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Sleep Paralysis And Demonic Attacks

Sleep Paralysis And Demonic Attacks

Hello everyone. I hope you had a fabulous weekend and enjoying your Sunday. I'm in Florida so it's just very ungodly hot! Ukkk. You feel like you need a shower just from walking from your car to work. It's seriously so hot. I hate it. Blah..

I had a case on this subject a few weeks back. I guided the client via phone at first and obtained as much information as possible and searched for the proper help praying someone would be available where they lived or at least close to them. There is a shortage on proper help. There really is as far as dealing with inhuman entities. It can get very dangerous so proper help is so important. I know from personal experience how terrifying it feels! I'd hear cackling, scratching and knocks etc.... Sometime I may share my story. I'm going by biblical views so opinions will vary between people.

What is Sleep Paralysis? For those who are not sure what we're speaking of here's a definition via wiki:

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon during which an individual is unable to move during falling asleep or waking up, but is very aware of their surroundings. It is often accompanied by frightening demonic hallucinations or some feel it's 'demonic visitation. I believe in some cases they are. Not all but some-to which one is unable to react because of paralysis and perceived physical experiences, such as a strong current running through the upper body. Sleep paralysis poses no immediate risk to those who experience it, although it occasionally causes significant distress. Episodes last from several seconds to several minutes.

I've posted two other blogs regarding this subject. It comes up more often than you'd think. That is a frightening thought. Here are a few testimonies I found at Just to refresh your memory a bit before going into this. Feel free to check things out as there are many hits on 'demons & Sleep Paralysis' when you Google it. Blew me away how much more known this subject is.

"One man told her about his frequent sleep paralysis episodes, during which he'd experience extremely realistic hallucinations of a young child, skipping around the bed and singing nursery rhymes. Sometimes, the child would sit on his pillow and talk to him. One night, the tot asked the man a personal question. When he refused to answer, the child transformed into a "horrendous demon," MacKinnon said."

"For another man, who had the sleep disorder narcolepsy (which can make sleep paralysis more common), his dream world clashed with the real world in a horrifying way. His sleep paralysis episodes typically included hallucinations that someone else was in his house or his room — he'd hear voices or banging around. One night, he awoke in a paralyzed state and saw a figure in his room as usual."

As you can see it makes one wonder. I believe there is a medical condition at play, but some are simply thought to be a attack. We are vulnerable when we're asleep/half sleep in my humble opinion. So easy to take advantage of humans. I think they enjoy just horrifying people half to death. They hate humans with all their might. There are so many testimonies now online. I'm so glad people feel safe seeking help instead of being told your nuts.

But many state when they continue to say anything about Christ it makes the events stop. Nothing else worked so it has to make you wonder at least. It's very scary and seems very real. Don't laugh at anyone going through this. It's terrifying but once we bring Christ one the scene you see what happens. He will never forsake you. You have to have rock solid faith for the words to have any sting as these demons know if your giving off signs of fear. This phenomenon comes up quit a bit along with shadow people.

Since I serve Christ I'd say reach out to him. You'll feel his protection around you. I'm still alive after many years around this.    The enemy knows his time will be up at some point. No one knows the day or time, not even Christ knows I believe. Just God. I could be wrong on that but the point is he wants to drag as many souls with him to hell as possible. It's spoken about in the book of revelations. But remember you have Christ next time you feel under attack. Call out for him and His Holy Angels.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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