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Ghost Hunting Cell Phone Applications Can Be Dangerous.

Hi there I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and are having a blessed Sunday so far. The weather in Florida has been messy. I CRINGE  ever since those 3 hurricanes one after another came ripping through central Florida. Oh was that a nightmare. No power and it's hot.....Lets be sure to pray for those who are without power and a way to keep drinks cold as ice is hard to come by in one city here I believe.

This topic I just have to drive home. It is from a case I dealt with helping mainly via Skype until I could make it. It started with an email from a concerned mother of her adult son 38 and asked me if I felt these ghost hunting apps on these devices have any validity. She asked " do these applications cause danger or is it just entertainment made to spook people when used for ghost hunting "like on TV" and those were her exact words. This is just my humble opinion on this. It's very subjective and you will come across different explanations and opinions. But it's all in the intent as far as I personally feel. Tools are just tools and are dangerous and it's the users intent I feel that can cause something to come through. You take a chance when you use anything in that type of manner. Intent is very strong and so is the power of suggestion as well. Due to the power of suggestion any banks or something could happen that you think is real because when you want something to happen so badly that's the power of suggestion.

Sadly her son has become withdrawn, lost his wife due to his obsession with a spirit box app and a Ouija app. He will go to cemeteries alone for hours trying to make contact with deceased family members but something has changed him according to his mother and sister. I spoke with both and asked as many relevant questions I could and take notes. He stopped all things he loved. This is a obsession with the other side which I think It could have possibly allowed him to inadvertently allow something that is dangerous and never been human come through. I think it's a attachment. Only people who truly are paranormal researchers should be using these for research. Even then it poses danger to the investigater/researcher. I know I prayed before and after I downloaded it and I only spent maybe six minutes messing with it and it was that particular app that this mother stated her son was using. And then after that I said another prayer and made it very clear nothing was permitted to come through and I'm a child of God. I didn't become obsessed with it and keep it on for an hour. However,  I did receive three intelligent answers.

I found the following testimony at

"I was in my den this morning trying to activate a glycemic index app when I accidentally hit Ghost Radar and activated it.  I turned it off but got this funny feeling it wasn’t an “accident”.  So, I turned the Ghost Radar app back on.  Immediately a spirit showed up in the room.  Then there were two and three.  It kept fluctuating between one and three at various levels of proximity to me.  I walked around the house but only the den had spirit activity.  My phone soon said “information”.  I would ask the phone…well, not really the phone…whoever was in the room for more details about each word that came up trying to understand the message.  In regular succession I got:  information – forty – opposite – needed – still – valuable – automobile – appearance – between – DANGER!  What?!  DANGER?!  I asked the ghost/spirit to elaborate and it stopped speaking words until I gave up and turned the app off.  Now, up until the DANGER point, I was feeling pretty good about it.  I chose to translate some of the words to mean that my 40s I’m still needed and valuable and that my appearance is still good and I should take another car trip.  LOL!  Getting DANGER threw a wrench into the works.  I was especially creeped out when the phone refused to say anymore!  It had been talking like a chatty woman up to that point."

With all the ghost apps available, it’s extremely hard to keep track of them all (many of them continue to update, changing out the “ghosts” every few months). But many are nothing but hoaxes or to frighten friends. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. The paranormal community is filled with hoaxes and way too many people who pretend to know what they’re doing. Jumped on the just have to be cool right? Or many utilize the field as a form of meeting people and dating. So many places are exploited and start charging money to have events or private investigations. It's a pure fiasco. Nobody knows who to trust you don't know who to trust you think you can trust him but the next thing you know they have stabbed you in the back. I learned the hard way being loyal and trustworthy means nothing to some of these frauds.

These apps are a bad idea in my opinion. We are dealing with the supernatural just because it may not be the real device do you think demons stops and says "oh no that's the phone I can't do it through that or an iPad." I'm sorry intelligent responses are intelligent responses. Those are the ones I would not be quick to say those mean nothing. I would wouldn't put to much attention or time on them. People are fearing they are inadvertently letting something come through. Unless your highly experienced in these situations I wouldn't mess with it. There are safe ways to find out if devices verses apps are just as dangerous. You don't have to download a bunch of them and try them out and post about it You're giving these things way too much attention. The Lord loves us and we shall not fear the shadow of the valley of death. Speak with authority to these things. Don't engage in talk of any kind. Demons just lie. Half truths really.

Suit up every day we wake up with the Armor of God. You can't go wrong. Trust me they DO fear GOD. I don't care what anyone says who has the same or close to my beliefs. Speak positive. What we speak we speak into existence according to the Bible. Unless I'm sadly mistaken but I don't think I am.

I just had to share a little info with you about the case I spoke of above. Everything is all dark and evil is thought of as being cool. This is NOT A GAME! I beg of you....Once that door opens it is very, very difficult to "shut it down". If you can even find a legitimate person that really knows what they're doing and didn't just jump on the paranormal bandwagonand made a website. Be sure to ask for references as well as 4 from past clients who can verify this. You should never be charged unless you're paying for them to come to you via clean your hotel and they don't have the money and that's a different story or you can agree to split the cost however. But in general you should never pay a dime.

If I can be of any help I can be reached at Even if it's just questions in general. Please do ask.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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Dear Jen, thank you for another excellent article. I hope and pray you and your family are well.