Sunday, October 22, 2017

For Our Battle Isn't Against The Flesh & Blood

For Our Battle Isn't Against The Flesh & Blood

Hello everyone! I hope your having a wonderful Sunday. It's very hot here in Florida. I can't begin to explain how hot. I set AC on 73 and it ran all day. It was too hot to cool it down that low. But the other day our AC unit was shot. Done!.... needing replacement for $5,000 It's ridiculous. Every time you shower due to how sweaty and hot one gets inside with no air will just start sweating badly within minutes. I can't begin to tell you how miserable we are. We have to wait a few more days. It's 88degrees in the house. Yuck! I'm literally sick. Irma was bad enough. But I digress... (Lol)

Ephesians 6:12 New International Version (NIV)

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

I'm sorry to keep regurgitating the same subject but I've been warning about certain things way before October arrived. There is so much evil and darkness in this world, it overwhelms me at times. I know the Spirit Cooking I brought up caused a bit of a stir. Google this. It happens I can promise you that.

Many networks using Halloween just as a excuse for TV to be extra disturbing all month with their shows that show people doing seances and using spirit boards/Ouija. Being obsessed with these kind of movies is unhealthy. The TV show Lucifer must have had great ratings as it's on season two. Slowly trying to condition people to accept certain things. Almost as if it's kind of normal. That's how the government would like it. We have satanists in our White House and pedophiles! Satanic Pedophilia--how do we have both?

I warned everyone about this show Lucifer before it started airing on TV. It's making evil seem cool and sexy. People don't realize the danger until it's too late. Having knowledge from the bible of demons is fine. We need to be aware just not obsessed with it. So many paranormal teams in Orlando are not what they claim. They are not properly educated in this. Creating so much more harm than good. I end up cleaning the mess or finding someone who can pending how far things have become out of control.

Many people have somewhat proved there were more than 1 shooter in the Las Vegas shooting according to FBI. Not that it makes it any better. Those victims families are going through hell. Ones that survived will never be the same. Some are receiving therapy. Having to bury family members and seeing these YouTube videos people had their phone filming this tragedy so people get how scary this was. Some think it was a set up to divert attention once again and a second shooter makes everything very suspect. Such a awful event. We must continue to pray for the victims families. They need some kind of peace and closure. I pray the truth comes to light if a lie exists.

As I've said already some people believe all these disasters take focus off what's going on in the evil White House so it shifts the attention to a major event or a hurricane. It's just so suspicious every time something is going to be leaked on the main TV news something major happens. I'm not saying it's paid crisis actors as some believe. I'm simply repeating what I'm seeing others report. I can't know for sure but what I do know for sure is every day it's getting darker and darker in this world. So many people email me wanting to know how to summon a demon. I'm still getting emails like that. It's curiosity. But that won't save you. Even accidentally letting something in, it's going to be a war dealing with it. It's NOT a joke. They DO NOT leave easily, either..

I spoke about Spirit Cooking in my last blog and it freaked some people out. But if you searched that subject you'll see how common this is. Also bathing in sacrificed blood, semen, breast milk and other disturbing things I can't say. It'a done because they believe it makes them young again. It's also a satanic ritual. It originates from satanism or devil worshipping from what I personally gather. But the good news is Jesus Christ is always with you even during battle.

This country is so divided which just makes hell and Satan so happy. Any discord, fighting, depression etc...will feed them energy. Like a moth to a flame. You are now on their radar. Spiritual Warfare is so very important and must be done daily. Come against anything negative in the name of Jesus Christ and that will make a huge impact on an inhuman entity. If we have the Armor Of God on daily we have nothing to worry about.

We need our Lord God more than ever. We really do. We need to turn to him and stay in his Word in these days of horror. But the government keep pushing him away, taking his name out of court. Some court rooms that used to say 'In God We Trust'. It will only get much worse. This world has changed, we have way too many people wanting to know about the occult. It's a fact. That in of itself is opening a door. It will attract something -- I can assure you. And possibly bring friends, seven more friends. This is no joke. I hate having to say these things but it's the truth. Hold your kids tight. Don't let them roam too far. This world has gone to pot to put it politely.

We need to be spiritually ready to go to battle. It's a very real battle taking place daily. Satan and his demons know their time is short so they are trying to get as many souls as possible. The music industry is getting dark. It's just not normal what is put on TV. Nothing but horror and demonic movies at the box office it seems. Not just this month but it's always like that. We need to be sober and pay attention to our surroundings. Don't always believe what you hear or see on TV. Do your own research to be sure. Don't let anger or resentment cause this country to stay divided. Other countries see this as such weakness.

May God have mercy on us all.. Give us peace and favor in this horrible world we are living in.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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