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Haunted Objects: Residual Energy - Part 5

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

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In this chapter we are going to expand our analysis of residual energy/haunts to alleged residually haunted objects—objects which are haunted with residual energy.  There is no doubt that some objects, like some homes, are ‘odd’—they are purchased and bad things start to happen—too many to explain away as coincidence. Can objects retain negative energy much like the environment in which there is an alleged residual haunt? The only difference it would seem is that the alleged residual energy is localized in the object itself. Perhaps you have heard of John Zaffis and his show “The Haunted Collector”? I watched several episodes and often he would refer to objects ‘absolutely’ would retain the negative energy of the people and events associated with them. A few of the more well known haunted objects are: the Dibbuk box, Annabelle the doll, and the mirror at Myrtles Plantation.

Speaking of John Zaffis, Lisa Hix says: “What parapsychologists refer to as a ‘haunting’ is like what you and I would think of as a recording. Residual energy is trapped in whatever object it is, and it replays itself. There’s nothing intelligent about it. It just plays the same thing over and over.” Lisa Hix

Several things I want to say.

1. There seems to be a general consensus by paranormal investigators that objects can be haunted either by ghosts or residual energy but we are going to focus on residual energy being retained in an object. Humans MUST go before the Sovereign Judge of heaven and earth immediately after death, so they cannot haunt an object or a house, but that is topic for another day. ‘Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes’ is my analysis of the ghost issue. The question is this: can a traumatic event associated with an object cause that object to retain the negative energy of that event? For example, if a sword was used to murder someone could it retain that energy?  Could this object become a place memory—a recording tape of this event by storing its energy?

2. The short answer is an emphatic NO! Everything I said re residual energy/haunts applies directly to this issue because the exact same phenomenon is said to happen, except it is localized in a single object and not entire surroundings of home/office.

If..if there was a transfer of energy during this murder, what kind of energy is it? Electrical, thermal, chemical? Second, whatever energy was emitted from the event when the blade struck its victim, this energy would immediately dissipate into the atmosphere. Imagine putting a drop of food coloring in the ocean. Is it destroyed? No, but it might as well be because  it is so watered down that it is virtually gone-- thousands of miles of ocean. Same with emitted energy-it must dissipate into the earth's atmosphere 100 miles high surrounding the earth. I have a space heater in front of my chair in which I am writing. It will warm up this small area but it will not heat the entire room--why not? The thermal energy dissipates. Neither will the heat coming out of it make a bee-line for an object in my room and store there and keep in hot indefinitely. An object like this sword or an antique cannot retain energy any more than your room will stay warm once you turn the heat off. Energy is energy and cannot remain clustered in an object any more than a drop of food coloring will stay clustered together if you drop it in the ocean/glass.

As long as ice melts in liquid warmer than it, then the second and third laws of thermodynamics are absolutely valid.  One man tried to argue that it had questions raised recently but I’ve studied the literature and in the real world it is still absolute.

My point is that an object cannot be haunted by residual energy because energy cannot remain stored in the object. To state otherwise is to contradict one of the most basic, absolute laws of science-God’s laws in nature. Remember, I am not disputing an object can be ‘haunted’—I’m just saying, as I did with residual haunting in general, it cannot be caused by natural forces. If you have not read my earlier chapters on residual energy, please do because I don’t want to repeat myself, and I need to address another question. How do you distinguish between  an object haunted by ghost and residual energy? That encounters the same insuperable problems associated with intelligent and residual haunts.

3. If it is not residual energy causing the object to be haunted what is? Well, first it is not ‘haunted’?  Nor is it possessed—only conscious beings can be possessed. A doll cannot be possessed. However, demons are very territorial and for various reasons they do attach to objects just as they attach to homes and people. Some people and many animals are sensitive to the presence of the demonic attached to an object. They will stare or bark at it for hours.

Lisa Hix states the following: On his FAQ at the Museum of the Paranormal, Zaffis agrees that such phenomena are all about energy, but he has a different theory about how the energy got there. “With most of the items in the museum, they have been used in rituals, usually when spells are being cast,” he writes. “Although the items are not ‘possessed,’ … items can hold energy within or around them, and it is usually the result of the energy being sent to the object by an individual.”

He is half-way right there. What I thought instructive is that this expert in occult objects recognizes that there is a common theme or back-story to these objects—ritualistic activity, spell casting or curses being sent by an individual are attached to an object. The curse or ritual summons a demon who then is all too happy to attach to this object; giving it a legal right to attach and attack its owners. Demons, not negative energy, haunt objects. It is pure evil and we need to stop calling it negative energy.

Contrary to what the well known psychic Sylvia Browne said: “There’s no such thing as a curse. That’s just a goofy fortune-teller’s way of getting money.” No ma' are wrong. Dead wrong.

Just as demons attach to dead idols that people worship (1 Cor. 10, etc.), so they can attach to objects that have been presented in an occultic ritualistic fashion. An example might be the sword of a Freemason.  My dear friend Laura Maxwell told me today of a lovely piece of jewelry that was given to her, but she got weird vibes off it. She later discovered that it was a Hindu object, and she got rid of it. This is instructive because it illustrates how common this problem is, and how anybody may be affected by it. Much artwork or furniture or jewelry was crafted by pagans with pagan intentions or occultic symbolism. And as Zaffis reminds us, most of the infested/cursed objects are due to some form of rituals in which spells are being cast; that kind of activity is precisely what opens doors to demonic. That is a very significant point and fits hand in glove with our premise of demonic intervention. If you curse something, then it is an open invitation for demonic attachment; ‘legal rights’ have been granted to it/them.

Or take the sword we talked about earlier used in a murder: that MAY cause a demon to become attached to it because it took the life of God’s image bearer—thus an attack on God Himself. On one case, my client’s husband had been in special forces and was dispatched to Iraq. He was a sniper and he had this tiny troll doll he put on his gun barrel, which was used to kill many people, and he brought it home and was obsessed with it. He placed it here, and then he placed it there, and then it started moving on its own. In addition, he also brought home objects from Saddam Hussein’s palace (one of them)—pictures—one of the dogs playing cards….others more occult looking. Due to all the murder, torture, sexual uncleaness, and madness that took place in his palaces, it’s no wonder that they are infested, and the objects in them. No doubt these were part of the reason this woman’s home was being terrorized.

She had been having sex with her boyfriend and he started experiencing problems due to his close connection to the infestation. I instructed them to stop but they didn’t listen, and he became partially possessed—eyes turned black, loss of memory, and aberrant behavior; and a minor exorcism had to be performed. So, ‘haunted objects’ can cause one’s life to turn into a living nightmare; even something as small as a one-inch troll doll. When we went through all of his ‘stuff’ and either tossed it or blessed it, a shadow demon was seen fleeing from the storage building.

So, the source of an objects ‘haunting’ is the demonic and not residual energy.

4. How is obtained? It seems that antique stores are especially vulnerable because you have old objects and you have no idea what kind of people previously owned it. Also, if they had demonic activity in their home, it also may attach to particular objects in the home. Care must be taken when buying antiques or even used items or clothes.

Don’t be paranoid because junking is supposed to be fun! You just need to be familiar with occult symbols. Be especially aware of items that might have some connection with a fraternal organization, like Freemasonry. If it feels weird, better safe than sorry.

And if activity begins in your home after buying an object then the best thing to do is get rid of it.

5. How do I get rid of it? Get rid of it!  Don’t do EMF readings or especially do not do EVPs—that will make it worse. Don’t do like Zaffis and now Zak Bagans and start your your own haunted museum! I used to collect items I took from people’s homes but I learned that it was better to just throw it out…which is what I did. If it is a very expensive item, you may try expelling the demon or getting help to do so. But if you are confident the object is cursed then the best thing to do is dump it in the trash, burn it, or bury it. The bible has examples of godly people doing all three with occult objects. Pray the blood of Jesus to bind the demons…and to forbid them from following you home. For example, it is needed to ‘close’ a Ouija Board before you burn it or it will just leave the object and possibly attach to you.

Once again, if someone has mis-identified the nature of the problem with the object then it could cause serious problems. If you are told that it is merely residual energy and not harmful, and you decide to hang onto the item, then your life may turn into a wide-awake nightmare. Whatever demon/s associated with the object, will eventually begin to turn upon its owner. They do not care as much about things as they do wrecking and breaking people down, and pulverizing them. So, whether the ‘spiritual cancer’ is in the home or attached to an object, it will wreck havoc in a multitude of ways. Get rid of it!

If you have been exposed to a demon attached object then it has had an affect on you. Realize that just because you were baptized does not mean you are saved. Nor does a simple belief in the existence of God and Jesus save you. First step is to ask Christ to save you if you haven’t already: confess that you have fallen short of His holy laws and need to be forgiven…ask Christ to forgive you and turn from your self centered life to having Jesus as the leader of your life. Open up your empty hands of faith and accept God’s free gift of salvation which Christ earned for you—and bow before the finished work of Christ on the cross. As Jesus to forgive your sins and He will—past, present and future. And eternal life is a personal relationship with God through Jesus.

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It's also available in eBook format.

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