mega-churches their responsibilities are even greater; not only to the flock but to the organization as well.

TV and radio evangelists: again there are two categories: the big ones and the small ones. They are responding to the call of God to carry His word to not only a flock but to the world. Again, more often than not, it's a 24-hour a day situation.

The big time organizations have the same issues, but magnified. [No, I'm not naive enough to think that all are legit: there are good ones and bad ones]. The bad ones need to be exposed -- like Bob Larson's.

So, in the case of people working for the glory of God, they certainly deserve to get paid.

Now let's look at psychics. Are they called by God to do this? Are they on call 24/7? Do they give advice and consul for free? Do they visit the sick and feed the hungry? Give water to the thirsty? Clothe the naked? No. It's simply a way to make money. Some say that only being a psychic is a small part of their lives when they are getting paid to give readings. Their life is their life. Do they teach for free? But most importantly, do they give the glory to the Lord?

Again, they say it's a gift. If so, give it to others for free. I've never heard a pastor say I will lay hands on you or pray for you for $29.95. I will share my visions/dreams I have had about you, or the gift of prophecy, for a fee. But the psychic does.

I read a book that was written by the former flavor of the month when it comes to psychics, who said their gift was uncertain. Whatever they saw was open to interpretation. Now is this a gift the public should trust? But remember: it's for entertainment purposes only, it has that escape clause.

Where in the Bible does it ever speak of God's gift[s] of spiritual insights, visions, dreams, prophecy, laying on of hands as uncertain? Would you follow a God that was kind of right sometimes? The Bible teaches us that the God of the Bible is the God of all Gods. He hears everything, He is always there and He is always right. Where does the Bible say the spiritual gifts are not certain? The prophets of old have never been off the mark. Where does it say what He says is uncertain? He stands behind His word and His gifts. And in no chapter or verse within the Bible will you find the phrase: for entertainment purposes only.

The lies these psychics tell and force themselves to follow won't help them when the end comes. Saint Peter at the gate is no respecter of personalities. The judge that sits on the most high throne doesn't buy into popular lies and tools of mass marketing and deceptions.

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