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The Meth And Pedophile Connection

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Warning! <~~~~~~~~~This blog contains disturbing and adult content. It can't be avoided or else I'd omit them believe me. There are some things we can't sugar coat unfortunately. This Pizzagate information I stumbled on is connected to two blogs I did about the connection with meth and demons. Both were written way before this scandal broke out.

For those who didn't read them, you should. Here are the links: Demons and Meth? A Door To Darkness and Meth and Demons Part TwoNow by pure dumb luck I stumbled across how pedophiles often use drugs when abusing. They are rarely sober. The main drug of choice is METH! Boom! Here we are again this drug seems to be the main one where people constantly see demons and horrific things. I know any drug can cause hallucinations but it was meth that kept coming up when people came to me for guidance and help over the last couple of years. This drug seems to be truly be evil as all drugs are, but in a different way. I'm still receiving comments on my first blog that I wrote back in early 2014.

Pizzagate definition for those who may not have heard:

"The investigation and exposure of those viewing, exchanging or creating child pornography, on Twitter or elsewhere, that was launched after Wikileaks published thousands of emails to and from John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager. Many emails referred to "pizza" and used other code for child pornography in an unusual manner."

Now for the topic at hand. While I was doing some researching on the status of this Pizzagate situation, I came across an article how pedophiles use METH for days on binges while abusing. When I read that I about dropped! Yes they will use other drugs but this "non offending pedophile as he calls himself" stated that METH was the main choice if not cocaine as it gives a similar feeling but METH is really the main one. If you search pedophiles on YouTube you'll see some mention of that. But non offending pedophiles feel since many never act on their feelings that they should get a break. Another whole issue there.

Some of you may already know this. It was stated by a pedophile that most serve Satan. Practicing in satanic rituals which many weren't hiding that the evil one that Satan was their lord. Freedom of religion I totally respect. But if harm is coming from it then there needs to be an investigation like they do to all churches, as they should. There are bad apples in every religion.

There is a video on YouTube where someone videotaped a party going on at the famous Comet Ping Pong saying it outright. Talking about enjoying Satan no matter where they are. Pizzagate has been all over the place and even some mainstream news are just now starting to talk about it. But no one ever said they had valid proof yet so it's up to each person to believe what they choose after viewing all the damaging circumstantial evidence. Twitter and YouTube is censoring anything about this. No free speech? I must say there have been no arrests yet regarding this possible pedo ring. I know another one somewhere that was busted so at least those dear children are safe now.

The devil is really sending out the forces! His time is near and he knows it. Only Satan would want such sick, perverse things going on. Making METH so available.....the sicker the sin the better. He's after souls people. I come at this from a biblical point of view so maybe opinions will differ. But I doubt anyone is ok with child rape and trafficking.

The people suspected to be involved are all connected to the White House and the elites. No wonder human trafficking has gone on for decades! It's our government and law enforcement being accused and the circumstantial evidence is mounting so much. It was never debunked. It's not fake news. None of that has been proved by any means. John Podesta has yet to say or provide any information about what the three under the age of 8 minors were doing for "their entertainment" as he stated in an email naming all three ages!! How can that be ignored?

Below is part of a article where a man claims METH turned him into a pedophile. Could be excuses or did some evil really cause him these feelings that the below article states? I found this at www.adelaidenow.comau. Feel free to check out the rest of the below article:

"A DRUG addict who turned to pedophilia when amphetamines    left him "sexually disinhibited" will serve at least three years' jail.
The man, who cannot be named, appeared in the District Court today.

He had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, five counts of indecent assault and child pornography offences.

The offending occurred between September and October 2010.

In sentencing, Judge Barry Beazley said the man's victim was the 11-year-old daughter of his "on-off defacto".

He said the man also photographed and video-recorded sex acts, with the girl, on his mobile phone.

"You were in a position of trust, and your offending is extremely serious," Judge Beazley said.

"This type of offending causes feelings of outrage and revulsion in the community."

Judge Beazley said the victim was "upset and angry", but had expressed a "positive attitude" about her future despite "no longer trusting people".

I hate these kind of topics but it can't stay a secret. This man only had to serve 3 years. I'm very much aware there are pedophiles who don't serve Satan and serve God and still offend. Trust me, churches sadly can be the worst. Not many seem to be okay using METH as they have devils and shadows chasing them. I'm serious. Read my meth blog and all the comments. See what others are saying they experienced. There are even videos on YouTube. Someone emailed me on a 3-day binge begging for prayer. His "trip" lasted a long time after stopping. Even four days of no use they still hung around according to this person.

This world is getting darker and darker as if something has awakened. Some feel it's the end times. The bible stipulates "no one knows the day nor time when God decides to step in. Not even Jesus knows only the Father." I personally don't care. I know where my soul is going. I fear God's wrath may possibly be forced with all the awful crimes. People kidnap the kids and dismember them and sell body parts on the shadow web. For food purposes. It's a place for cannibals. Adults are also killed for this purpose. I mean come on people.....this seems like it's out of a horror movie but is real. The deep web has anything you can think of for criminals. Someone posted a screenshot of this site on YouTube! It was disgusting. Just down right disgusting.

In conclusion I hated to write about such sad and awful things but when I pray before writing each blog I try to write what the Lord would want said. Children are so innocent and can't defend themselves. Women are kidnapped too. Just be careful online and watch what the children are doing so they don't inadvertently become a victim. These cyber sickos are very sneaky.

Thank you for reading my blog and coming to the Eye On The Paranormal. We have wonderful bloggers here you should check out and a interesting flash back at some of the paranormal controversies that took place back in 2007 for example. Lots of good stuff. Have a wonderful week.

God Bless You All,

Jennifer L Auld

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