Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Paranormal Groups & Why It's Getting Harder to Get Permission to Investigate Locations

By Chris Baricko

As most of us know there is a major increase in paranormal groups showing up almost weekly. We have to thank the Travel Channel for this now many people are hoping to catch their big break like Ghost Hunters did. Let's start with a few facts. SYFY went through well over 200 groups asking who would be willing to fly out to L.A. to film a pilot for a show about ghost hunters. They had a hard time finding people who were willing to leave their jobs and families for an unknown period of time. I was contacted a few years before the show aired and also turned it down. Jason and Grant were willing to take the chance and were lucky enough to have an employer willing to work with them. So in the end it paid off for them.

And this brings us to my next point--all the new groups, and even some older ones--who seemed to have lost their way in hopes of getting on TV. In the 25 years I've been investigating the paranormal I turned down two offers after I read what they wanted me to do and how to act. We all see some groups on Facebook that you just look at their postings and think to yourself are you kidding me? I've just recently seen a group who posted three photos. The first one said: Us at a private location taken in the clients living room. Then a second photo with them making really stupid faces something you'd expect to see in grade school. Then a third photo of them making mafia faces and they called it a tradition. REALLY?! Since when did acting like a complete moron and acting unprofessional  become a tradition? So think about -- if you were the client and you left your home hoping for help or were a potential client looking for a group to help you, would you really want anyone like this in your home? Not if you're looking for help. I know I would pass and find someone more professional with a good reputation.

Then I did some web searches and I can't believe how some have a bloopers section or they list that they were on TV or in newspapers. Does any client really care if your were on TV or in the media? From my experience most see that and tend to back far away, as they do not want any of their information out there. Yes my group has been in the newspaper and on many Internet radio shows. That doesn't make us better than anyone else. It just means that people respect and value our opinions. Paranormal investigating is a hobby for most of us and we want to get answers and help people. But sadly there are those who do not do much investigating at private homes so when they do it turns into a big joke or the LOOK AT ME. There are so many people out there claiming to be paranormal investigators but ask them how often they really investigate and where they investigate. The average respectable groups will do at least one investigation a month whether it be a public location or private home.

So how can you tell what type of paranormal group or person you would want in your home? Do some looking into first. Ask a few questions.
1 - How long have you been around?
2 - Do you have four references you can provide me with? Make sure it's at least from a private home not related to any team member. Yes, many will do their own homes or friends' homes just to list an investigation.
3 - If you ever get asked for any money hang up the phone or slam the door shut.
4 - Look at their web page and contact some locations yourself. We get most of our private investigations through word of mouth and reputation. Yes I am proud to say it. It shows act professional be professional the rest will follow. If you want to take stupid photos or videos or your team then don't wonder why your phone is not ringing. To put it bluntly: Grow Up.


Troy Leong said...

Great article Chris. I wholeheartedly agree with all your comments. Most of these so-called investigators are looking for the fame....which is a tv show or radio show. That's not what paranormal investigation is about. It's about helping people that are scared and don't understand what's going on....and also the knowledge of the paranormal. Those are two key points to what is important. If your not doing it for those two reasons....I don't think anyone should be in the paranormal field.

Anonymous said...

You forgot hang up the phone and lock the door. Celeste