Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ghost Adventures Crew Ignore Fans

By Chris Baricko

Most of us have watched Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. I did  as well till their egos and bad acting got in the way. Let's start with a few things. When they wanted  to reach 1 million likes on Facebook they were everyone's friend. Then again when they wanted to reach 2 million Likes. Now they do not feel the need to answer nor reply. We served our purpose. They are not very truthful. It starts right with the opening. They clearly state "The three of us travel." Um, wrong there are five including Billy and the video guy. So right from the start there are misleading the viewers. But now let's look at them one by one.

Nick Groff, in my opinion, is the worst. He used to reply and answer fans' questions, but now, forget it.  And some might say well he can't reply to everyone. Sorry, I don't buy snake oil. If that was the case then how come when you go on his page he has time to promote his CD? His book? His clothing line? His gym? Or his "Drinks on Me" Tour? So let's look at this. He wants your money but don't want to give you any of his time? Hmmm, now why would you want to support a person who ignores you? Sorry no excuse the fans got him to were he is and the fans can also take it away.

Then he states that Boston is his home Town. Unless Pelham, New Hampshire moved South East 34 miles and 48 minutes away, it's not his hometown. See the link:

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Pretty crappy things he did and to define what hometown means according to Merriam Webster Dictionary.
Hometown is defined as the city or town were one was born or grew up also principal residence.

Shame on him trying to play the Boston card for ratings and support.

Then we have Zak Bagans--his ego is unreal. He just doesn't reply at all. But made sure he was out there when he wanted you to buy his book.

Then we have Aaron Goodwin he is not as bad. He has his Big Steppin line and he donates proceeds to charity.

They all think they are all that. The funny part is I myself was investigating the paranormal before they were old enough to drive, as many others were. They need to remember that being on TV doesn't make them investigators--it makes them actors. Their EVP's are crap, they all sound just like static and they throw words under it hoping we will say OH YEA I hear it.

So, in closing, I will say it is pretty clear they all went to college for film, saw the paranormal was the in thing and cashed in on it. Too bad they do not take as much time to respond to the fans as they do pushing their products.

Nick Groff -- 1553 Likes

Our Troops -- 297 Likes


Past Life Investigations Paranormal Group said...

I too believe this to be true. I have asked the guys several questions in the past with no response. We became members of the "Ghost Adventures Crew" a couple of years ago, they still do not answer questions even though we are a member of that team, and no cases are thrown anybody's way or at least none that I have seen.
They need to get back down to the real roots of investigating the paranormal instead of putting on a "show" for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Sooo they broke your heart? Get a tissue.

Anonymous said...

Boo who.

Its called they are busy and have a life. Probably get millions of requests and emails as well. Think about it.

Nobody has time in the day to respond to everyone.

Grow up and get over it.

Living ones life and enjoying it is more important then answering stupid questions 24/7 via email or twitter.

People need to get back to living their lives in front of one another and not behind a computer, cell phone or TV.

Anonymous said...

By the way, this article on this blog just proved the immaturity of EOTP in allowing garbage and rants to be submitted and allowed as news.