Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Devil has Full Authority--What You AREN'T Taught in Church!

The devil truly understands the authority that it has over the world. Sadly, many people do not understand this aspect. For you see even Christ Jesus did not question the authority that the devil had for when he was tempted by the devil to be given all that is in this world.

What I am writing about today should be going off like an alarm to you on the inside. For you see this is NOT taught in churches. Let's jump and go back into Genesis and in this book we find that God had intended Adam and Eve to have dominion (authority/ruler-ship) over this earth Gen. 1:28.

However, because of Adam's disobedience to God, Adam therefore surrendered the authority (legal rights) over the earth, the regents, stewards, trustee's to the devil by partaking in the forbidden fruit according to Gen. 3.

By this act of surrendering of legal rights by Adam the Devil was given these rights over the dominion of the world. Therefore, God had to send HIS only Begotten Son to remove those rights from the devil back to the creator.

This is just one aspect of training that you need to understand regarding Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance/Exorcism. Now you can see a bigger picture and understand why large percentages of humans throughout history - including even people today have DEMONS and they do not even know this, because of the authority transferring to the devil.

This even goes for Christians who profess Christ Jesus until they choose to go through the removal of legal authority via Deliverance/Exorcism to take the authority away from the Devil over their life by the command found in the Children's Bread story - which as a reminder is a direct command for all followers of Christ Jesus to do this act.

If we are to live successfully in Christ Jesus, the devil and its past influence in our lives must be thwarted. Of course, on-going repentance is key to reversing the process of sin and unholiness in our lives. But the devil is still the 'Prince of the power of the air' and it has great authority and power to influence our lives and actions.

We must be aware of Satanic realities about us that seek to draw us back into his grip, even after we have become born-again. We may be inclined to think since Christ Jesus dwells within us nothing, even Satan, can touch us. This is a wrong impression to have and sadly MANY churches preach and embrace this falseness!

After Calvary the Devil became like a wounded bear. It is out of control with fear, rage and hatred. As the time of judgment draws nearer and nearer so does the wrath and desperation increase against all - even followers of Christ Jesus. It will not fail to pull out all stops trying to destroy the works of God whenever and where ever it can. (Rev. 12:12)

The believer must be resistant and actively oppose the works of the Devil, not by word only, but by his life and deeds. If one resists the devil and is walking daily in the spirit that person will not be sinning. For you see it is not possible to walk in the Spirit of Christ and sin. The Spirit of God does not sin - ever; cannot sin, it makes no sense to say or think that God can sin.

This is an immutable contradiction for us to even think that we should still be open to sin at all, but sadly MANY people do just this because they choose to not make the flesh like stone. This is just one of the reasons why God came in the flesh was to destroy the works of the Devil. "He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the Devil." (1 John 3:8)

For you see HERE is what the churches and MANY do not understand WHY Christians can and will have DEMONS - Due to our past companionship with the spirit of the world (the Devil), our complicitous dalliance with Satan and due to our full involvement in sin, Satan still has legal right to harangue us, attack us and generally oppress us with his strategy of hate and deceit. Even though you profess Christ - YOUR past still gives the devil LEGAL authority to YOU!! This is why EVERY Christian is to go through Deliverance/Exorcism to remove the past aspects.

Remember HE who controls and owns the past has the future!!! Deliverance is the friend and ally of every Christian who expects to have a close and victorious walk with Christ Jesus. It is Christ Jesus Himself who likened it to "the children's bread" when He had an exchange with a Gentile woman who sought deliverance from an unclean spirit for her young daughter.

When she asked the Lord Jesus Christ to free her daughter from this afflicting spirit Jesus at first told her that He would not, saying, "It is not meet to cast the children's bread unto dogs" (Mark 7:27). But it was her cry for mercy when she responded that even the dogs eat of the crumbs from the children's table that caused Christ Jesus to reconsider and cast the spirit out of the youth.

Whatever His reasons for saying this and first refusing, one thing remains clear: Christ Jesus was saying that deliverance from evil spirits (and, we can surmise, deliverance from sin and oppression of all sorts) is THE CHILDREN'S BREAD!

It is my prayer that each reader will embrace Deliverance/Exorcism as the sweet bread and nourishment that it truly is. Since it is the children's bread then it should be consumed by us like a little child eating a goody. We should not doubt its sweet goodness.

We shouldn’t fool ourselves. When deliverance and such things are brought to us by God our flesh reacts with such bitterness and resentment. We are easily embarrassed, as well as offended. What do you mean I have a flaw?  What do you mean I need the hand of God to supernaturally and powerfully deliver me from the influence of evil that has overcome me by my own doing?

But we should not be embarrassed. We should resist the temptation to sweep our personal need for deliverance under the rug. Deliverance is THE CHILDREN’S BREAD. Deliverance is a friend. It is God's mercy. It helps us to grow. In fact, without it one can’t grow into maturity within Christ Jesus.  Exorcism/Deliverance is a lifelong friend which every Christian, young and old, strong and weak, experienced and inexperienced, needs to invite into their heart daily.

If we want to grow into full and strong "adult" Christian, into what the Scripture calls the "measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ" (Eph. 4:13), we must eat of the children's bread, accepting the fact that we all need deliverance from demonic influences and spirits that are contrary to the Spirit of God. This is fundamental to our growth in Christ Jesus!

Rev. Bradley Luoma

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