Sunday, July 3, 2016

Our Best Weapon Against The Enemy

Hello everyone I pray you're having a great holiday weekend and everyone is having some good weather to enjoy. I just wanted to remind everyone what I write here is solely my humble opinion based on cases I've dealt with the last 23 years and what events I witnessed my father conduct over the years. As a Reverend that" was part of the job. Not just weddings, church, funerals and Baptisms. There are different opinions in this which I respect. I just ask for the same in return.

The Word of God used in Spiritual warefare is our BEST weapon against anything evil. You need to speak it loud with authority and stand your ground. When they do paranormal things such as levitate cause things to fall, doors open and close, it is only to distract the person from casting out demons. Or they will do it just to scare you even more when you don't have anybody there to help. For example let's say you haven't reached out for help yet they will really start pulling out all the paranormal stuff to put fear out of you. Remember what I said fear is not of God that's all that it is just to put fear in you. Even just doing daily protection prayers..ignore anything paranormal and stay focused on Christ the Son Of Man.

Remember when I spoke of the mind being the enemy's playground? He knows all your sins, he knows the bible inside and out. Satan was God's favorite and beautiful angel (Ezekiel 28:1-19), that being said he was ONLY an angel, an angel created by God (Colossians 1:16). His name was Lucifer which means "morning star". My point is that these vile creatures know our every weakness and fears. I was once told by a client who under went deliverance that "I'd rather have dealt with physical pain the last six months then deal with the mental pain inside of my head that was being caused". He almost ended up committed but thank God they humored us today please try and he was delivered. If it had not had been committed most likely for a very long time. We are going around saying you're under demonic oh pression you never know how people are going to react or what they're going to say just can't trust people anymore.

The Bible makes it clear that there are demons, or evil spirits, in the world that interfere in people's lives (Ephesians 6:11-19). Evil forces, powers, influence the minds of individuals, bringing upon unusual behavior that the individual isn't known to do, changes in personality, unfounded illness that you know is there but no one can find a cause, suicide, inability to function normally. As a result of these forces, people can become a danger to themselves and to their families and friends. Even co-workers.

In today's world darkness and vampires and demons seem to be too popular. Way to many are out in woods or cemeteries trying to conjure up something "Like they do on TV". (A lot of people/them have not had "years" of experience. Just ask for referrals or references from recent and older cases so you can ask past clients of the group/person how it went or you may just find out they can't provide that info. Not all, but most). It's all about paying them and making money. I had to hide this part of my life for so long and since 2004 everyone has jumped on the Para bandwagon.

Most of these people NOT all just want to get on TV. They only help if evidence can be shared. There is no interest in helping people. Just popular haunted locations is what most are after. But not for the right reasons. Be careful who you use if you do find yourself in need of this special help. I see the same faces hopping from one show to another even now people who were just enthusiasts who would go to conferences just to learn more about it all of a sudden now I see their faces on flyers being presented as a "well experienced" psychic or whatever they chose to be. They will target someone who can get them acquainted to their get people/friends or connections. It's pathetic. People don't know who to trust. Its assumed you know nothing unless your face is all over flyers and doing interviews and events. So much knowledge out there dismissed due to lack of "being popular" just like high school isn't it? But there are many who are very sincere and knowledgable who can help or point you in the right direction.

With so many people obsessed with the paranormal and demon summoning, slender man summoning Believe it or not is leading to major crime now. Plus the crimes that happen as a result from a cold activity at times. To refresh your memory do you remember when I spoke about The two young girls who tried to kill their friend (age 13 or so) so they can reside with slender-man and his demons in the forest in a mansion? These girls weren't even high school age yet. Remember that shooter Jared Loughner's? Not the shooting here in Orlando this was another shooting. Google his name for all details. Anyway, police said they found in his backyard a altar with Satanic relics. Go to to see the photos police took of this in detail. The shooting happened a while ago so it wasn't anytime recently however, what's up with the Satanic alter it that have influenced him in any way? Possibly and possibly not. It's just something I thought was noteworthy to add to this blog. I know I have spoken of this before but like I said I felt it was note worthy for this particular blog to repeat it. What I can't help but wonder due to the rising it valid or is it because the rise in all the paranormal TV shows and all the new TV shows and movies lately have more of the dark type then drama, romance, etc.

So in conclusion please remember you are not helpless against demons or any evil forces. They know Christ wins, they know exactly how this plays out. But hunting them or helping people who truly have a valid demonic presence needs to be for the people that God calls into that ministry. It's not really a choice. I understand that what I just said can be subjective but just from what I've learned over the years and from other very knowledgeable demonologists, priests and Reverends. I can't imagine wanting to do this. You risk your mental health and physical health. It's not just a danger for the client its a danger for anybody involved. You lose friends and people will avoid you. Why go through that without having to do it? People fear what I represent & I've lost friends and most people have assumed Demonology means worshiping demons. I never even spoke of my work and this still caused long time friends to fade away. I was careful and I never brought it up unless they asked. It's not healthy to focus on this 24 seven it's healthy and only natural to have other outlets like fishing, skating, bingo etc... And when I'm out I don't discuss it. I don't think about it. So please never ever think there is no help or guidance out there because there is. I can be reached for general questions or any help you may need. If I am unable to help you I can send you to the right person who can or the person who was closer to you pending on where you live.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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