Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kids, Cartoons & the Occult

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Thirteen years ago, my kids and I moved into a rental house after my ex-wife and I separated. The landlord informed me that my children (8, 10, 12 at the time) could paint their walls any way they wished--just so it was covered when we moved. One day I came home and my eldest had some friends over who were signing their names on the wall. It looked pretty cool to me...especially with all the flourishes here and there connected with some of the signatures.Perhaps you may be questioning the wisdom of my actions--all I can say is that they were hurting (as was I) and at the moment it seemed okay

Fast forward a few months, and the deputy with the Sheriff's Dept.exiting my house looked at me as if I was some moron for allowing "gang graffiti" to be plastered on my daughter's wall. It turns out that some of her friends were into the "blood" and "crip" mega-gangs, but I was totally in the dark as to the significance of the "creative expression" I had allowed. It was a horribly difficult time for my family, and I had not been discerning enough. If only I had recognized the significance of these symbols, I could have protected my daughter from the thuggish peer pressure she came under, which caused her (and the whole family) much anguish.

Similarly, many kids' TV  programs or cartoons, have the signature of Satan written all over them--but like me, most parents are blissfully unaware of the danger. Many even approve of the shows because of their intelligence and creativity. They have not been trained by their pastors to know what to look for. I dearly want to save parents from the equip you to know what to look for, without being legalistic or reactionary to everything that expresses imagination.

With Christmas coming, If you were to tour the aisle of any toy store, the occult is ubiquitous....and the same holds true in children's TV programming. In the past, I have not addressed children's issues much, but I need to.

Let me state at the outset that imagination is one of God's most wonderful gifts to us as His image bearers. So, I do not wince at every funny looking creature on animated cartoons. However,what I saw, and heard, on the Legend of Korra on Nickelodeon the other day was truly expressive of a hellish, demonic, and New Age-ish worldview, being thrust upon our unsuspecting and non-discerning kids/parents. I hope that by analyzing it, then it will give you the tools to analyze/discern other kids shows.

The Legend of Korra has been hailed as a critical and commercial success. In 2012 it had the highest number of viewers, and  Scott Thill stated that it "is the smartest cartoon on TV."  It has been praised for how it deals with difficult sociopolitical issues--like social unrest and terrorism.The reason I chose "Legend.." is because it's intelligence and impressive animation (Japanese), expands its appeal to a large age span. From 7--17 (at least) young folks are drawn to this show like bees to honey.

Remember, worldviews are formed by watching such shows.

Set in a fictional universe, some people can manipulate/bend either fire, earth, water, or air.Only the Avatar can bend all four elements, as well as maintain peace and balance in the world. There are four kingdoms which express one of these four elements, and the Avatar cyclically reincarnates  in each of the four kingdoms. Korra, the current Avatar, is a 17-year-old young woman from the Southern Water Tribe. She has the spunk and all the issues that come with being 17 that enhance her appeal and make her "totally awesome."

Without going into the whole plot--there are 52 episodes planned for this year--let me mention some occultic principles that I picked up on in watching just one episode.

1. Avatars --rooted in Hindu mythology, the meaning of the word avatar is "the descent of a deity to the earth in an incarnate form or some manifest shape...the incarnation of a god or wise person who possess psychic powers to defeat their enemies. In New Age thinking, Jesus is usually thought of being just one of many avatars that have visited us.
2. Portal--Korra decides to keep the portal between the human and spirit realm open so that they (we) can co-exist and learn from each other. Being able to open and close this other dimensional door--and encouraging contact between respective residents-- was particularly disturbing to me.
3. Spirit guides-- are seen as benevolent spirit creatures who guide humans when they enter the spirit realm. Looked like flying puppy dogs....
4. Earth, air, fire, and water are the 4 elements which comprise reality and are subject to human and spirit manipulation. In the paranormal community there is much discussion of "elementals" alleged form of spirit force/entity, usually connected with nature.Wicca, witchcraft, and other occult systems often appeal to these four elements in their incantations or rituals, which are nature focused.
5. Cosmic consciousness or collective unconsciousness-- was mentioned in the show as the Ultimate Reality which all things participate in (do you see the intelligence level?!) This notion was popularized by Freud's successor, Carl Jung, who espoused occultic beliefs. Tapping into this source will empower avatar and us....usually via mind-emptying meditation.
6. Dualism or yin/yang --in this episode, mention was made that neither light nor dark, good or bad, could be banished forever...both are equally ultimate.
7. Reincarnation--Korra is yet another reincarnation of the avatar.
8. Spirit communication--spirit realm is populated by a multiplicity of good and bad, positive and negative beings....which humans can communicate with.
9. Harmonic convergence-- (again, see what I mean re intelligence level?)...explicitly mentioned in show, where the animation "showed" the earth reaching this new evolutionary advance in which energies are set in balance, "so that a New Age is evolved."

Gone is the majestic, holy Creator.....gone is a definitive defeat of evil, sin, and Satan on the cross......gone is the distinction between Creator and His creation.....gone are all seven aspects of a biblical worldview. This is a thoroughgoing, comprehensive pagan worldview served up in animated wonderment  for our children to feast on the beast....all in the comfort of home.

The Legend of Korra is an intelligent and visually stimulating TV cartoon that is destroying our young people. It has become an integral part of the spiritual pandemic of fascination with the paranormal. In a sense, it is worse than the ghost-hunting shows because it is: specifically targeting the most defenseless (our children); and it presents a "total pagan package", as every aspect of a biblical worldview is blatantly denied and it's pagan antithesis is affirmed. And all of this in a very appealing presentation/medium.

Let me remind you that there is no such thing as an "innocent interest in the occult", even if it is not acted out in behavior. From my observation, our country has become so overrun with demonized darkness, that mere fascination MAY cause one to become demonically oppressed. You no longer have to trek into the jungles of Africa to experience wholesale spiritual darkness. Just in my lifetime, we have cast off the common grace spiritual restraints (which made overt demonic activity rare),  and are rushing headlong into the abyss--which has caused overt demonic activity to explode.

Please do not allow the tyranny of the urgent to crowd out the massively important...the protection of our children and grandchildren. God knows the "me generation" has done enough damage already. That you are reading this, is a sign that you care. Please let us all lovingly communicate this danger in the spheres in which God has placed us. a voluntary "homework assignment", please take a pad of paper and write vertically the seven components of a biblical worldview. Then pray and get comfy, and watch one of these cartoons. Be on the lookout for comments or images that indicate what their reply would be to all 7 questions of a worldview, and compare it with the biblical worldview.
(ultimate reality?, nature of reality?, what makes us human?, nature of history, source/nature of ethics? purpose of life?, afterlife?)


Ancient Astronaut Aliens said...

Quite a thought provoking post. The kind of TV shows do make impact on our children's psyche. In this New Age TV itself has rose as a quite a challenge for parents. Definitely deserves a thorough debate.


mark hunnemann said...


Yep, it is quite a challenge

Jennifer Auld said...

Great article. It is sickening what is tolerated but we are forced to have other beliefs shoved down our throats, but can't dare mention ours.