Monday, June 13, 2016

Delilah: The Demonic Powerhouse Spirit That Will Rip Your World Apart!


This blog shall discuss a black widow in the Satanic kingdom.  The demonic spirit of Delilah (DELIYAH – HEBREW means ‘pining with desire’) is assigned to destroy both men and women of prominence, people with a purpose in life, any clergy or leader in ministry.  Understand that Satan sends women to churches who have this spirit to terminate the church and cause the church leader(s) to commit emotional, physical adultery and fornication. Its role is through the door of relationships or marriages.

This spirit determines avenues to find out what strengths a person has so that it can destroy them thus take out the power of its opponent, removing them from prominence. Sadly, this spirit can be in someone and this person won’t even realize that they are being used by a demon to destroy others. Crafty like the Jezebel Spirit, sometimes it shall masquerade as Jezebel to hide so that it cannot be cast out.  So it’s crucial to know the difference as I will reference it only as female, though this spirit is genderless.

• Delilah is acutely skilled in taming men through seduction. The strongest of men will be beguiled by it if they do not stay alert to this Spirit. Delilah is after people of prominence, people in the spot light, anointed ministers of God, both gifted men and women as well as those who are in effective relationships or marriages. The assignment is to remove you from that place of power and make you ordinary like everyone else.

• Delilah can fool you by being in church every Sunday, at every bible study and even at all night prayer. It will be punctual and be involved in many if not all church activities as her way to get close to the pastor or church leaders.

• Delilah loves money.  It’s the modern day gold digger but only much wiser than the average gold digger.

• Delilah is sex hungry, filled with ungodly and perverse sensual desires. It knows exactly what it wants which is to be oriented around power, outward appearance and money. It will prey on any such man, whether he is taken (married) or not.

• Delilah will keep pursuing and pressuring a man to leave his wife, to sleep with her, to run away with her or commit any other sin with her. It will persuade softly until he listens to her voice. It will take a man who truly loves and fears the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY to overcome her actions.

• Delilah knows all the tricks, avenues, aspects and steps in getting the man’s attention. Thus only when a man fears the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, with humility in his heart can he overcome her ploys.

• Delilah will try to get close to your man in order to demolish you. This is done by gaining your man’s confidence through politeness and kindness. Your man might begin to open up about your relationship to her, because she does the same about hers. She will begin to play miss “shoulder to cry upon” and miss “good listener”. Little by little a bond will develop and before you know it she has your man’s heart and he can’t wait to see her and talk to her.

• Delilah will wreck homes, marriages and relationships because of the sexual desires it creates because it is a seductress. This spirit is skilled in luring and taming both the sexes.  Finding yourself being drawn to this sort of person without any particular reason and wonder why you are so excited to see them, the full Armor of God that you may stand against the wiles of the devil is required.

• Delilah is out to find out where you are strong and how to turn this strength into a vulnerability and weakness. The assignment is to take your power, terminate your strengths and imprison you so that you can be idle and ordinary like the rest of the world.

• Delilah has vast likable qualities such that it leaves you confused on what you really like about her. It is like a Chameleon it fits everywhere as a perfect good person, but those she has stung in the past know about her ugly side.

• Delilah is knowledgeable about what men or women want and need both emotionally and physically. Hence it knows how to treat a man like a king. Any woman’s man being targeted by it, if the lady of this man is not treating him like a king, Delilah is more than willing to do so. She’ll be willing to do everything that you don’t, and do it far better than you!

• Delilah knows the vulnerable areas of a man and how to minister to them like a mother holds and comforts her son when he is hurt. It is polite, gentle and quiet. This will not criticize a man because it realizes that this causes him to be defensive. Provocative in the language of praise to the man as it knows every vowel, lyric, synonym of praise to say to a man and is after the relationship to destroy it.

• Delilah is able to make your man feel more secure within a short space of time through gentleness, she is trained and gifted in this. Delilah builds relationships with her prey founded on safety, praise, peace and warmth, but the motives are deadly.

• Delilah will make you believe that you have a deep connection with each other, that you were meant to be best friends or soul mates. Even though this is completely inappropriate even if you are already with someone else. A person with this spirit will indirectly pressure you daily until you believe it and will not stop.

• Delilah is very persistent and will pester you daily with sweet, kind words and a “No” will not stop them from pursuing you. The only way to win is cutting off all lines of communication with the person who has Delilah.

• Delilah is after the favor God has put upon you, your family, your business, your marriage. It will do all it can through seduction to make sure this favor departs from you and you are left in shambles.

• Delilah’s armor is make-up, beautiful hair, sexually appealing clothes and shoes.  Delilah in a man will be very well groomed in a sexually attractive and usually indirectly splashing out money to entice you. While the believer puts on a spiritual armor Delilah makes powerful influence through her image because it is akin to idolatry.  Only fear of God, love and reverence for God within a person’s heart can overcome this side of Delilah.

• Delilah will design such an environment to trap a man into sleeping with her. It will make sure that the man and herself are alone so that seduction can occur.  It will show up unintentionally or without clothes upon, whilst trying to innocently mimic Bathsheba, to seduce a man.

I pray this has exposed another spirit to be very wary of within your lives and your churches! I have dealt with this one several times and this one is nasty!!

Rev. Brad Luoma – Exorcist, Savior Christian Deliverance Ministries

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