Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Narcissists & the Paranormal

By Lisa Maliga

According to a prolific blogger, Sandra Sparks, it turns out that Kirby Robinson is the inspiration for my novel entitled: Love Me, Need Me: A Narcissist's Tale. Ms. Sparks found the time to write about it in her blog on Thursday, October 6, 2011. [Her blog has been parked as of October 10, but the EoTP team has screenshots of all the blogs].

In the middle of the long and aggravating experience of dealing with the constant posts from a self proclaimed demonologist/exorcist/psychic/medium named Kirby Robinson, Psychic Kids' Christopher Fleming wanted me to be sure to read up on narcissism. I didn't have to - I understood. So does Lisa Maliga, Kirby's editor of his self published e-books. Just the word describes Kirby.

Lisa wrote him into one of her own novels  I would give you the link, but, in an earlier version of this entry, I think something was attached to the link that didn't allow for the material to appear on the published page - or something more unexplainable was going on. This description of her novel will probably disappear quickly after I publish this, but it was written by Lisa to describe her own book, and was public at the time this entry is written:

"Love Me, Need Me is about a bumbling sexual predator, narcissist, and author of three insipid zombie books. Middle aged Arlen J. Stevenson hails from Alabama. His relentless and often hilarious pursuit of women leads him to our other protagonist, Los Angeles-based writer of term papers, Helena Hoffman...

...we see Arlen's self-absorbed lifestyle as he endeavors to screw his numerous catches all over the South. Helena and Arlen get friendlier via their online communication, and he invites her to be his personal manager because of her communication skills, gullibility factor and location..."

Middle aged Kirby J. Robinson hails from Indiana. That is just too rhymingly poetic to be a coincidence. And the description is too close to things people who have been the targets of his harassment have noticed about Kirby - he goes after people who have the things he wants: attention for being what he wants to be. People who are on the inside, who are on television, on radio, in the spotlight, and making income for talents he can't begin to have.  His jealousy knows no end - seriously. I have volumes of screen prints of posts because he just can't stop harassing people.

If you look at most of his posts one at a time, you wonder where the harassment is. He loves to spout bible-isms. Which is funny coming from a self proclaimed Buddhist. He loves Chip Coffey. When he doesn't hate him. He hates Christopher Fleming because Chris is young, good looking and has everything, everything, Kirby wants for himself. He uses lots of sock puppets - when they aren't praising Kirby, they're saying mean things Kirby wouldn't dare say out loud himself. I think that's why he likes Ron Tebo: Ron is mean. Kirby is - seriously - not of this planet. He is the kind of troll which compells you to be there to understand how awful he really is. But if you are there observing him at his game, that's what he wants - the attention. Be his mirror. He'll only see his own reflection, not you. The only mirror that really bothers him is me, because I am much too clear a mirror. That's why he has mounted a heavy attack against me, that only reveals his own deep dishonesty and flawed personality.

And I find, with the words his best friend wrote - that's all he is. A fictional character. There are real people to attend to.

Ms. Sparks neglected to use the full title and description of my book. Here it is:

"Love Me, Need Me: A Narcissist's Tale" is about a bumbling sexual predator, narcissist, and author of three insipid zombie books. Middle-aged Arlen J. Stevenson hails from Alabama. His relentless and often hilarious pursuit of women online leads him to our other protagonist, Los Angeles-based writer of term papers, Helena Hoffman. She isn’t aware of what Arlen is as she only sees his amusing and entertaining side in their daily email correspondence. 

Told in alternating points of view, we see Arlen’s self-absorbed lifestyle as he endeavors to screw his numerous catches all over the South. Helena and Arlen get friendlier via their online communication, and he invites her to be his personal manager because of her communications skills, gullibility factor and location. Unlike his other victims, she never sends him pictures of herself, but she launches a MySpace site for his new company. Soon he realizes there are thousands of available women in his region alone! Unlike the jailbait that many online stalkers pursue, Arlen chases after their mothers and grandmothers. Helena is aware of his perpetual cheating and decides to investigate it in person. What happens after that is alternately scary and darkly humorous.

Contains graphic sexual content and language.

It's evident that Ms. Sparks failed to read the book. Had she done so, it would have been clear that the character of Arlen is a lot different than Kirby. 
Here are some dissimilarities:

Kirby is from Indiana, not Alabama. Both states are east of the Mississippi River and end with the letter 'A'. Not much of a comparison here.

Kirby is legally blind and is unable to drive. Arlen wears glasses but does lots of driving in his vehicle which he's named the Truckin' Temple of Love.

Kirby doesn't write zombie books. Arlen has written three of them, including Zombies on the I-285. Kirby writes nonfiction and hasn't been to Atlanta.

Kirby avoids any instant message programs. Arlen keeps adding screen names so he can flirt with his victims incessantly.

Unfortunately, there are many real people like Arlen hanging out on the 'net in chatrooms, forums, Facebook, blogs, MySpace and lots of other places. Yes, I've encountered narcissists online and offline. You don't live in Southern California for any amount of time without encountering a few of them! I wrote this book to warn others of the dangers of online stalkers.

I also wonder about the futility of someone comparing a fictitious character to a person they've never met! 

Amazingly enough, I'm able to add a link to the book without any difficulty!


Anonymous said...

Sandra Lynn Sparks has absolutely NO room to talk, especially when she starts throwing around the term "troll". Not only does she look like a troll, she behaves like one as well! She is UGLY inside and out! I read her blogs (before they disappeared) and suffice it to say, she is obviously a very hateful, spiteful woman who has nothing better to do with her time than attack those whom she perceives to be a threat to her beloved Chip Coffey and that ridiculous Psychic Kids Show that has thanfully been taken off the air.

I have to laugh though at Sandra's rampant ignorance, especially trying to draw some kind of nonsensical parallel between Alabama and Indiana!!! OMG! What a blooming idiot!!!! First of all, Alabama is a SOUTHERN state while Indiana is a NORTHERN state (Indiana is considered one of the Great Lake States). The driving distance between Indianapolis,Indiana and Montgomery, Alabama is approximately 570 miles. The driving time would be approximately 9 hours 15 minutes if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. In short, the two have virtually NOTHING in common!!!! And only an idiot would try to say that they do. As Lisa pointed out, they both end in "A" and that's really about it! But leave it to the troll that is Sandra Lynn sparks to try to connect dots that simply do not exist. That woman needs some help! Seriously! And as far as Chris Fleming advising her to read up on the definition of a 'Narcissist', that's laughable, considering the out-of-control ego on Chris Fleming!!! LOL! Wow! What a joke!!! A fake psychic like Fleming might want to bone up on terms like chicanery, dupery, skullduggery and the like, especially since that is what he specializes in.

Anonymous said...

Curious after reading this. Why is Kirby attacking people calling them fallen angels, predators and other nasty comments on the PK board. (Screen shots saved). Seems his ego is being hurt and he is racing to gain support. His comments are in defensive mode. Where is his credentials to being a self proclaimed demonologist and psychic? What proof does he have? If he is blind (sorry to hear) who writes his articles? Lisa?? What spiritual work has he been doing helping others instead of calling people sick and ill?

He made an appearance on Rob and Big, was that his house or someone else's - made to look like his house? and how come he didn't help Rob and Big, they still had problems even after his psychic advice to them? Failure there. So does that mean Kirby is a fraud? Some might say so. So what proof is there that Kirby is for real? All he does is go after others, if he was real he would be doing spiritual work. Anyone can quote, but actions speak louder then words and Kirby's actions have only been to point fingers and attack others. He rips on others and then promotes his books and website. Hmmm same thing he was accusing others of. Seems the blind are leading the blind. He needs to walk the walk from all his talk and start doing good instead of trying to hurt others. The lord must be shaking his head on his actions. God knows well, that everyone else is.

Anonymous said...

Looks like anyone can create a blog to support themselves these days. Yikes, sorry google brought me here.

Temperance said...

Ironic that the pro-Chip Coffey comment contains the bigoted quip: "blind leading the blind", how typical.

I have never seen Kirby exploit children to promote himself, there lies the biggest and most important difference.

Nice try dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, while looking through hundreds of blogs daily, the theme of this blog is different (for all the proper reasons). If you do not mind me asking, what’s the name of this theme or would it be a especially designed affair? It’s significantly better compared to the themes I use for some of my blogs.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Dear Anonymous #2,
I'll try to explain this as simply as possible, so put down those pork rinds, your bologna and Velveeta sandwich and that can of cheap beer. Now read the next words very slowly and carefully.

You may have been comatose for quite some time, but we now live in a computer age where disabled people have many tools that assist them in preparing documents. 1 item is Dragon Naturally Speaking, where you speak into a mic and the computer prepares a typed document of what you're speaking. Sometimes I'll wear reading glasses and use a powerful magnifying glass and type out my words old fashioned way.

As to Rob & Big, it seems like you're very jealous of the home it was filmed in and you'd like to move out of your $98 per week Fleabag Inn which you share with other crackheads. Produce proof that Rob & Big weren't helped.

Also, Old Sparky and Babbling Babs need to give you guys a new tune to sing as the one that they've been repeating over and over, that if you're a psychic you can't attack other psychics, is worn out and getting less and less airplay every time you people post it.

It seems that you don't understand the difference between defense and offense. We're showing more of Chip Coffey's, Babbling Babs, and Old Sparky's lies, deceptions and bigotry to the world. So, Old Sparky, next time you post over here, try to be a little more original and have the courage to post under your own name.

Kirby Robinson

Anonymous said...

Funny once again, no answers to the questions asked. I bet Lisa is writing your comments for you Kirby. You really are not that articulate. A plaid shirt and the house filmed in just don't go together. Best selling author? Of what? Once again you use labels to support yourself with no backing or credibility. Well aware of Dragon, but you are not able to naturally speak are you? You have someone do it for you. You never have anything nice to say. You will say certain things to some people then say it different behind their back. You ripped on the girl from The dead truth, then was nice to her on her FB. Wow, practice what you preach old boy, I don't think they have a program application to teach you how to be nice. Your eyesight never was the problem, so don't use it as an excuse it is getting old real quick.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Old Sparky,
Once again, I must ask you to put those packages of Moon Pies away and close up that bottle of RC. I'd suggest a class on logic to help you in your lack of thinking skills. If you read the exchange between me and Ms. Allan, you'd see that we were openly exchanging information and were responding to each others comments.

Unlike what went on on the Psychic Kids page, where each time questions were asked the only answers they got were no answers or personal attacks levied against individuals who might dare ask such questions. It's not me who refuses to answer questions, it's Chip Coffey, Babbling Babs, and Old Sparky [you] who post under multiple sockpuppet accounts to give the impression that there were numerous supporters--when in fact there were few.

If you could take more time comprehending what I write you'd notice that I've said positive things about several para-celebrities like John Zaffis, Keith Johnson, and Adam Blai, to name a few.

To give you a heads up, we'll be exposing in tomorrow's blog one of the predators that was stalking on the Psychic Kids page and she's been allowed to post on Psychic Kids: Afterword. So this just goes to show that you and a bunch of fake para-celeb wannabes are desperate to keep your secrets buried. In the next few weeks they'll all be exposed for everyone to see. And as you go to sleep tonight, it's a shame that you can't live in a house as nice as mine.


P.S. Unlike Old Sparky, who has had to pull two blogs due to legal threats, my blogs remain and I challenge anyone to challenge them.

eyeontheparanormal said...

To the person who asked about the theme...
In the template designer if you go to background you'll find it under abstract and it's in the third row.

Temperance said...

hat old, bloated, talentless, unemployed hack ought to consider seeking real employment instead of blaming the republicans for her inability to market her garbage "multimedia artistry". One has to wonder why a woman with no kids is obsessed with telling troubled children they see dead people. What a great show that "Psychic Kids", I missed the episode where they brought the little ones to a murder site to pick up "impressions"

F'n Scumbags

Temperance said...

*EDIT* should be 'That' not 'Hat' (lol)

Anonymous said...

It really does make you wonder what Sandra Lynn Spark's true motivation is for supporting an OBVIOUSLY fake psychic (like Chip Coffey) as well as a cancelled show (like Psychic Kids). Instead of parking her dumb ass in front of the computer all day and typing nonsensical garabage all over the internet, perhaps her time would be better spent trying to secure a J-O-B! She seems to be a bitter, old hag with nothing left to live for other than supporting charlatans (like Chip and Chris)) and promoting the obvious exploitation of mentally ill children by trying to convince them that they really are seeing dead people. These poor kids need some serious psychological help, NOT a message board manned by idiots like Sandra Sparks.

Chip & Chris exploited those kids while the show was on the air and Sandra is doing so now by encouraging kids to go to other sites (where predators are no doubt lurking) where they can supposedly receive guidance for their pretend "psychic gifts". We all know that these kids are NOT psychic, just as we all know that Chip & Chris are also NOT psychic and Sandra is NOT really helping these kids either. She is trying to help herself ONLY. Her true motivation is money. She wants to rub elbows with and ride the coat tails of Chip & Chris and anyone else who might be able to throw some cash her way. She has no more interest in really helping these kids than the man on the moon!

Let's be honest here, she is a money hungry opportunist just like those scum bags Chip Coffey and Chris Fleming. These people should be ashamed of themselves. How they can look at themselves in the mirror and not puke is beyond me! So do everyone a big favor, Sandra: Shut your pie hole, put a bag over your hideous head, go get a job, stop pretending to care about these psychologically damaged kids and stop trying to hitch your wagon to asshole con artist's like Chip and Chris, all for the sake of money.

Temperance said...

What idiots these C.C./Psychic Kids fans are.

Look at this contradiction posted here within the constraints of one sentence:

"You never have anything nice to say. You will say certain things to some people then say it different behind their back. You ripped on the girl from The dead truth, then was nice to her on her FB."

-You never have anything nice to say.
-You were nice to her on Facebook.


Temperance said...

Whoa! I just noticed the video link is that ol'sparky? What in the world is that?

Anyhow, I noticed a post on PK fan page by Ron saying he talked with Michelle and now she is "not happy with Chip making fun of Kirby!"

I’m going to quote Ron directly, (hope you don’t mind)

From Facebook PK fan page,
[Ron Tebo ]Spoke with Michelle today and she too was not happy with Chip for poking fun at Kirby. She told me it was spontaneous of Chip she's laughing only at Chip poking his face into the camera and not at Kirby.
Are you kidding me? WTF! So now she is trying to back pedal and throw Chip under the bus? Wow these people turn on each other at the drop of a hat, no Michelle that is not "spontaneous" it’s flat out douchebaggery and it’s all right there on video.
We predicted implosion (and not the kind from reaching nirvana!)

LMFAO- all I can say is PRICELESS!