Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Issue 105 – ‘Supernatural Sisters’ Psychic-Medium Cathy Roller Jumps the Shark…

By Kirby Robinson

…and rumor has it she ate the shark, too!

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Cathy Roller Must Think She’s Sylvia Brown or Chip Coffey. Roller Caught Making Claims That Can’t Be Backed Up!

After our expose on Supernatural Sisters a/k/a Super Silly Sisters last week and a look at the viewership, not too many people watched the show. We got the normal blowback from the psychic defense league, which must be made up of all non-psychics, as they should’ve known we had more to say on this topic.

We stumbled onto this 2006 website built by Cathy Roller and the same data was shared on the Psychic Connection website. Both will be used to expose some deceptive actions.

Cathy states:

From the beginning of time, some people have been born with the gift that is known as the second sight, the third eye, or the sixth-sense powers that bypass usual sensory channels of the mind and transcend mundane reality into the psychic visions and messages. 

I am one of those gifted people.

There’s more, but you get the drift. Notice how she’s attempting to set herself apart from the average Joe. No proof ever offered about her claims. She fails to address the issue that God warns us away from those who make these claims. The gifts that Cathy Roller claims to have don’t come from God but from the forces of darkness.

- The photo of Cathy has to be from the 1990’s.

Cathy claims that she has appeared on TV/Shows throughout the nation yet we can find no evidence of this. If she’s been on public access TV, which is likely, those appearances are more of an infomercial than a guest spot on even a local talk show.

Cathy never informs the reader about her accuracy ratings.

Additionally, Cathy claims to have read the stars. We must assume she is referring to celebrities --and what does that prove?

- She states:

In the past I have worked with police departments on murders cases and found missing children.

We ask what police departments? What are the names of the missing kids she found? None of that information is revealed.

- She claims that she has “taught many successful workshop through out the country.” Yet there is no listing of such events.

- She has a section on Candle Majick, which is unproven that it works. Even worse, she fails to mention God’s warnings against taking part in this sort of thing.

- She will charge you $100 for a phone reading and for $150, Ms. Roller will take you on a past life regression [there is no such thing] but she’ll be happy to take your money

Now being the great psychic, she claims to be, I really need to ask this question: Shouldn’t she have known that I’d find the abandoned website from 2006? She should have seen that I’m about to burst her psychic bubble even more.

This is a website that she has let slip her mind [she has to have lousy spirit guides]. This one really does her in.

All of the information shared on the main page is pretty much the same as the first site. Observe the use of the lowercase i. Here’s a link to the blog and accompanying comments:

There are 9 comments. Pay close attention to the first two comments. Notice the wording, misspelling of the word investagater, and the use of the lower case i. Whoever posted this blog/page came up with the comments [busted!] but the most damning comment is the second. The case described here is the case that was featured on the show. What we saw on Supernatural Sisters wasn’t a new case but one from the past.

It’s bad enough for psychics to lie about their gifts. No psychic has ever solved a case, found a missing child, or done anything to help the world. All most psychics want is face time on TV, cold hard cash or your credit card number, and to blind the public to the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Cathy has websites all over the place she has been in bussiness for years.Yes she has worked for police depts and has found missing children... And she was born with the gift she didn't learn it!!! She taugh many workshops. She had her own TV show for 15 years!!!

eyeontheparanormal said...

1 she has 2 free sites only

2 it should not be a business but o help people

list the cases she found the kids

4 why being born born with the gift is better then learning it

5 we can find no workshops she ever hosted

6 where was her TV show

Anonymous said...

I personally had a reading with Cathy many years ago . She didn't knew me . I went to her house and she was very friendly. She record our section and I regret trashing the information . I most say . Everything she told me was accurate and the things she said happen exactly how she describe it. I don't know in what she fail but she was right on with my reading and friend reading and during that time were no computers to check any ones back ground. She read. For me me few years later and was right also. So I don't know what are you talking about and she had a local tv show in my area that is how my friend knew she was a phychic and how to find her ..

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Cathy earlier this year and pretty much everything she said was way off. She did say the name of my mother and my sister, however, if you Google my name and town I live in you can easily obtain this information. I do believe she is a fake. However, I do not think that all psychics are frauds. I have been speaking with a woman who is psychic for over 10 years and she has correctly predicted some very serious situations. There is no way this woman could have guessed. So, for you to say that every psychic is fake is false. There are people out there with a gift and they do not try to exploit others to earn money.

Anonymous said...

I had a reading with Cathy a year ago. Everything she told me was in my emails. I purposely had people email me with exact details to fake trips we made up and guess what? Cathy picked up on these trips to the tee.
When I looked at my "recent activity" on my mail (you can view who actually signed into your account and see the IP address) I saw that someone signed on a few days before my reading and that person had signed on a minute after I did. You can go to "what is my IP address" then "look up IP address" and see where its coming from.
Im not saying she did this, Im saying allegedly because not one person whose been a part of my life for the last 30 years could she pick up on, only those in my fake emails. We even made up names of friends who were sick and she picked up on those too.
Coincidence? I think not.