Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Issue 104 – Supernatural Sisters a/k/a Super Silly Sisters

By Kirby Robinson

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My Stomach is Turning While Paranormal Credibility is Rapidly Sinking

If Paranormal State and Long Island Medium ever had a child, it would look like Supernatural Sisters.

There isn’t much that will make my stomach turn in the realm of fake para-reality TV shows due to the fact that I’ve watched the good and the [mostly] bad ones. However, Bio channel’s recent addition to this genre really hits rock bottom.

The show has made a lame attempt to cash in on the Long Island Medium craze and it misses the mark. Yes, it features the same fake crap that PRS took part in, and the same rigged cold readings trickery that Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, specializes in.

The program features a psychic-medium by the name of Cathy Roller whose claim to fame is being a phone psychic. Like many others, she really tries to embellish her talents, claiming to have worked on criminal and missing persons cases, yet no proof is offered. Cathy states that she is accurate, but again offers no proof.

As I’ve stated before, you can’t trust the accuracy of phone readings. Why? Because the so-called psychic can do an Internet search and a record search to find data on you. The phone reading we see in this episode, we have on good authority, was staged for the show.

The show is loaded with reality TV standard features:

- Cathy’s sister, Laura Johnson, has been psychic all her life and just now decides to use it.

- Cathy’s family, [husband Marty and adult children Melissa and Frank] discuss Cathy’s feistiness. The young adults love their mom when the camera’s rolling and they appear to  reluctantly be part of the ghost hunting team.

- They present themselves as an ordinary/yet extraordinary family due to Cathy’s psychic abilities and the ghost hunting angle.

- The show serves as a good warning to watch how much bleach you use on your hair as it does influence your thinking ability. Breast implants might be cool when you’re younger but as you age they really don’t hold up too well.

The first part of the show features a ghost hunt. Cathy is so psychic that she has to ask, “Is this the house?” A few seconds later, she claims that there is a lot of activity around the house.

- While the sisters interview the couple notice how things appear and disappear from the table. Papers appear and disappear; items are rearranged in different cuts as seen in this segment.

- When the team goes into the attic nothing happens while the lights are on. Yet as soon as the lights go out things start to hop.

First Cathy Roller offers us a glimpse into the law of psychics for dust as she claims that dust floats only up and down-- never sideways. As they view a video of an orb floating through the house it’s either dust or a bug, but it is not paranormal.

We then have the next bit of deception when they claim that it had to be a ghost that closed the door on a closet. Notice that when Cathy and the client swing the door back and forth, how much free play there is in it.

They claim cold spots in the house yet with the entire range of ghost hunting tools we aren’t shown any proof of temperature fluctuations.

Just like the old [and maybe new] spiritual church, it’s much easier to fake things when the lights are low or out. [We’ve been told the son was sitting on a heating pad to get the sweating effect going].

- We’re offered the same high jinks that Chip Coffey took part in during his gig on Paranormal State.

~ Something is over there!

~ Something just put his hand on me!

~ I’m feeling that the spirit doesn’t want us here.

Do ever see anything? No. Not even an EVP. Why? Because no one is saying anything.

-  We then get more psychic double talk. Cathy claims that a spirit doesn’t have to depart if you tell it to leave. Yet she claims that by lighting a stick of sage and doing some type of cleaning ritual she can drive it out.

- Notice when Cathy starts her dance with the sage she shimmies around the room. Has she worked as an exotic dancer in the past? Apparently, she’s hoping that dollar bills would come flying out of the darkness.

- The team looks as if they can’t wait to leave the home--watch as they rush away with the clients chasing after them. In just a few words, they tell the client some mish mash explanation and leave.

- The next day they look at footage taken from their investigation. More orbs [dust or bugs] are caught on film with an out of focus body. This means it’s a staged photo and more false paranormal claims are made.

- We finish this fiasco of a show with a staged reading in a restaurant. Going by reports from the set and folks that happened to be inside everything was well rehearsed beforehand.

Will the show be picked up?

Personally, we would love it as it gives us a chance to expose even more fakes.

Here are some early comments about the show and the stars:

If go by the lack of reaction to the show from the Facebook page [only 350 Likes] the public will be kept from seeing more of the super silly sisters. On Melissa Roller’s Twitter page, her February 4th Tweet reads: “thank you so much :D my mom has 94 readings lined up already and people are still calling, she became famous over night!”

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King Krimson said...

I saw the commercial for this and shuddered. Those two make "The Long Island Medium" look like a Rhodes Scholar.

Aanica said...

lol, made me laugh! great blog Kirby

Anonymous said...

This makes me sick. Truly ill. God have mercy....So many misfits trying to be important

Anonymous said...

"Paranormal Credibility" unfortunately this remains an oxymoron for anyone associated with supernatural research thank Facebook for giving any idiot with access to the internet the ability to form a team or call themselves a para-celebrity when absolutely no one has ever heard of them

Linda Lee said...

I used Cathy as a psychic for over 10 years and her sister to channel my house for the past year. They are truly gifted. I found out about Cathy when she was on TV many years ago, she's amazing. The show doesn't show her true potential. She used to do psychic readings in her house, but stopped it because of clients without an appointment coming to her house all hours of the day, that's a scary thing when you have children at the house. Those people at the restaurant are real, and as far as people saying she's like Teresa with the whole getting up and walking over to random people is real too. I went to a thing Tropicana in Atlantic City had with Teresa Caputo and she didn't want to do a cold reading. Why? Cathy does cold readings. She's amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for people stating their opinions and saying what they feel about a certain topic, but honestly dude this is over the top dramatic. You must of watched that show a thousand times to analyze every little detail like you did, which is beyond creepy. You seriously need to find a better hobby other than bashing television shows. Because no offense man, who are you? Nobody even knows who you are yet you claim to be such an expert. If your so great where's your show dude..?

eyeontheparanormal said...

DUDE your off by about 997

DUDE does GOD have a TV show guess he cannot be a expert on anything

DUDE not in this to get my name out there

DUDE heads up about Cathy Roller next week we really expose her

Bobnoxious said...

Yeah dude stop harshing on the the sisters, they have a special, magical gift from God LOL

Count Malachi said...

I find the stupidity of the people that believe in this crap truly frighting and have to wonder if we are devolving as a species.

King Krimson said...

"First Cathy Roller offers us a glimpse into the law of psychics for dust as she claims that dust floats only up and down-- never sideways. As they view a video of an orb floating through the house it’s either dust or a bug, but it is not paranormal."

Oh no, tell me that wasn't really part of the show? LOL

BIO has now cemented it's reputation as the absolute very worst in paranormal programing. The reruns of Paranormal State and Psychic Kids are bad enough but then you have these ludicrous first run shows like "My Ghost Story" (My Dust Orb Story) which panders to the most gullible of the slack jawed zombies and now this.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the guy who runs this blog? He looks like a pedophile.

eyeontheparanormal said...

How long did it ake you to come up with that one all your life

Anonymous said...

This blog is gay. He does look like a pedophile though! Lol ^^^^^ its always the ugliest people who have too much to say haha.

eyeontheparanormal said...

LOL I must be right about these 2 woman as being fake we hit a nerve with reporting the truth about these old fakes

Jen said...

My name is Jen I am 33 I first saw Cathy in her home at age14 Everything she told me about my future has come true at this point.i also seen her in her home about 5 years ago she knew thing about my deceased sister that ONLY her and I knew.i gave her no info or feed back whatsoever ever simple yes no she is the real deal believe or not experience for yourself before you run your mouth..thank you Cathy Roller for the phone call after the house meeting as well,gave me peace of mind.