Monday, November 5, 2012

The Coming Storm

BY V.K. Bronz

In the last twenty five years the Lord has given me several prophecies regarding what is to come to the United States. If I am to keep to my limitations of this article I can only share a portion of them. I feel now is the time to begin to share these verifiable stories.

I was in Virginia in a very small, (Only a post office) town. I went into my usual prayer spot; the bathroom, because it was so perfectly dark. I was on my knees interceding for the U.S. crying out for mercy, begging for mercy, over the garden tub at the back of the room when I had a vision of a mountain with a dark cloud on the top of it, and heard the voice of God the Father speak.

Now the room was totally dark so seeing a mountain with a dark cloud was strange and I had never thought about there being a difference between the voice of the Lord and of the Father but there is. The voice of the Father shook me to my core and I literally found myself at the front of the bathroom against the wall, don’t know how. But here is what the Father said: “My dear child, my Judgment IS my mercy”. I knew immediately what he meant and began to cry out for his judgment to come, tears streaming down my face; come and cleanse the land washing it of the innocent blood, the horrible sin that you could once again walk amongst us. Once again the land would be blessed.

After this time of prayer I was so touched by the intensity of God I was in bed for three days sick.

Back in 1989 the Lord had set me and my children in a house in the woods for a time of intercession. I did not realize it at the time because I have never been a political person; I centered my prayer life on people.

The intercession for the United States began; it was everyday hours a day, for a period of eight months. I began to see fences down everywhere on the 80 acres we were living on and everywhere I went. Day after day I saw fences down and realized the Lord was showing me our-the U.S.’s fences down. I cried out and cried out it seemed to no avail. The intercession became so intense at one point I felt the presence of the Lord leaving. I was almost hysterical, “please Lord don’t leave me” “you have promised Lord to not leave me or forsake me, please Lord” I cried. It was so intense I pulled a muscle in my stomach. And of course the Lord was talking about the U.S. not me personally but it felt like me.

I was so horrified; I knew the darkness that would come. I cried and cried if judgments must come please Lord let it be from your merciful hand and not our enemies. Please Lord.

In the first week of January I had a dream, I saw Peter standing weeping; he had just rejected the Lord. I heard the Lord say; “my people think they are filled with the Holy Spirit but they are not. They will not be able to stand what is to come”. I woke up weeping and crying.

The next night I had another dream: I saw a log cabin in a huge field and off in the distance was a fire coming. I ran out into the field of wheat to hide with all the children I had with me. When we ducked down in this little clearing in the field I remember thinking that was stupid to go into a burning wheat field to hide and the wheat had turned to corn with the ears tiny and covered with mold, but as the fire approached it went right overhead without harming us.

A year later to the week (first week of January) I had another dream: I was on the farm I was raised at, In front of me was the house next door which my parents also owned. In this house was a great light and children everywhere; they were even swinging from the chandeliers.  To the right of me was a little man sitting on a stump looking out over the field. I looked up to see what he was looking at and on the edge of the field were four or five huge tornadoes. I had never seen this type before; miles wide and black, not like a funnel. (After living in Oklahoma; I now know these exist) I woke up horrified.

 Now for the third year in a row, the first week in January I had another dream; It was the same as above with all the children and the tornadoes and the little man, only this time to the left of me in back of the house was the brick foundation of a big barn and directly to my left was a big gray foggy wall and I could hear my sister and my cousins have a good time saying lets have a party you get the sodas and Ill get the food. I looked over to the little man and he was looking in the field as before only this time the tornadoes were in the field coming straight at us. I turned and screamed into the gray foggy cloud please the storm is here run, run. Please…. I began sobbing they would not hear me and I had to decide to either run into the fog to try to get them or gather the children and go to the firm foundation of the barn. I grabbed the children weeping and sobbing all the way to the foundation. I woke up sobbing and cried for weeks. I knew the United States would suffer 4-5 storms before it would collapse.

The first storm was 9-11, the second was Katrina, and this devastating storm; Sandy was the third, we have one or two left. Please heed the cry of the watchmen, run, run to the safety of our firm foundation in Christ. Run into the arch and close the door, fill your lamps and come to the skirts of the lord and hide as the little chicks run under mummy’s feathers.

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