Saturday, January 7, 2017

Can Our Emotions Really Attract Demonic Activity?

Happy 2017 ladies and gentlemen! I pray everybody had a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. Hoping everyone had lots of good food and you were with the people that you love. Here in Florida it was not very cold so it didn't seem like Christmas but the weather is starting to drop. For Florida 43° is cold! But during the day it's been in the high 50s which to me is still freezing. Lol. I'm definitely a southern girl. I was born and raised here.

I'd like to take a moment of silence for the people who were injured and died from the shooting in the Fort Lauderdale airport.......................

I'm heart broken to hear of this. We don't want to start the new year like that, it really ticks me off. Once again so many innocent lives and people severely injured. It never ceases to amaze me what I hear anymore. The whole pizza gate issue that's going on has just got me sick to my stomach doing research on that I had to stop after I put out a blog about it. I can only take so much disgusting images and deep web stories that may not be true but still there is something going on with that! There's something not right when Podesto refers to three children under the age of nine as "entertainment." I just want to know why he is not made to answer that one question and there so many others that are just so disgusting. I don't know why he's not being made to answer what these three young kids were doing for them. But that's another whole subject. I won't go on my rant.

Anyway, It's like this state has a curse on it or something but I know God is in charge nothing is going to happen that he doesn't want to happen. No matter who is president. People don't want to accept our new president but the World is not for me to worry because again the Lord is in charge nothings going to happen that is not supposed to. I know where I'm going when I pass on so death is not such a scary thought for me. The Bible says we are to rejoice in one's death because they are now reunited with family and most of all they are no longer hurting and they are with the Lord Jesus Christ. I look forward to getting away from this awful world we are in.

The reason I chose this topic is because I'm randomly asked "is it true anger really attracts negativity when we don't keep our emotions in check not allowing sadness or anger to overtake us?" I say yes. And this is from my own personal experiences. Bitterness or holding a grudge things like that can put you on the Demonic radar. These are completely normal feelings. I'm just simply stating that when someone goes so far with it that they just won't let it go it feeds these vile entities. Same with vicious gossip against someone. They love chaos in the home within the family for example and couples in general. Friends, co workers etc...There is no limits when it comes to these creatures. They stop at nothing.

In the Bible it states what we speak, we speak into existence there is also another verse that tells us about the tongue being a double edged sword. It can make you or break us. Constantly speak negatively about ourselves like "oh it's not going to get better things always go bad it's always going to be that way etc.. and this goes with anything in any situation when you're speaking against yourself. And it's something that even I can admit that I have a problem with. And it has caused some problems. But every day I remind myself  to take any negativity in stride and speak positive about the situation. It's better to do it in a positive manner. It's one less door the enemy can slip through.

Once an entity has attached itself to a living person it will not flee on it's own. The Bible makes that pretty clear. It will only flee when said living person passes on. Or some feel when a black magician or someone practicing dark magic puts a curse on a person for the duration of generations by sending a dark entity to that person. That entity goes from one generation to another until it has been dealt with properly. Once you open the door it is very hard to close it. Even if someone inadvertently gave a demon legal rights even though they didn't mean to it's still very difficult to close Pandora's box for lack of better words.

Please think twice when presented with anything like Ouija boards and things to that nature. It's best to just be curious and leave it at that. It's not worth going further. It can and does destroy lives. Demons prey on people through those mimicking another like a aunt who passed or parent. It's only to gain your trust to draw you in. Demons are so very tricky and want to remain out of hell because even for them they are suffering its horrible and of course this is an opinion and it too is subjective but demons don't want to go away they hang on for dear life because they don't want to go back to hell because of all the torment they are scared of Satan. And again this is all subjective but they don't want to go back and be punished by Satan for losing a soul. Even demons don't want to be there. Doesn't that just speak volumes?

So if we try to focus on the positive side of things even if there is no positive side continue to think "well it'll get better" instead of speaking  death (metaphor for negative) into it. I always thought my father was doing that just to scare my sister and I. But for our particular religion I can honestly say that I've had my own struggles with this. I've had things backfire on me so I really need to watch what comes out of my mouth because... look what I do those vile things can't be very happy with me.

I wish everyone a blessed week.

Written by Jennifer L Auld

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