Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Issue 48 – Chip Coffey Goes Off the Deep End/We Talk to Chip's Lawyer

By Kirby Robinson

The Chip Coffey Clan has spread lies concerning myself and Ron Tebo. They made fun of me going blind, my sexuality, questioned my religious beliefs and also brought up my education. As to Ron, they suggested that he was never abused and that the depression he is suffering from is just a way to gather some PR for himself. None of these accusations are true.

But that never stops those who want to run the paranormal world, make money and exploit kids, and those who are suffering. They want their followers to worship them as a master psychic or whatever their paranormal title is, and call on their followers and/or those who long for the same thing. Sadly, many of the followers are mentally unstable. But the master psychic encourages them and then they all claim they have nothing to do with it. All that is changing as we unravel their lies and deceptions.


We are having guest bloggers who will post different takes on the issues facing the paranormal community. Currently we have blogs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. We plan to have new blogs 7 days a week. If you would like to post a paranormal blog, we'll add you to the list. Contact me at and we will get you set up.

On Saturday, October 15th, Martha Hazzard Decker will begin posting.


Join Bishop Long on Sundays from 8 to 10 pm on for his show Sacred Division. My segment is at 9 PM and is called SAY WHAT? I talk about things within the paranormal community that has caught my eye and raised my dander.


We've all heard the story about the big bad wolf that goes around huffing and puffing until he blows the house down. The first is made of hay, the next of wood one and the last is built of bricks. He blows and blows and the house will not fall. And the wolf goes on down the road

The same thing has been going on in the paranormal world. Sadly, many para-celebs spend hours Googling themselves and searching the net and social media if they stumble on any negative posts. They huff and buff until the poster removes the offending post[s]. Their tactics consist of harassing the poster and threatening to black ball them in the paranormal community. Other tactics include threats of legal action against the poster and their web host or social media site.

Chip Coffey is well known for doing this. He spends hours looking for anything posted about him [should be much less as his star in the paranormal night sky is starting to fade away]. There are numerous accounts about his actions found on the web and he even went public with it on Ron Tebo's SCIFAKE site a few weeks ago. Ron posted an item asking if the Psychic Kids website and/or the Facebook page were safe for children? As is often the case, the posting started to focus on Chip. Well, guess Chippie got hot under the collar and had his lawyer fire off a letter to Ron. Here is the article concerning this:

Notice in the letter they never mention what posts to remove because they wanted all of them removed. But it goes even further. Chip either had his lawyer post this comment [or Chip did it under the lawyer's name] but more threats were made of legal action.

Dear Chip:
I have reviewed the posts here and some are, indeed, defamatory.
Defamation breaks into two types; written and oral.
This is libel (written ) and actionable in YOUR state. This means THEY will have to come to Georgia to defend.
Some libel and some slander are so bad and damaging the are called “per se” and actionable without proof of damages. Damages to you are presumed.
Makes the case easy to do before a jury and a jury HATES these cowards.
The last one of these was GENE COOLER v. “MOUTH” in Union County Georgia Superior Court. Won $404,000.00.
I have one like this in Fannin County Georgia with 90 defendants which should set another record for “defamacasts”.
These idiots will not learn. Perhaps loss of everything they own will give them a clue to shut up.
Perhaps the best aspect of this type of litigation is to “OUT” these posters and show their real names, address and phones numbers for the world to see.
Congratulations on your (Edited by admin).
Let me know when you want to turn hell loose on these guys and I shall get with the program.

Now we jump forward in time. Sandra Lynn Sparks a/k/a Old Sparky, posted false and slanderous Amazon book reviews on my two books: Paranormal Reality: Investigating Paranormal State and Paranormal Teachings: The Best of Shedding Some Light, claiming that things were made up in the books. They weren't. I have been dealing with her for months, due to the fact she is stalking Ron, myself and others. But this claim also hurt the reputation of my editor and damaged her ability to make money.

So I decided to take legal action and at some point I will. Why not go with the best lawyer to handle such cases? Chip claims his lawyer is the best, why not go with him? I called and after a nice talk with the lawyer, I learned it would cost $25,000 just to file the case. [As the case moved through different stages and into trial, costs would go up]. To date the $404,000 settlement the plaintiffs won has not been collected. The lawyer offered to take the case as he said I had one but I had to know it would be an empty victory.

To date no case has been filed against anyone on Chip's part. Now you know why.


Over the past several weeks we at the Eye on the Paranormal and others like Ron Tebo have been expressing concern over the safety of the kids at the Psychic Kids and Psychic Kids: Afterword pages. This is due to less than honest and decent people who might be up to no good. These are people who have been working hard for Chip like Sandra Sparks a/k/a Old Sparky, who posts under many fake names, and other members of the Chip Coffey Clan. But we found that one woman has been asking kids into private chats and offering to work with them is a felon. Would you trust a woman who has been arrested three times in one year for harassment, trespassing, disorderly conduct, theft and felony burglary? Here's a link showing her mug shots.


If you need a good scare, we dare you to watch this video…

Watch for a Special Edition of the Eye on the Paranormal tomorrow. You'll learn how Chip Coffey makes fun of me going blind. We'll also be serving the first of many plates of truth to Sandra Lynn Sparks a/k/a Old Sparky.

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Temperance said...

What idiots these C.C./Psychic Kids fans are.

Look at this contradiction posted here within the constraints of one sentence:

"You never have anything nice to say. You will say certain things to some people then say it different behind their back. You ripped on the girl from The dead truth, then was nice to her on her FB."

-You never have anything nice to say.
-You were nice to her on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Keep doing exactly what you have been doing, Kirby....The fact that you have made enemies means that you have stood up for yourself and also for what you believe in---which is exposing fake psychics like Chip Coffey. It is important for people to stand up and expose these scum bags for what they truly are. It is refreshing to see someone stand up to bullies and con artists and take them head on, despite their lame attempts at shutting people like you and Ron Tebo up. Making fun of your disability and outright accusing Ron Tebo of making up his childhood sexual abuse claims in order to promote himself and his web sites is quite disgusting, but not surprisng considering the pieces of dung who are spreading such nonsense. Leave it to those who are used to spreading lies to try to spread some more I guess! You have obviously hit a very raw nerve with Chip and company or he would not have resorted to picking on the fact that you are blind. One can only hope that all of the negativity that they have been putting out there comes back on them ten fold. And yes, Chip does like to bully, threaten and intimidate people, but it is a lot of huffing & puffing in the hopes that he can silence his critics. If people start figuring things out for themselves, then Chip loses fans which means he loses money and he simply can't have that happen! As far Sandra's "grass dancing", I threw up in my mouth while watching it! YUCK!!!!! Maybe she should try to put more energy into getting a job instead of videotaping herself dancing in the grass like an idiot. Push away from the trough and the computer desk, Sandra---both would be a blessing!

Temperance said...

Actually Ms. Snuggerud was apparently arrested 5 times in a year for assorted charges, one (as mentioned) was a felony.

And YES this IS the same Jennifer Snuggerud that immediately joined Sandra's new Psychic Kids page, that has been researched and confirmed.

PLEASE keep children as far from these people as possible.

Jennifer Anne Snuggerud
Date Booked: 10/21/2010


DISORDERLY COND 2 (B Misdemeanor)
HARASSMENT - B MISD (B Misdemeanor)
TRESPASS II (C Misdemeanor)

Jennifer Anne Snuggerud
Date Booked: 2/11/2011


HARASSMENT - B MISD (B Misdemeanor)
TRESPASS II (C Misdemeanor)

Jennifer A Snuggerud

Booking #: 750751
Arrest Date: 5/17/2011 5:30 PM
Sex: Female
Race: White
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Arresting Officer: Portland Police, North Precinct

Charge Description

HARASSMENT – B MISD (B Misdemeanor)


Name Jennifer A Snuggerud
Location Portland, Oregon
Age 36 years
Booking Date 05-26-2011

HARASSMENT - B MISD (B Misdemeanor)
TRESPASS I (A Misdemeanor)


Jennifer Snuggerud

Inmate Arrest Location: Portland, OR | Inmate Booking Date: 08-24-2011




Temperance said...

Quote from Sandra's psychotic blog:
"A mistake was made at one point, because real people's pictures started being borrowed, and I recognized one, and noticed another was from an ad for a gay men's website"

I have to wonder how Sandra would recognize ANY photo from a gay mens website? Was she working from memory? Did she decide that a gay mens website was the best place to start her needle-in-the-haystack intrepid quest to match profile photos of someone she accused of being a sock puppet? (all those that feel the Psychic Kids show was abusive simply MUST be sock-puppets according to her) Where is the link that proves that photo was from as gay mens website as you alluded TWICE in that bat-shit looney blog of yours? The lies are stacking up Sparky and thanks for re-posting that psycho-rant, there were parts of it I neglected to copy.

PLEASE keep your children as far away from these people as possible.

Anonymous said...

Blabs will be holding a "gallery reading" this weekend to show off her abilities. I wonder if this place knows who she really is and how she laughs right along while this is happening.
Post on the event site and show them the real Blabs

Temperance said...

@Anonymous,First any reason you can't post it? seems like you are baiting, Second,if she wants to "give readings" by all means she should (bless her little tiny heart,she wants to fit in soooo bad) but she better realize Chip is the "star" and she only goes as far as he lets her lol

Just sayin :)

Anonymous said...

If you really feel that strongly about "showing them the real BABS", then YOU should most definitely post on their site. Otherwise, it does give the possible appearance of "baiting"...That, and it kind of makes you look like you lack the courage of your convictions. :)

Reap said...

Someone should break the news to chip. If his case had any legitimacy then his lawyer would take it and a percentage of the money he got from a settlement. Larger amount needed to open a case= less likely a case has a possibility of being won.
It's a good thing chip is psychic because his ability to know things in the real world is seriously lacking