Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Dark Web/Pizza Gate

The Dark Web/Pizza Gate

Pizza Gate...This world needs God. Badly!!!!! There is so very much disturbing, vile, like strait from hell things you can buy! Un traced using Bit Coins as currency. When people want to do something bad enough you'll find away. Its how they pay and collect currency for services the internet to pretty much get whatever your heart desires even body parts. It's diabolical The things you see on there. If you can order under age children to meet up for private encounters, you can see somebody being murdered for the right amount of money. I'm not kidding folks I wish I was. I am just completely sickened to my stomach. People are obsessed with darkness and evil they want to find out more.....they are very curious about the dark web. I hear it's in major demand it's very busy and the sickos sickos are wanting more. Canibals have access to what they need. They pick by going through photos of body parts. I don't suggest anybody getting on there but this stuff is on there this is for real this is just speculation or hysteria I know what I saw the time that I was on there and I probably shouldn't of done that I ventured deeper into the web then I normally like to but it was blowing my mind and I could not understand

There is a HUGE pedophile trafficking ring working underground. It's been going on for years. Our government is aware. It's been going on a long time. I wouldn't be surprised if that whole Penn State scandal didn't involve anybody in this mess.

Now if you would so kindly go to my past blogs when time permits. You will see I have been dropping hints that the world seems to be turning darker as the new movies and TV shows are becoming more disturbing. These new movies really are putting bad ideas in peoples' heads and then you get crazies who witness this and then they want to jump in and be a part of it. Mimic what they see. In my past blogs you'll see different titles of me talking about the darkness in this world on the rise. It's making people curious. The second coming of Christ could be near. Amen...this world is getting so bad.

I hate to be right and I hate to keep regurgitating this but when it pizza gate broke I just couldn't believe it not to mention what I saw on the dark web and had to be by accident because I certainly didn't pay. Somehow I guess maybe an overload on servers I don't know somehow I ended up in a red room without paying and witness witnessed this person fighting for their life and it's real because the sides are so secretive it's only word-of mouth and they use a pizza restaurant as a front. Cheese pizza means little girl, sausage means little boy when certain people place their order. Yes it's very disgusting and it's a very much disturbing. It's extremely disturbing it gets worse, it gets much worse.

John Podesta, who I believe was the head of Hillary Clinton's campaign.....his emails were in the ones that were seized out of Hillary's computer and there's just random codes that means something but only they know the meaning the person who is receiving it and sending it. Nobody will speak up about the emails referring to two underage kids like 9 or 7. Why isn't anybody being held accountable asking just who these boys that are here for your viewing pleasure?? I mean why aren't people asking questions???? Why is this not being confronted? It also gets so very much worse too!! Most people are already aware of this it's all over the Internet and has been on national news so this is probably not new to a lot of you.

Just stay off the dark web kids, teenagers, everybody. There's no need to be there it's nothing but trouble it's a den of iniquity.but when something is the fact you're looking at an email that says certain things does our government have this passage that you don't have to disclose any possible lawbreaking knowledge video does it not apply to them because they're the government? I believe this was going on way before Hillary even entered. She has no clue and it's too big for her to handle she can't take this on  her own

 And I don't believe Hillary could stop it, I'm not picking on her.

Feel free to conduct your own research. NOT on the DARK WEB! Just stick to the regular Internet and also on some of the international news shows give updates on it and even they said it was enough to give them nightmares and it was just so morbid and unbelievably diabolical that they just couldn't stomach it they had to take a break from reading so much of these incriminating my nails and trying to link the people together. I don't think Hillary is a part of this. It's so much bigger than her and it's probably too dangerous for her to open her mouth so unfortunately along with others she's having to turn a blind eye I just can't for the life of me understand why nobody is held accountable much less even asked why they referred to these underage kids as their "viewing pleasure."

There's satanic cults that recruit people take requests if you want to order something to sacrifice they can provide it. There's nothing you can't get on can order a hit out on somebody! And it's in complete privacy you never see who you're buying from and they never see you. But so far no one will even look into it, it seems like they won't even question that email talking about the two boys for "our viewing pleasure disgusting..." I guess they're going to pretend we don't know about it and that we will eventually forget but I hate to break it to them people aren't going to forget this. It could be their child in danger next time not to mention they owe us a explanation. God help us.

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Written By Jennifer Auld


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are bringing this out it needs voices. Tracks are being covered just like Penn State where the DA was killed and the hard drive taken from his computer.

Jennifer Auld said...

Thank you Anon. It’s so disgusting! I had to write about it. I just had to. The news says nothing about Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta talking of ‘little boys for entertainment’. They are sick.