Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Issue 145 – Theresa Caputo & Other Psychics are Spiritual Predators

By Kirby Robinson

Most psychics are spiritual predators. The worst offenders revel in the fame and wealth as they commit unsavory acts. They leave behind their victim's destroyed lives. No, the wounds and bruises might not show up for years but they will. Only God will be able to heal them.

On you can see a video in which Theresa Caputo reveals her spiritual predator side on family members who lost a beloved young daughter to cancer.

Like all other spiritual predators, the Long Island Medium cares nothing about her victims.

At the 0:45-second mark you'll see her placing her hand to her left ear. Why is this? Well, we're told this is her ear piece that is used to feed her information while doing readings.

As usual, Theresa gets her facts wrong when she says that the girl still doesn't have her hair in the afterlife. The Long Island Medium must have slept through the church's teaching on "Spirit Bodies." When we go to heaven, we get spirit bodies. They are perfect and whole so the little girl does have her hair back.

What Theresa and other so-called psychics suffer from are the effects of spiritual adultery. Just like the cheating spouse has turned their back on what should be the Holy Trinity:  God/Jesus/Holy Ghost. Instead, they've embraced a new love which can be a lesser god, a demon, or something of this world like power, fame and money.

Such acts allow the person to be seduced spiritually. Eventually they become spiritually dead. This enables them to engage in acts that are far less than honorable. You can compare this to priests who rape children. They know it's not right and not of God, but they have sold out to the flesh and are ruled by it.

Notice that Theresa is smiling as she lies to her clients about their dead loved ones or the spiritual world. She knows that she hasn't contacted anyone. She doesn't know anything special about the spiritual world. But she just loves getting paid to be a spiritual predator. After all, she has a designer shoe addiction to support and a house to renovate.

This has to stop and the law can stop it. Feel to repost the following call for victims of the Long Island Medium on your Facebook page, Twitter account, any social media page/public forum, a website, anywhere you can. Let's stop this spiritual predator.

Have You Received a Reading from Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium?

* Were you unhappy with your reading?

* Do you live in New York?

* Do you live in a nearby state and are willing to travel to New York?

* Was this a private reading?

* Do you feel you didn't get the service you were promised?

* Do you want your money back?

* Do you want to help expose her for what she is?

* Do you have the paperwork/receipts related to the reading?

If so, please contact us and we'll get the ball rolling. We are not just looking for one person -- the more the better.

We know you're out there and we can help.

Please contact us at

Keep current and follow us on Twitter:!/eyeonparanormal

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Lilly said...

I think this is one of the most despicable things I've ever seen, my heart sinks to think that poor mother was just molested emotionally by such a horrible woman, who would tell a mother whose child had lost the battle for life, to make her hair important? this to me shows the shallowness and the extreme depravity teresa caputo is capable of

clay scott said...

She has Fake written all over her,I don't like her show you would have to be blind not to see she is all about money. I would like to put this piece you wrote on our website Jennifer knows. eye on the paranormal is already on the site but i want to put this right out in the open, it is time to expose all these fakes, it makes me sick to see people taken advantage of, but that is what the enemy does. I will help expose her give me the OK to copy your work here. you can contact me at even if she was real she would still be condemned according to the bible, now i am not saying she is not condemned already i just wanted to make that clear......Clay
www.demonologyfromabiblicalpointof i will pass this out today but i have to have your ok to use your right up

Tina Marino said...

God is my only judge and condemnor--I would never be so prideful as to assume someone is condemned based on what I've known/read with human senses. God is the final judge, so let HIM worry about doing his job. You do your job--be the good person God wants you to be and live a peaceful, tolerant, respectful life. Jesus didn't spend his life proving people fake--he was humble, non-judge mental, and THAT is what we are supposed to emulate. A true Christian (one who emulates Jesus) has no room for hate, judgement, or condemnation in their heart.