Thursday, December 4, 2014

Authors—Want to be Interviewed?

Have you written a book that you’d like to discuss? Is it self-published or traditionally published? Is it in eBook format or available in print and/or audio? Does it fall into any of the following categories?

~ Paranormal Fiction
~ Paranormal Nonfiction
~ Horror
~ Religion/Philosophy

As this is a family-friendly blog, please don’t include any excerpts that contain profanity, sex or violence.

It's recommended that you carefully proofread your interview before you send it in. You owe it to your audience. The Eye on the Paranormal is not responsible for typos, spelling, and grammatical errors.

In order to help you and your book[s] get noticed, please follow this blog, and our Twitter page

Encourage your friends and readers to do so also and to share interview links. We will Tweet your author interview twice a day to 7700+ followers. Interviews will run on Wednesdays.

Please send ALL submissions to:

Use your BOOK TITLE in the subject line and copy and paste the information below. Please follow the format. Thank you!

Interview with [Your Name] Author of [your book title]
Book Title:
Available format[s]: eBook, Paperback, Audio
Kindle link:
B&N link:
Other link:
Author's website:
Brief summary: [MAX 200 words]
Excerpt: [MAX 500 words]
Why did you write this book? 
How did you come up with the title? 
How did you choose your genre?
What inspired you to be a writer?
Are you writing another book?

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