Saturday, September 28, 2013

Haunted Collector Becomes the Humiliated Collector – Parts 1 & 2

By Kirby Robinson

Sometimes you have to write about people you don’t wish to write about. This is one of those blogs, but unless you hold onto your morals about reporting any deception, sleight of hand, or lie whether large or small, you lose your grip.

I really like some people so I will turn my back on their deception. That was a little lie so that gets a pass. I like that show so what if they faked a case? It was great to watch! All these things are easy for some to let slide. What happens can be seen in the show Paranormal State and with the team PRS. They might have been on solid moral grounds in the beginning.

Lorraine Warren is a fake but we’ll let it slide.

Faked evidence that’s okay, let it slide.

Andrew Calder was never an Episcopal priest we know that but that’s cool let it slide.

In the end, we faked everything and that’s cool.

I was sick to learn that Chip Coffey was asked to appear on John Zaffis’ showHaunted Collector. This is a show I had no real issues with but that one simple event raises way too many red flags due to the fact that Mr. Coffey has been associated with three fake programs, namely Paranormal StatePsychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal and Celebrity Ghost Hunt.

So if you have a quality show why do you need to bring in a person that has a cloud over their credibility? There are many better know psychics in and out of the paranormal field that are more well known and have more followers.

- Did Chip Coffey beg to be on the show? Let’s not forget that Chip’s suffered two recent failures on getting his own TV show. 1] Celebrity Ghost Hunt tanked. 2] Chip couldn’t raise the $17,000 for Haunted Ghost Tours Investigated. For Chip, not being seen on TV means he’s out of people’s minds.

- Was it to help in the show’s ratings? That’s doubtful.

- Or is there something going on that the public doesn’t know about?

You can connect Chip and John to three events that make some go say what?

The Haunting in Connecticut case which has been very controversial from the beginning. Additionally, Loraine Warren played a role it.

2 Both had an association with Bob Hunnicutt.

Along with everyone on the list they have never responded to this situation, leaving important question unanswered.

3 Andrew Calder was never an Episcopal priest, as we have proven in our most recent book. Unfortunately, Calder helped keep his lies going for years.

Chip’s appearance lasted for barely one minute! Was it worth the loss of integrity the show once had? Now we have to question each and every action taken on the show. What happens if we start to uncover other deceptions [which we did]? And finally, how long have they been deceiving the viewers?

This episode is one hour long featuring 2 cases. We’ll cover both of them.

Whatsoever Community Center is located in Kansas City, MO. Here is a link to their site:

Also, go to Google and type in: ghosts at whatsoever community center Kansas City mo.

You’ll notice that many paranormal groups have been at the center doing investigations. The viewers aren’t given this information. Why not?

The viewer is told by director Charlie Gascich that they need help ASAP. Children are refusing to enter the building. So John Zaffis and his team rushes to the scene.

Note it appears that John’s daughter, Aime’e appears to float from being bored to being mad throughout the interview. Did they expect demons to be after the kids?

Here’s what we get:

- Two young girls in white dresses standing on a stairway. Can we say The Shining?

- Punching bags swinging back and forth.

- Ring timer going off.

- A woman by the name of Shani Castle claims that she felt something pass through her.

None of the above sound terribly freighting like the place is turning into hell house or Amityville Horror. We can lay to rest the above claims by using logic.

1 Have any of the kids recently seen The Shining or any other ghost films?

2 Punching bags can easily be moved. During the walkthrough the bags are moving.

3 The timer has an On/Off switch that can be easily reached and turned on.

4 Can this claim be proven? A little Googling and we see that Ms. Castle has friends and relatives that work at Whatsoever.

An even handier tool of investigation is to call the Whatsoever Community Center. You’ll find the number on the website.

1 The Center likes to get exposure via these paranormal claims.

2 Most of the staff laughs off the paranormal claims altogether.

3 They make money from time to time due to these claims.

If Zaffis and team had done this simple investigation, they could have saved time and money. But maybe the producers forced this case on them. Who knows?

The first night of investigation produces nothing more than tricks worn out by every other fake paranormal programs from Ghost Hunters to Paranormal State.

1 They set up ghost hunting devices that haven’t been proven to detect ghosts.

2 Doors slam shut. We never see them slam shut-- we hear something and see the aftermath.

3 An EVP session takes place and they claim it says yes [not until they prime the viewer to hear yes].

4 Ring timers go off? Do we see it go off? No, only the aftermath.

5 The ghost surveillance camera goes off repeatedly do our trusty investigators rush up? No they slowly walk up and by gosh, the last photo we see has something.

The next day we learn that they have investigated the boxing world of Kansas City and found one strange death.

Being a fan of boxing, I know about the history of boxing in Kansas City. At one point it was very popular in the area as it was a sport that the poor could take a shot at getting rich fast. Back in the 20s and 30s and even up to the 60s it was much different from the sport you see today. Training for many was shoddy. Matches went well past the 12 rounds you see today--some went as long as two men could keep fighting. It was a winner takes all, no splitting the purse. Claims about the mob being in it are true.

Deaths back then, and even today, outside of the ring from brain injuries were and are common. There is nothing strange about Tex’s death. What is strange is that they think the viewer is going to buy that there was only one death!

On Wednesday, we put this case to rest and have to deal with some bitter Coffey.

But we feel we must share this Waylon Jennings song with Chip and John.

So after some wild story about fixed boxing matches the team returns to night 2 of the hunt.

It contains nothing more than the first night claims of something moving through someone. Or punching bags swaying. We never see it start only the aftermath of someone pushing it. Lastly, dust is being blown from under the ring. Air pump maybe? They find some smelling salts and a bottle of Phenobarbital.

Talking to someone from the boxing club at Whatsoever Community Center, the mat and flooring for the ring had been changed more than once over the years. If anything had been tucked under there it would had been found so we have to ask who put it there?

They take the items to an antique dealer who knows what smelling salts are and has a slight understanding of the drug but only understands the most basic facts about the drug. What’s not reveal is that some used it as a recreational drug.

The final client meeting is standard fare. Aimee, John’s daughter, stands arms folded, pulling away from both men. 

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Anonymous said...

Chip Coffey and Zafis aren't willing to help unless its infront of a camera and well paid.'please will this phase pass already so legit investigators can get back to real work? Zafis turned on his sister to side with para celebs. What a stand up guy!