Thursday, October 24, 2013

Issue 138 – Snake Salvation & Preachers of L.A.

By Kirby Robinson

The world is running out of ideas for reality shows we’ve seen every version of real housewives short of Real Housewives of Skid Row. A production company kicked around the idea of one set in the paranormal field but got no takers from the network. Just about every combination of reality show has aired short of people killing each other. Lately, the Christian faith has become a fertile field for shows of this type.

In the case of the two newest offerings, we end up with show that exposes us to a world most of us have only read about or seen on TV and film. And the other just confirms what many suspect -- fakes and frauds have taken over the church.

Snake Salvation from the National Geographic Channel focuses on two churches, one in Tennessee, and the other in Kentucky, that practice snake handling.

Snake handling has been around for years mostly in the Appalachian area. It’s a very small fringe movement in what is often referred to as the Holiness Movement, a sub group of the Pentecostal church. They draw their spiritual authority from the book of Mark chapter 16 v18.

“They will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” NIV

The services that feature handling venomous snakes will also feature poison drinking [lye or strychnine] and fire handling.

They claim that their faith must be tested and as they pass each test, their faith grows stronger, even if they are bitten, burned, or become sick from the consumption of poison. They reject the medicine of man and depend solely on faith healing.

You’ll never find such churches on your Main Street, nor will they advertise, but they are out there.

Is Snake Salvation staged and fake like your common paranormal reality show such as Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters. Well, in one episode a cottonmouth snake bites a preacher while he is out snake hunting.

They are on solid spiritual ground for thinking the way they do. No one holds a gun to anyone’s head to attend their church or think the way they think. It’s their spiritual path and the world, and the law, should allow them the freedom to practice their faith. As to anything being faked, the scenes featuring snakebites are real. Yes, we took very close look at those scenes and could find nothing fake.

We recommend that you watch this show as it’s worth your time.

Preachers of LA -- what’s bad about the church.

Almost everything is bad about this show brought to you by the Oxygen Network. The sole purpose behind it is build up the egos of the pastors featured while bringing down the church.

The cast is either part of the TBN or affiliated with it as they preach the name it claim it lifestyle, which is demonic thinking from the new age. The preachers aren’t focused on God but on money and fame. Cash has replaced Jesus and they care very little about suffering.

The types of pastors shown are the mega-church type. Rarely are they seen feeding the hungry or reaching the needy. It’s about flashing the cash, fast cars and big houses.

Featured on the show:

- All seven pastors featured here are the stars of their own personality cult

- One pastor says shacking up is cool as the term “shacking up” isn’t mentioned in the Bible

- Drinking alcohol is allowed by God

- Sex outside of marriage is now okay

- Pushes the myth that Christ turned water into wine. Newsflash--it was grape juice

- The first ladies’ myth. It’s just an ego title. Actually, there is no reference in the Bible that says a pastor should be married.

To me the show is just another nail in the coffin lid of the church today. The viewers may soak it in and find it funny, but I doubt God will.

A $200 Fake Reading

Some unlucky person got taken by a fake psychic as they paid $200. Here’s what they got:

O.K I am sensing a sadness within you , an unhappiness... There are answers you need to find peace within yourself and to help you be happy and move on.... O.K. a older female has stepped forward a motherly figure....she is showing concern for you as you have many thoughts and are in an unhappy state....o.k. I see a male with her a fatherly figure... both are telling me they are happy and at peace and watching over you..proud of you and all is are loved .but are concerned about you.... I am getting a name that starts with J... is there a J in your family...... I am getting he will be o.k.... o.k. I am sensing health issues with have pain...and you are worried about younger loved ones children or grandchildren..a younger male just stepped up who was taken to soon by illness or an act done by himself..he was not in the right state of mind at the time of his death .he is sorry and has regret in the pain he has caused.. you will have a few tough months ahead but in a year you will see improvement in your life ..

This is the reason I have this blog – to show you what is out there and hope it helps people avoid being scammed.

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