Saturday, May 6, 2017

Are We Being Conditioned to Tolerate Evil?

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. It's very hot here in Florida. I can't begin to explain how hot. I set AC on 73 and it ran all day. It was too hot to cool it down that low. It's ridiculous. Every time you go outside you feel the need to shower due to how sweaty and hot one gets just from checking the mail! Lol. The dang heat factor is just awful.

Our world is changing, folks. Evil movies coming out about nothing but demons. I saw somewhere that the movie "IT" remake [based on the Stephen King book] was a disappointment to some as they made the clown more "demonic and evil and it wasn't like that in the original." I know he was a clown that killed kids as I hate clowns. LOL. They freak me out. But I thought it was noteworthy to share what I had come across by pure coincidence.

All these episodes of "A Haunting" and "Paranormal Witness" and others are these scary looking creatures that people had the unfortunate luck to cross paths with or inadvertently let it in somehow. I don't believe all those stories are true but I sure believe some are. It's just my humble opinion. They fabricate, too. Editing is involved. It hurts people who really are telling the truth. People are more into the dark arts which are everywhere it seems. It's not healthy but it's accepted as normal. Before they wouldn't dare air TV shows about demons but now it's so popular.

Why is Satan and the dark arts all a sudden just considered so cool? Kids asking for ghost boxes and doing EVP's at home, using spirit boards etc...They download the app version on devices etc...and just because it's a phone and not a costly paid for device doesn't mean they can't manipulate those apps. Phones have radio and recorders. Are they only able to do it to this device? My bet is they can manipulate our phones.

These satanists have women just to breed kids for them to sacrifice. It's disturbing and disgusting! There is so much more. Look at all the pizza/pedo gate? Type it into your browser and YouTube as well. The elites who help run this country are possibly involved in a huge pedophile ring. One person was murdered after speaking out about it. It could have been just a bad coincidence but possibly to shut the man up many are saying. He knew too much many say. It's been going on for many years. In the 1970's it was going on. People became conditioned to turn a blind eye. Its human trafficking, my God.

I found this post on a random website:

"We are being conditioned to accept Satanism at a grand scale. As a blogger said about the 2015 grammies – what’s on for next year…child sacrifice? That’s how bad and blatant it is!"

For those who don't know what Pizzagate is the following information will help.

Basically when a user by the name u/DumbScribblyUnctious posted a thread titled “Comet Ping Pong – Pizzagate Summary” to subreddit r/The_Donald (a community of Donald Trump supporters), which appears to have touched off a complex and detailed conspiracy theory involving WikiLeaks’ release of e-mails from former Hillary Clinton presidential campaign chair John Podesta, child exploitation, and a Washington, D.C. pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong.

According to it's a detailed conspiracy theory known as "Pizzagate" holds that a pedophile ring is operating out of a Clinton-linked pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong. Which I should note is only a few minutes from the White House. The owner is an alleged pedophile. This is all speculation at this point but something is up with these spirit cooking events. It's so far beyond disturbing ladies and gentlemen. It is just not getting better. It's on the rise and this is just my opinion. Mainstream media stays quiet after calling it "fake news".

Satan's time is near and I personally feel he is after as many souls as possible. I think we are in end times or close to it but that's just my opinion. So they are stepping it up in hell with such violent and unspeakable acts and attempted murder planned out! He hates us to the nth degree. All humans. He assigns his demons to certain people like God sends us Angels for protection. He copies the Lord in so many ways. So many people inadvertently open doors which can take months to deal with. It's just not worth it.

The Lord may return at any time. No one knows the time or day. But so many things are coming to pass and it's very scary for many but remember God's promise to us. We won't be a part of this. Be strong let's not let the world turn a blind eye to sickening criminal behavior.

I want to thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Please check out our other bloggers with valuable information they share as well. And interesting. God bless.

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Jennifer L Auld

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