Friday, August 5, 2016

Why Do You Keep Harping Over & Over Again About These Stupid Ghosts?

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Circa 1530 AD....
"Dr. Martin Luther, why do you keep harping, over and over, about justification by faith alone?"

Luther..."Two reasons--it is the article upon which the church stands or falls, and I also harp on it every week because my people forget it every week."

Circa 1960 AD....
"Dr. King, why do you keep harping, over and over,  on civil rights?"

Dr Martin Luther King...."Because it is so ensconced in our society, both in and out of the is also making the watching world think that Jesus is irrelevant to cultures  most pressing needs. God has given me a dream..."

Which of you could say to MLK while he was alive, "I think you are right but I am too busy with my business/kids to DO anything. Can't you just give it a rest?!" Or..."Stop talking about this dream...folks are getting tired of it." (this was actually said to MLK by his closest advisers on the eve of the historic DC speech).

 One could multiply this list of folks who made a significant impact on culture, with many, many more, in large measure  due to their perseverance in face of pressure to shut up. I  tremble with unworthiness to  mention my passion in even  the same paragraph as these two mighty MARTINS. But please note this crucial fact--it is the SIGNIFICANCE OF THE ISSUE  AT STAKE, that emboldens me to press on in face of many  people getting sick and tired of my "ghost  posts."....and I have no delusions of grandeur regarding myself. In fact, I have trouble even getting out  of bed...bent and broken. I am unworthy to place myself next  to two of my heroes. However, I have thinking of writing  this blog for quite awhile now.

My father, a WW II vet, died the day after his 90th  birthday. My mom and dad were very busy--business owners and  raised 10 kids--but the Dairy Queen my father owned/operated was perhaps the only company in Moore County, NC where a black man was hired on equal basis of anyone else. In the 1950's everybody had segregated bathrooms and water  fountains....NOT MY DAD.--one fountain, and 2 bathrooms (men/women) a result, my dad had a large black clientele. Most white folks there basically ignored the issue of "separate but unequal."

I, like lots of folks on Facebook, have hundreds of friends.....these include folks I've known for 40 years  or more, who are very dear to me. But one thing I can count on is that when I post on ghosts, it is clear that they have  had enough. I am very thankful for the faithful few who are in tune with God's heart on this issue.

I am ignorant of many subjects, but I do know what the bible, science, and sound reasoning has to say about the ever-growing fascination with the paranormal in general, and trapped spirits in particular. Like the two Martins mentioned above, I am utterly convinced that this issue HAS TO BE REPEATED OVER AND OVER....The notion of ghosts is not only  ensconced in our culture--in and out of the church--but that there are objective indicators that suggest that the notion of ghosts is possibly Satan's most successful and effective tool in spreading the kingdom of darkness and ushering in the man of lawlessness/antichrist.

We need to repeat this regularly because we forget it regularly--we all have busy lives, which tend to mute even the loudest cries of pointing out danger. And as MLK said in  his "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" the church is becoming/appearing increasingly irrelevant to the most significant issues of our day.

MLK certainly rallied some of the church to this issue where Satan was attacking, but most Christians (even those who  were in basic agreement) just wanted him to shut his dang mouth. "The church should focus on preaching the simple gospel and not get caught up in cultural issues." Similarly, Christian leaders today, as a whole, think that addressing the paranormal craze is ludicrous...not part of  preaching the simple gospel. Apparently they have not read the prophets, who ceaselessly thundered against all manner of cultural decay. Or evil and error. EVIL AND ERROR...wicked behavior and wicked beliefs. Or do we even believe that some beliefs, or even practices, can be called WICKED ANYMORE?

Up to this point, my regret is not having written a second volume which deals with specific issues---the lunacy of  residual energy, the cruelty and stupidity of the notion of poltergeists, the obvious parallels between EVP solicitation and a Ouija Board session., etc. But I remain firm that all the other occult sins rely heavily on the notion of trapped spirits. Mediums and psychics would be largely out of work without their alleged aid from their friendly ghosts.

Christian leaders...and most Christians are simply lazy, devoid of critical thinking skills..and don't care about the next generation. "Give me affluence and peace of  mind....I do not want to THINK about what issues may be more serious than those that grip me." I have tried over and over to show WHY the notion of ghosts is OUR generations most significant wrong belief. Every generation has its own specific issues which the devil is attacking, and it is our responsibility to determine what our blind spots are--or we will be like my parents generation re: race. The Greatest Generation (they were/are) was in large measure horribly deficient re race.

The old analogy applies well here...if a movie theatre is actually on fire, the most compassionate thing to do is scream as loud and often as possible..""

I have written nearly 200 blogs, almost all dealing directly or indirectly, with ghosts. W/o going into detail it is phenomenal the range and comprehensiveness of the destruction that this belief has caused.

There is no other occultic belief (inviting the curse of God) that is nearly as popular and destructive as the notion of ghosts. Let us think about our children and grandchildren, and the spiritual/cultural conditions we will be bequeathing them. As always, may God's glory inflame us.


Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It's also available in eBook format.  


Bill Posey said...

Harping on ghosts too much??? Hardly is this the case. When the Body of Christ stops huddling behind their walls and preaching to the choir, and pastors/teachers recognize how the occult has infiltrated our culture and even their own congregations, then perhaps knowledge will move this Body to attack these lies. Thank you Mark for continuing the fight in the spiritual realm.

Unknown said...

I for one am glad you keep discussing it. I found you in a time when I needed real help and advice and other pastors simply wanted to ignore the problem. Even if the issues are settled with those you have reached, there are more people who need your help. Keep doing God's work Mark. You are much appreciated.