Thursday, April 30, 2015

Paranormal Monsters on TV---River to Mountains

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

At the risk of seeming like I am "beating a dead horse" I want to briefly address a couple other TV shows that highlight the paranormal, albeit in a different way. I am referring to the additional craze of seeking for monsters, but not all these 'monsters' are what some would refer to as cryptozoology.

A favorite TV show of mine is River Monsters, starring Dr. Jeremy Wade, biologist and extreme angler. That is, he seeks, via fishing, river monsters which have wrecked havoc on people. He is an academic who thrills in solving mysteries that surround us in rivers all across the world. I admire his dedication and his respect for the fish which he catches, which Wade almost always gently puts back into the water.

I've learned alot about God's world while watching episodes of River Monsters. As an aside, may I suggest that any documentary type show/movie (or everything for that matter) should be viewed through a biblical worldview, which I outline in detail in my book. In addition, the wild, beautiful, and sometimes bizarre world which is highlighted on River Monsters opens up vistas for reflecting on the glory of God as revealed in nature. I don't know if Dr Wade professes to be a Christian but he is a model to me on how to relish the beauty of God's world. And no doubt he has saved lives by uncovering the watery assailant.

My burden these last few years is in revealing how widespread the occult has spread across the globe, and especially the USA, and helping people to be discerning of supernatural evil. We are a culture that has become addicted to entertainment and we are amusing ourselves to death. Even a scientific show like River Monsters is not immune to this occultic juggernaut.

In a recent episode, Dr Wade was in some remote place (I forgot where) in search of a river monster which was attacking people. The epicenter of the attacks was in an area controlled by a certain indigenous 'Indian' peoples. After consulting with the village elder it was discovered that 'Spirit Rock', which is a very tiny outcropping of rocks in the body of water, was considered sacred by these people and the key to solving this mystery.

Wade visited this sacred place which was feared by the locals and discovered to his dismay that there were no fish, none. He left and then went looking elsewhere. Compressing the story, he becomes convinced that the Muskie fish was the culprit.However, no matter how many times he cast his line he couldn't catch it. He estimated that he casted 13,000 times and remarked that he was exhausted and had lost his confidence. So (and this is crucial), he went back to Spirit Rock out of desperation and did something that shocked me and broke my heart...more importantly it broke God's heart. On that tiny rock island, he offered up an offering to the spirits of that offering of tobacco. With millions of rational 'non-paranormal' type folks watching, think of the effect that one occultic act had on many of them--especially in light of his passion for rational thought and commitment to hard science, and what followed.

With his tackle virtually all used up, he used a rod and line that was woefully inadequate to catch a large muskie. After giving his offering, he cast his line, and IT appeared in the water. This large muskie was snared (remember before he didn't even see a fish was eerily desolate of all things living) It was gripping to watch this epic struggle to reel the fish in without his line snapping. But catch it he did!

While commenting that it was the most exhausting catch of his life, it was also apparently his most supernatural (read demonic). I do NOT view everything that is bizarre or mysterious in nature as supernatural. Not at all! However, Dr Wade's offering to the spirits, which resulted in a Muskie virtually ensnaring itself on the line raised my eyebrows. Even if it was a coincidence, his actions still had the effect on many viewers of the power of the occult. For heavens sake, this is River Monsters and not a cryptozoology or paranormal show! And yet, the tentacles of the occult have reached into this TV show as well....pushing more people off the wrong side of the supernatural fence.

From river to mountains we come to Mountain Monsters. This is a TV show starring some trackers and hunters from close to my neck of the woods, the Appalachian mountains. These guys do focus on attempting to capture creatures many would classify as cryptozoology. As I have suspected, SOME of these cryptic creatures have revealed themselves on this show as being demonic. For example, in the last couple episodes two of the backwoodsmen have seemingly become possessed while in hot pursuit of their prey. Unless the cameraman used tricks, I also saw the little Indian girl in the shack only for her to suddenly vanish. However, it was the effects upon these two men that was deeply disturbing. One of the men was found raving mad without a stitch of clothing on (remind you of an incident in the bible?). It was deeply disturbing to see the fear that had gripped these men as they faced an unseen foe while trying to whoop it up in their hunt of mountain monsters. They were terrified....Both lost all control and could not remember what had happened while under it's control. Losing control and not remembering are classic signs of possession.

These are simple men (not stupid) who are unwittingly hunting the demonic with rifles and home-made traps. Like River Monsters it makes for good entertainment. Entertainment (with a capital 'E') has become a huge idol in our culture. Many are willing to jettison all semblance of rationality or even morality just be amused or entertained.

No doubt there are yet undiscovered species in the rivers and mountains, BUT Satan is using this cryptic craze to broaden his supernatural assault....via entertainment. How terribly awful.

It is with tears that I wonder about the welfare of these two mountain men, after the camera is gone. And I have to wonder if Dr Jeremy Wade is also experiencing aftershocks from opening a door he should have kept shut. Please be discerning and let us teach our children to be discerning amidst this demonic entertainment whirlwind. For Scripture says that if we sow the wind we shall reap the whirlwind. Jesus have mercy on us, please.

Mark Hunnemann is the author of Seeing Ghosts Through God's Eyes: A Worldview Analysis of Earthbound Spirits. It's also available in eBook format.

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Ramona said...

I think we need to remember that these shows are "reality" shows and staged, made up and scripted.