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"After School/Summer School Satan Club" Creators Pushing For More Schools

"After School/Summer School Satan Club" Creators Pushing For More Schools.

Last month I blogged about this but apparently the Satan Worshiping Church is pushing this and has no intentions of divulging everything they do during "Satan service ". People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. Freedom of religion should be respected absolutely. However, what materials are in the coloring books? They looked a bit creepy as a friend and journalist, who shall remain nameless, had an inside source. Aleister Crowley's teachings are very violent and gut wrenching. Many of these churches have been following  Crowley's teachings for decades and decades. I'm a demonologist so I promise you that is no lie. Google it.

While the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) makes conservative groups wait years for tax-exempt status an “After School Satan Club” launched to hinder Christian-based counterparts, got its nonprofit ranking in just ten days, records obtained by Judicial Watch show. The classification is offered to charitable, religious and educational organizations that operate as nonprofits. Under the Obama administration, IRS political appointees illegally targeted conservative groups, either making them wait up to seven years for tax-exempt status or denying their application altogether. Judicial Watch uncovered that scandal and has obtained piles of government records showing how the IRS illegally colluded with another federal agency to single out groups with conservative-sounding terms such as patriot and Tea Party in their titles when applying for tax-exempt status.

Many satanic churches follow Crowley's teachings all these years even after his death in 1947. This could possibly open doors, I fear. This may give them legal rights to attach to someone.

The following I came across a random forum:

"They supposedly...the coloring books have upside down crosses and pentagrams. It's the hard core satanists who sacrifice kids and animals and are full of hate against human kind. They hate our guts. Even kind people who believe in Christ but One example is "Satan's Coloring Book." This has many in fear or anger. Even non believers who don't want God or Satan influencing their children's lives."

According to the Washington Post, Doug Mesner, who goes by the professional name Lucien Greaves, is co-founder and spokesman for the Satanic Temple, a group of political activists who are seeking to establish After School Satan Clubs as a counterpart to fundamentalist Christian Good News Clubs, which they see as an attempt to infiltrate public education and erode the constitutional separation of church and state. (Josh Reynolds/For the Washington Post).

There is going to be so many people in need of deliverance. I'll say it again...I honestly feel there is going to be a very large amount of reported hauntings.....someone has a demon or a child ghost. I warned one couple via phone if in fact these events they were conveying to me are true then they were tricked, that kid was a demon posing as a child to gain sympathy. The Bible says "The dead know nothing; be aware of the familiar spirit." The controversy over that statement is a whole other subject. Lol.

We all have to UNITE together. Drop whatever anger and see the condition of our world and see how some humans act so nasty. The devil wants to divide and conquer. He's like a thief in the night. Turning kids against parents and parents against the children. Some children these days have no respect for any authority figures. Color or race doesn't not matter we are all affected when our world is in chaos. It doesn't even matter no one is any better than the other in God's Word he says this.

The devil wants chaos! Pitting people against others and countries against countries. Laughing at us as the world are saying we're nuts there is nothing suspicious about the children in that Pizza/pedo gate.Words become twisted or misunderstood. When a family is having a lot of disagreements and hurt feelings anger, etc... that's a perfect recipe to attract demonic entities. They thrive and feed off fear. They are very patient as I've said before. Could be 10 years wait and attack you at a time when you feel like you could just die as things are so bad in life. Then a demon comes along.

They are cruel and hate humans. They really do. Now some others may feel differently depending on what deity they choose or what religion. And I've always said I respect freedom of religion as long as no harm comes. We know women breed for them in secret. That was on YouTube, with Majestic Ape talking about a woman who carried a baby to term. He killed it and said how gross he was and made annoying noises. His exact words ' I had to put that down....EUTHANASIA.' And recorded him speaking of the joy of Satan.

Why is Satan and the dark arts all a sudden just considered so cool? Kids asking for ghost boxes and doing EVP's at home, using spirit boards etc...They download the app version on devices etc...and just because it's a phone and not a costly device doesn't mean they can't manipulate those apps. Phones have radio and recorders. Are they only able to do it to this device? My bet is they can manipulate our phones.

I found the following information in a article at

Etta says:
September 19, 2016 at 12:21 pm
This is what Aleister Crowley he said about women:
"But, morally and mentally, women were for me beneath contempt. They had no moral ideals. They were bound up with their necessary preoccupation, with the function of reproduction. Their apparent aspirations were camouflage. Intellectually, of course, they did not exist.
It’s very psychotic to have such hatred for their mothers as he did and then be kind to women. A woman was to be used. He projects onto women his lack of interest in them as people. Very arrogant fellow no doubt.

Cling to God and His Holy Word. Demons nor the devil can tolerate it. If you just believe how much God loves you no matter what you did when you ask for forgiveness. He is all we have against evil. Others I'm sure have their own ways due to different beliefs and religions. I'm for Jesus Christ The Lord. Lol.. I'm not a Christian or any title. I'm for Christ. Churches are the worst examples of our Lord. It infuriates me. I'm like my late father, I dislike organized religion.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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