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Issue 142 – Fake Para-Celebs Not in the Christmas Spirit

By Kirby Robinson

Due to a scheduling difficulty, tonight's Eye on the Paranormal Radio Show has been changed to Wednesday, December 11.

Tony Spera Proves Our Point: Fake Para-Celebs Will Do Anything to Keep You from the Truth

On November 20, 2013, we broke the story due to the fine work Chris Baricko on the matter of the Night of the Conjuring and how it was a big rip off. Here's the link, just scroll down to More Lorraine Warren & Tony Spera Highjinks:

Then the Examiner picked up the story, without giving the Eye on the Paranormal any credit. Here's the link:

It seems that Tony and his group of paranormal hoods took it on themselves and began attacking Chris due to the fact that he dared tell the truth. We all know the paranormal community doesn't want that.

To Heaven and Back & More New Age Deceptions

On Sunday night while the nation dealt with the death of Paul Walker and the wreck of the commuter train crash in New York, CNN ran a repeat of the program To Heaven and Back. This show details stories of individuals who experience of NDE [Near Death Experiences]. Every event shared happened the way the survivors claimed. No one questioned the stories. No opposing viewpoint was share. All the experiences "proved" the existence of some type of new age heaven.

CNN usually bashes religion and tells us God isn't real…unless it gets ratings and is on their terms.

In the weeks to come we'll take a further look into these claims and find out they have more in common with hell.

Paul Crouch and Paul Walker Die on the Same Day. What About Their Numbers?

I doubt if Paul Crouch and Paul Walker ever met, but they have some interesting similarities. Both have the number 5 in common.

Paul Walker was born 9/12/73 = 5

He was on his 9/12/2013 to 9/12/2018 just a little bit over 100 days into his new cycle. 100 days of a start or end of cycle means a time of great change.

Paul Crouch was born 3/30/34 = 5. He was on his 03/30/2009 to 03/30/2014, meaning he was in his last year of his current cycle. This stage often means being prepared for things to come.

They both died on 11/30/2013 = 11. 11 days represent people jumping from one thing to another.

May they both be at peace.

Chip Coffey Jumps on Paul Walker's Death!

Hey Chip, give the family a break. It seems as though most psychics can't pass up a chance to insert themselves into the news. Moments after the news broke of Mr. Walker's death, Mr. Coffey had to stick his 2 cents in. He pondered on the fact that a few weeks ago a false story broke on the web that Mr. Walker died in a car crash. Chip wondered if the prankster caused the death? Did they see the death take place as a psychic premonition?

Well, since Chip asked the question I feel up to responding.

The answer is neither. The person that posted the hoax was big jerk. It was nothing but a mere coincidence that a few weeks later Mr. Walker died in that manner. But what is the outcome of Mr. Walker's death?

- His 15-year-old daughter that he leaves behind.

- His mom and dad who had to see one of their kids die before them.

- His brothers and sisters who had to bury one of their own.

- Friends and loved ones who now must fill a hole in their life they may never fill.

- His fans that will miss him.

Dead is dead. How and why at the moments after the death are not important. What is important is the healing process.

Now go and sit in a corner.  

Chip Coffey's Complains of a 1-Star Book Review

Chip spends his time reading reviews of Theresa Caputo's book. My 1-star review for her book made him lose his pumpkin pie and turkey.

I wonder if all psychics /mediums sleep with a poster of Theresa Caputo and Pat Longo over their beds? Do they fantasize that they have a hit TLC program? They're in front of thousands of audience members packing the house? Not the one or two hundred or gallery readings the small fry get. Do they do something naughty when they gaze at the chubby medium in stiletto heels?

In my book, I've exposed Theresa Caputo for what she is. A complete fake. She is leading many down a dark path [concealed with fake white light] "teaching" the grieving and the hurting a false truth. When the deluded Caputo believer dies and finds out it's all a lie, it'll be too late.

I'm not afraid to speak and write about the truth. If Theresa Caputo would dare to debate what I have to say, I'd be glad to debate with her.

But Chip Coffey is of the pack mentality. If someone should attack one fake psychic/medium and expose how the cold readings work, then the rest of the pack is threatened. Chip posted the following to his Facebook page.

I just read a review about a book on spirituality and communicating with spirits. And it really pissed me off!

The review -- which was really more of a bashing of the book than a review -- was written by someone who is quite obviously a fundamental, perhaps even literalist, Christian. In the review, he stated that the author of the book offers no proof that any of her claims are real because there is no proof.

News flash for the "reviewer" -- There is no "proof" that your beliefs are correct or valid either! Belief and faith are mostly based on things unseen and unproven.

I am always quite disgusted and often angry whenever I hear or read about one person (or a group of people) denouncing the beliefs of another individual (or group of individuals). Just because I do not believe the same things as someone else doesn't make me wrong and them right.

I was raised in the Roman Catholic faith, but as I grew older, I combined my spiritual beliefs with Catholicism. I have a very personal and profound relationship with God. That's what I choose to call my Higher Power. Feel free to choose your own name. Or not. I believe what I choose to believe, what feels right to me and makes me feel close to The Divine.

I NEVER try to convince or convert others to my ways of thinking or believing. Those who try to impose their personal religious or spiritual beliefs on others are zealots and bullies. NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO TELL YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT BELIEVE BECAUSE IT IS NONE OF THEIR DAMNED BUSINESS!

Rant over.........

I guess this is the reason that no one on my side of Chip's bloodline got an invite for turkey day. No one in my family ever got an invitation to visit a Coffey home.

But you see Chip doesn't tell the whole story.

Chippie's spirit guides failed him yet again. I'm not a fundamentalist or a literalist [Chip you better get those guides under control].

When I talk about proof, if you bother to read the book, There's More to Life Than This: Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, and Insight About the Other Side from the Long Island Medium, she spends much time talking about angels. Actually, she knows virtually nothing about angelology. She talks about life on the Other Side that contradicts the Catholic point of view. Nor does she offer any proof about being a psychic medium, or just a medium.

Mr. Coffey claims any spiritual path is good and legit and no one can say anything bad about them. Well, let's put Mr. Coffey's words to a test.

- In the Middle East many nations fall under the Muslim faith. The Muslim Religious Police root out non-Muslims and put them on trial. Women have no value. In the UK: "1/3 of young UK Muslims believe a Muslim who converts to another religion should be executed." See and read about what's going on over there.

- Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. Homophobic to the extreme.

- Christian Identity. These conservative American Protestants teach that whites are closer to God. The darker your skin, the more likely you are to go to hell.

- In Utah, Arizona and parts of Texas, there are conclaves that fall under the influence of a so-called prophet named Warren Jeffs. He's now a long-term guest at the Louis C. Powledge Unit in Texas, due to his belief that men should marry little girls. The man's not a prophet, he's a pedophile and a polygamist who had 78 wives.

The concept that Mr. Coffey preaches sounds nice. But like most paths of darkness, they are dressed up to look nice and pleasant. In fact, they lead to a very bad place, one filled with pain and suffering. Theresa Caputo and all the rest tell lie after lie, and by the time you discover the truth, it's way too late.

Next week -- More truth they want hidden.

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