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Issue 141 – Cycle Numbers of JFK Assassination / Lorraine Warren & Tony Spera Keep Milking 'The Conjuring'

By Kirby Robinson

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In this issue:

My God, they killed John F. Kennedy, Church Rescue DOA, and Lorraine Warren keeps milking The Conjuring.

My God, they Killed John F. Kennedy: the Future Missed You

I always say asking what if? is a waste of time. However, in the case of what would had been the impact on world history if President Kennedy had lived, what type of world would we be living in if he hadn't been assassinated 50 years ago? Think about this—there would be:

- No Vietnam War

- No Nixon in the White House thus no Watergate scandal to affect the American psyche.

- No 54,000 dead from Vietnam, families broken apart and none of our boys would had come back broken and damaged.

- No runaway inflation of the 70s. Also, no presidents Ford or Carter.

It would've been a much different world. Not perfect by any means…but different.

Nor should we look at JFK just like you or me. Yes, he fell short but he was a good man. It's interesting to take a look at his and his killers' life cycle numbers.

John F. Kennedy's life cycle was 7. DOB 5/29/1917. He was on the 1959 to 1965 cycle meaning he was on the low side of his cycle in November of 63.

Lee Harvey Oswald's life cycle was 5. DOB 10/18/1939. He was on his '59 to '64 cycle. He had begun what can be call the period of change in his life.

The day JFK was killed 11/22/1963 = 7 [JFK was a 7].

The day Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald was 11/24/1963 = 9. Some call 9 the number of divine justice.

It's interesting to note that Ruby’s birthday was 3/25/1911, which makes his cycle a 4. He had just finished a cycle and was on his '63 to '67 cycle, turbulent is always the catch phrase for this stage. Ruby died on 1/3/1967, which equals 9, and it ends his cycle.

President Kennedy was pronounced dead at 1:00 pm.

Oswald was pronounced dead at 1:07 pm.

If you keep working the numbers of these two men, you'll find even more shocking ties found in the numbers.

Church Rescue DOA on National Geographic Channel

The former home of nature and historical programming is slowly going the route of all cable channels and embracing reality programs. Replacing the Christian-oriented Snake Salvation with its latest offering, Church Rescue, the show should be called Selling the Church Out. The three pastors on the show claim to be helping. What they're selling the churches should not be buying. When I was a child, the churches I attended were simple but nice. Having a well-kept church is certainly something that is needed. But when you start to package the message to attract the world and fill the pews, it becomes a path that will lead to selling out the message. Telling a preacher to limit your message to a certain number of hours so you can have two services, well, I doubt God looks at the clock as He pours out the Holy Spirit.

Additionally the pilot was filled with staged and scripted scenes, which leads us to say what Church Rescue is selling we aren't buying.

More Lorraine Warren & Tony Spera Highjinks

It seems that Lorraine Warren is determined to milk as much cash as she can from the film based on the fake Ed and Lorraine Warren files, along with a work of fanciful fiction by Andrea Perron: House of Light, House of Darkness.

Here is the information from our newest blogger Chris Baricko. Chris will be sharing Thursdays with Lisa Grace. Watch for his first blog on December 12.

OK so here is what many of you have been messaging me about wanting to know.

Myself, my wife & some of my team & friends went to the event called Night of the Conjuring with Lorraine Warren. It was $ 149.00 a person. It stated you get all you can eat buffet, Meet & greet with Lorraine, then watch The Conjuring, then Q&A. Here are the facts:

It was very unorganized when you arrived there was no one at the door to greet you let along show you were to sit. It was a free for all. You would figure when you bought your ticket you would be assigned a table. Not scrambling trying to find a seat with a plate of food in your hand.

Then people were in line to meet Lorraine & get photos taken with her. Well it did not last long. As people were still in line they were told to sit down and watch the movie. Many including myself thought that was very rude.

People wanted to get their books personalized after they bought them there. Some were told look inside she already signed them. REAL NICE.

Then it said there would be a Q&A after the movie. That lasted maybe 30 minutes and they ended it. Once again people were still wanting to meet & talk to Lorraine. Some people did not get the chance as not once but twice.

They had enough people at the table sitting with Lorraine who are suppose to be there to help. Yeah they did a great job of doing nothing but rushing everyone who paid out.

Lorraine is a very kind & nice woman and by in no means am I saying anything bad about her at all. But her staff or team was clueless as to how to run that event. Very poorly done. Very disrespectful to the crowd.

I have run events it's not that hard when you plan it all they had to was give the people what they paid for not rush them. How would I have done it. Easy.

Have people at the door greeting people & showing them were to sit

Show the movie during the meal put one screen at each end. Or play the movie as people were waiting to meet Lorraine who was sitting in the back anyway.

That would have left more time for the Q&A. in the end everyone would have left happy felling they got what they paid for. The messages I got from others say. "I could have bought the movie at Walmart for $15.99."

Dinner and a movie was something tried by movie theaters back in the 80s and 90s -- without success. If Lorraine were psychic, she would have known that.

Next Wednesday we hope to be able to bring you a special report on the DARKSIDE OF WORKING ON A PARA REALITY SHOW.

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