Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bad Bad Thing Award Goes to TV Evangelist Joseph Prince

By Kirby Robinson
Joseph Prince,
TV Evangelist

It seems that fake teachers and preachers on TV and off have really fallen off the deep end with the current crazy teaching that if you’re Christian you’re also Jewish. This is totally crazy. What Christians should do is double their efforts to convert Jews to accept Christ as their Savior and Messiah. Had the Jews done this when Christ was walking the earth, Millennial Reign would have started back then.

So few pastors really have very little faith in the power of the blood of Christ -- and even less understanding in the message of the cross.

For example, many churches across this nation don’t have services that teach the message of Christ -- people could be healed, demons cast out and maybe a few of the dead could be brought back. Apparently, having a Super Bowl party is much more important.

Not sure if Pentecostal Preacher Joseph Prince is planning to join in, as he might be busy thinking up even more wacky teachings. Below are some of the ridiculous “teachings” he’s promoting:

1 There was no sand on earth until Abraham was born.

2 If you accept Christ you become Jewish in not only your spiritual walk but you will be a Jew.

3 If you could count all the grains of sand on the earth that would equal the total number of Jews/Christians that will be on the face of earth for all time.

4 If a Jew starts a business it won’t fail.

5 The reason that Facebook is so great is due to a Jew, Mark Zuckerberg, starting it.

Now this isn’t the same teaching but he did say this in a different teaching:

According to Joseph Prince, once you accept Christ there is no sin in the world. When you accept Christ, you don’t have to confess that you are a sinner, because Christ washes your sins away.

Joseph Prince is a Word of Faith teacher, but he’s also a member of the so-called Grace Movement on steroids. He teaches that it’s okay to keep on sinning after we accept Christ because at some point Christ will help us address our sins and if He doesn’t, then you can just go on sinning.  

He recently taught that we have to become like slaves and that at some point like those slaves in the time of Exodus, you’ll be going to Egypt to help build public buildings. Additionally, you’ll have to wander in the desert for 40 years. Looks like you’ll be like a doomsday prepper, so start stocking up on your food, water and sunscreen. This continues in his ridiculous teaching that tries to lump Jew and Gentile together.

Here are some links that will show you what sort of a bad pastor he is. And for that reason, Joseph Prince receives the Bad Bad Thing Award.

Basic information on this cult leader:

More in-depth:

Great video on his teachings

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