Saturday, November 25, 2017

Our Dark World Is Getting Darker With A Satanic, Corrupt Government

Hello everyone! I pray you had a fun and safe Thanksgiving. All the great food that still makes great second day food. I'm southern so everyone's traditions are different. Mine is the most fattening people say with a horrified look. Lol. It goes both ways. Underweight is unattractive and effects your liver functions which is very dangerous when you lose too much. Very serious consequences. It happened to me due unidentified medical issue. They can tell when it's a eating disorder. Mine was related to a sickness. But the looks I received made me hide in my house. It was bad health that's for sure. But splurging once a week doesn't hurt.

Ok, this blog is blunt, very disturbing and what many feel as I feel is the truth. If you take the time to read what I've witnessed in health care when my mom was in ICU and daddy dying with hospice coming out to help you'll see. Some of you already know. My own health lately is one thing after another. I have the proof. The doctors are stumped so I was just going to be a human experimentation.

Look at Hollywood crumbling and more pedophiles are found out. It's the high up movie producers and our favorite actors that are guess what....buddy buddy with the satanic pedophiles in our own government. It's been on some mainstream news. For decades this has been going on my friends. Molesting kids and threatening to kill their family if they repeat a word. Or even threaten the victim. Kids believe what they hear. But it gets much worse.

This world is getting darker and darker as if something has awakened. I've said this before. Some feel it's the end times. The bible stipulates "no one knows the day nor time. Not even Jesus knows only the Father." I personally don't care. I know where my soul is going. I fear his wrath may possibly be forced with all the awful crimes. These are just godawful. I hate to even be out in this world. I feel safer at home. So much is still going on. One major headliner after another like shootings, two hurricanes, riots etc..

People kidnap the kids and when they are no longer good to them they kill them, dismember them and sell body parts on the shadow web. For food purposes. It's a place for cannibals. Adults are killed too for this purpose. I mean come on people.....This is out of a horror movie but real. The deep web has anything you can think of for criminals. It is true. As I stipulated before. Someone posted on YouTube a screen shot of this site! It was disgusting. Just down right disgusting.

Let's see we got your Satanic Ritual Abuse and spirit cooking. Oh nots let forget After School With Satan Clubs. Which one should I start with? This time I can't mince these disturbing activities right under our nose. They have women breeders to have babies solely to be handed over for sacrifice. Never being questioned because no one knew they were ever born. 

Bathing in baby's blood is believed for youth, sex, trafficking and murder. Or they will use the blood in spirit cooking. It goes on ALL THE TIME. They make their victims molest other kids. Crystal meth is what they use during a rape as they call it. Right in plain sight. Under our noses. It's all satanic. Now our children have a choice After School With Satan or regular after school care. It's slowly attempting to condition us to accept this as normal after a while.

The news only puts out what they want us to know. Been that way for years. The more I did my own research, the more I realized how corrupt our own government is! Then all the human trafficking....I was physically ill after reading all this. Devils are what they are. So evil, just so satanic. It's been proven it stems from satanic roots. Just lovely. Goes all the way back to the Rothchilds so they say. These pedophile rings have been going on for decades. Remember the Penn State University pedophile ring? These people are all buddy, buddy with the current suspect in prison.

There is a video on YouTube where someone videotaped a party going on at the famous Comet Ping Pong and Pizza saying it outright. Talking about enjoying Satan no matter where they are. Pizzagate has been all over the place and even some mainstream news are just now starting to talk about it. But no one ever said they had valid proof yet so it's up to each person to believe what they choose after viewing all the damaging circumstantial evidence. Twitter and YouTube is censoring anything about this. No free speech? I must say there has been no arrests yet regarding this possible pedo ring. I know another one somewhere was busted so at least those dear children are safe now.

This world needs God so badly but many keep trying to phase him out it seems. It's very sad. He died on that cross at Calvary so that all our sins are forgiven! Amen? We still need to repent when we are wrong. People seem to forget about the holidays full meaning. We need to unite. As one. Were all equal.

I pray we all have his favor in these bad times.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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