Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bad Bad Thing Wednesday – Goblin Valley Utah Rock Topplers & L.A. Preachers

By Kirby Robinson

There will be a radio show tonight. It will be a continuation on the birth of evil, discussing Lilith, the birth of the new age and many other topics that you won’t hear from anyone else. Showtime begins at 7 PM [PST] or 10 PM [EST]. Please see this page for more information:

These three idiots dope heads and sh## for brains topple a million year old red rock formation in Goblin Valley, Utah…and then put it on the net.

We should note that one of these men has a connection to Travis Alexander the man killed by Jodi Arias. He claims to have been one of Travis’s best friends and was interviewed many times about the case. In one interview, he stated that neither he nor Travis ever engaged in bad behavior.

Preachers of LA Features “Rock-Star Pastors” and is a bad show bad for the church

Also, check out the Comments section—it’s as good as the post and video.

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1 comment:

Jennifer Auld said...

Rock Star Preacher made me wanna puke when I saw the commercial for it. THIS IS NOT RIGHT! No we shouldn't expect leadership to be perfect however, they are held to a higher standard. WTH are these people thinking?