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Essential Oils & Raindrop Therapy, Demonic Doorways, Part 2

Continued from Essential Oils & Raindrop Therapy, Demonic Doorways, Part 1

In this continuation of using Essential Oils and Raindrop Therapy we laid the ground work as to why this is purely Demonic.  Recapping these oils are infused from a blend of LAKOTAH Native American healing aspects along with Eastern Medicinal (Hindu) practices.  The reason why this is improper for Christians to partake is because of how they are made – nothing more than potions!

“Many people have said that we communicate to our Father through the pineal gland. I have not found documentation on that, so I don’t know that it is a correct statement, but I do believe when you have a spiritual experience you get this warm, burning, fuzzy feeling in your bosom. The chemical that creates that warm fuzzy feeling in your bosom is secreted from the pineal gland, and that may be the reason we are told by some scientists that the pineal gland is responsible for that communication which is very special” (D. Gary Young).

This is so totally New Age and demonic. D. Gary Young says this in the section called “Increasing Spiritual Communication.” Well, if he was actually communicating with the true God of the Bible he would know truth.  Because this oil opened his third eye, this is why he is spouting demonic lies and not Biblical truth!

D. Gary Young goes on to advise, “Let me share this with you–if you want to have a beautiful experience, take three drops of Cedar wood and mix it with six drops of Sandalwood and one drop of Cassia–then go into that sacred, quiet space and put this on and do your prayers and your meditations, and when you regain consciousness, write down what you remember. It will be a beautiful experience for you.”

Regain consciousness? What kind of experience is this? I will tell you what kind of experience that is - DEMONIC POSSESSION. Folks when I pray and have a good time with the Lord God Almighty I am not in an altered state of consciousness. This is so occultic and Demonic I don't even know how Christians as well as others who are not Christian cannot even see this!

To really understand where I am going, you need to understand what this type of witchcraft is. I am sure you have all heard the word 'potion' before. And maybe in a Bible Study you have heard the word for sorcery in Greek is Pharmakeia (Strong’s Greek 5331). These words refer to medicines or drugs that are combined together to accomplish a physical or spiritual intention. It is a potion. By the way I had to engage the Spirits of Pharmakeia in several past cases as RULING Spirits within several people!

What most people don't understand is that this practice of Raindrop Therapy opens your 'fifth' element up known as Akasha. In Vedantic Hinduism, Akasha means the basis and essence of all things in the material world; the first material element created from the astral world. A Vedic mantra “pṛthivyāpastejovāyurākāśāt” indicates the sequence of initial appearance of the five basic gross elements. Thus, first appeared the space, from which appeared air, from that fire or energy, from which the water, and therefrom the earth. It is one of the Panchamahabhuta, or "five gross elements"; its main characteristic is Shabda (sound). The direct translation of Akasha is the word meaning "upper sky" or 'space' in Hindu.

Many aroma therapists associate holistic aroma therapy with the theories of life force, vital energy, meridians and chakras, all of which are rooted in Taoist, Hindu and other eastern philosophies and eastern religions. Many alternative therapies are associated with New Age ideology and healing, based on the idea that God is a ‘universal force’ or ‘energy’ rather than the Christian belief in a personal God and Heavenly Father. Does this line up with the Holy God of the Bible, absolutely not!

Now if you think that this Essential Oil company and these other oil companies are not using psychic energy through WITCHCRAFT to charge their oils go ahead and read what D. Gary Young from Young Living oils has to say about it:

“Let me share a concept that we are going to get into later this week. You hold the oil in your hand and project your thoughts–whether you actually hold that oil and give it a blessing. To me, it isn’t the focal-ness of what you are saying that determines whether that oil has been blessed for that purpose, but the fact that you have directed your energy into that substance. That is what enhances the substance to do more and go further than it would ordinarily.”

D. Gary Young goes on to stated “That is an area where people say, ooh–now we are getting out in left field here. This is starting to sound like voodoo medicine.  Believe me, if anyone has that feeling, write it down!  Before class is over, I am going to show you scientifically how that works. It’s very frustrating for me at times when I talk to people about prayer or meditation or focusing thought without words and making things happen. We are so programmed to think Oh, you can’t possibly do that, that’s the workings of the devil.”

D. Gary Young goes on to state “Somewhere in Galatians it says, “All things that are good are of me.”  Write that down and keep that in mind.  Go look it up. That will do you more good than me doing it for you. It’s there.  All things that are worthy or of a good report.  It’s a beautiful scripture. When somebody starts to criticize you about what you are sharing with them and saying these are the workings of the devil, just pull out that scripture and read it to them. If they are an atheist, it won’t do you much good–and that is when you just stomp on their toe! Tell them if they had more faith, their toe would heal quicker! (12 Oils of the Bible, Gary Young)

People the scripture this man is quoting is from Romans 8:28, not Galatians and this scripture refers “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”  The KEY is called according to his purpose – thus meaning you work the WILL of God in your life – Casting out demons, going laying hands on the sick, washing the feet of your brothers, etc!

D. Gary Young is practicing witchcraft and so many Christians who are not doing their homework and just going with the 'feel good' moment are getting caught up in this 'sifting' of God.  This is exactly how witches have been using oils, way before Christians ever got involved. And this is exactly how Young Living is openly marketing their oils - BLATANT WITCHCRAFT!  People you need to stop using this falseness, get your life right with God, ask for forgiveness and repent of your evil ways. Then and only then can you cast out these Witchcraft & Demonic forces and layers out of you!

Rev. Bradley Luoma


Anonymous said...

very nice job brother exposing this demonic lie!! mark hunnemann

Anonymous said...

I have no words for this closed mindedness. Many blessings to you and those who eat this negativity.

Blessed Be!