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What Happens When People Are Physically Exposed To Demons?

Hello my para-beauties! Happy Sunday, The Lord's Day! I trust you had a great weekend and I hope everyone you love is healthy. I'm so very humbled and excited to know that many of you do enjoy my humble little blogs. I understand why many of you do not want to comment because all that leads to is a bunch of drama from other posters if your opinion isn't the same as another's. It's quit ok to just read and lurk. My blogs are regarding my opinion on the Supernatural from a Christian point of view even though I hate calling myself a Christian due to how many of them exhibit a poor example of how Christ instructs us to act and live. I prefer to call myself a believer in Christ or Christ is my religion. I despise how denominations divide people when you it shouldn't. Remember we will answer for turning people off from getting to know The Lord due to these holier than thou attitudes many carry. Sit in judgement on yourselves before you think you have the right to do to others.

The title says it all my friends. This is a topic that is just not discussed enough. I'm not only speaking about people who are oppressed by demons but also people like me as well as priests, exorcists and anybody doing any kind of spiritual warfare or deliverance. It does take a physical toll on the body for both parties involved. You do not see or hear about it much though on the end of the people facilitating deliverance. I will do my best to discuss this and explain from my point of view going by my experience and knowledge so this is just my opinion. There are many different views on this subject. During investigations, deliverances or exorcism or anything that exposes the human body to the demonic takes a toll. And when I mean exposed I mean physically near them or around them. I will also base this on all my notes I have from the last 17 years from these types of situations. I wish I would've started taking notes sooner than that but hey, hindsight is 20/20.

One of the most common forms of spiritual attacks with the ministry I deal with are of the mind. They are so very common that every Christian has experienced these through spiritual warfare in one form or another. For example, maybe you have gone through life believing your never really good enough at something you wanted to do in life. Or perhaps, you feel like you are not worthy of love and no one could ever really love you. These are basic examples of how spirits can invade our thoughts and rational. This is why in Corinthians, the Apostle Paul tells us to take every thought captive. But there is a real physical aspect to these types of beings. Not just the mind even though that is the most common and what most hear about. One symptom I can tell you for sure is when I've done spiritual warfare or have been involved with investigations and deliverance is the first thing that can happen if you're not on guard is feeling as if the energy is being sucked out of you at a rapid pace. You just lose all your strength and before you know it it's all you can do to stand on your own two feet. And a natural reaction is to start feeling extremely tired and you need to take a break or it's becoming more difficult to keep going and facilitating the deliverance and/or exorcism. In my opinion those two are the most common things that happen in an effort to divert attention off of what's going on. That is a classic demonic trick. Seeing these things are pure evil they lie and they never stop with their deceiving ways.

There is always ever present danger to all involved. Even the Christian Leader and or Priest. Some believers may become fascinated and in awe by the awesome authority the believer has over these demonic entities. Jesus gave us that through HIS name and HIS name only.  To observe these vile creatures and their powers cringing in fear and fleeing at the authoritative use of the Name of Jesus Christ is very real and very powerful. It is a supernatural event taking place. And hard to handle, especially for a novice. Jesus specifically warned, "Rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven" (Luke 10:20). Only those with this specific calling should dare enter this

Demons and devils are very intelligent, and very cunning, and very patient. They lie and manipulate better than the best lawyers and politicians. And they will subtly influence someone for decades if they have to, to get a specific result. They have no boundaries of what they will not do to further their own ends. Many even feel they kill people, they cause severely debilitating illness. They tear families apart, they take all that is good and pure and drag it through the dirt and blood until there is nothing left. They are never to be taken lightly or as a joke. It is not adventurous or romantic or 'cool' to mess with these things. They can possess you so easily. Not just physically, but spiritually. Whatever they can do to you physically will end, because life is short. But spiritually... the soul is immortal. That is something to seriously think about before you attempt anything that could inadvertently open you up or open doors to these things.

Evil spirits are normally viewed as "influences," and their effectiveness in the lives of people is undetected because they are not seen as real personalities that are totally and unreservedly evil. During a demonic haunting the typical symptoms include a stomach-turning odor described as smelling like rotting flesh or sulfur.  Often times an intense growl is heard that seems to come from all around you.  Sometimes the air in an area will become stuffy, thick and the temperature often rises in a lot of cases. They are known to often attempt or make contact by pushing, and more commonly scratching.  These scratches, bite marks and bruises can be seen as a result.  Most of the assaults however, are through oppressive anxiety and fear. As I mentioned above they like to attack the mind and play on any present insecurities that are already bringing us down. It's important to stay in the Word and have a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ in order to be protected from these types of attacks.

Satan, his demons, and all of their supernatural powers have already been defeated by Jesus when He died on the cross for all of us. Jesus Christ's death was denied! He rose Amen?

Written by Jennifer L. Auld


Bonoxious said...

"Para-beauties" ?


Anonymous said...

Bonoxious, that is just an expression of how she sees people that she is writing to that will read this. I believe you can characterize her expression as loving and accepting of all. Jennifer, you certainly have a talent for writing and in a very expressively eloquent way. I would like to expand on it just a bit here, being someone that probably best relates to demonic as negative energies as in the intent of causing harm, hurt, malice or other bad action to befall someone and at times being spiritual or in the intention of someone or something, what you say really hits home with me personally. I am not someone that is psychic by any means. However, I have grown up with Native Americans and that acceptance of spirits, evil forces mysteries of the spirit world are just the way I grew up. Having instincts and learning to follow those instincts for a reason, whether it be just in subconscious memory of past events from experiences of life to picking up on something more that many consider being psychic or intuitively sensing that type of threat or evil, malice or intention that may be harmful is part of survival instincts and part of just how I was taught. There is something to be said about the subtleties of negative spiritual forces when exposed to them and those who may be unaware because of their own inability to understand to pay attention to those threats that are instinctual and yet, truly understanding the real threat that exist. It seems so fictional to a lot of people. This is where I often feel culturally different in my thinking here. You play with the spirit world of which you can not possibly perceive all the way with your 5 senses and yet discard that inner ability to detect evil or a threat, you are asking for trouble. I know so many will not understand and if they do, for many it will be when it's too late. At least read and learn what many do that do this type of deliverance or spiritual work entails and ask lots of questions. There is a reason people like Jennifer write these articles, not so that you all just accept what she is saying, but, that you take heed and learn more. Personally speaking, I would never go in the path of a demon knowingly out of curiosity and tend to avoid those paths whenever I can. Keep doing what you are doing Jennifer, you have a calling.

Bonoxious said...

So Darlene... is your grandmother a Native American medicine woman too? (like Chip Coffey)LOL.

Please don't lecture me on the intricacies of the "spirit realm" have no idea who I am.

And I stand by my Gag

Anonymous said...

Bonoxious, I think that name says a lot in what you intend. As for "lecturing", wow, do you always think that all of a comment is directed just at you and not realize it's on a PUBLIC forum where many read it? I am not lecturing anyone and the fact you read it that way is more tell tale of your perception. As for what my background is and connecting it to Chip Coffey, I find that rather strange. You think you know me, but, you don't, or you would know better than that statement, especially as of late. Your words are read by others just as you intend, obnoxious. Congrats on that.

Bonoxious said...

Your comment starts with "BOBNOXIOUS,"
so I wouldn't necessarily consider it an exhibition of egocentricity to assume your post was directed at me (just skimmed it TBH).

Curious; why would you think my Chip Coffey analogy is an implication of "knowing you"? you have a known history of defending laughably fake para-TV psychics when criticized on the internet perchance?....hmmmmm?

If not, I guess you are being paranoid or at least hyper-sensitive.

And please keep the replies brief, Mr Noxious has a very short attention span.

Bobnoxious said...

Did I really post as BOnoxious?


(At least I didn't address anyone as a "para-beauty")

Jennifer L. Auld said...

Thank you so much Darlene for the kind words it really truly means a lot to me. When Kirby came to me over 15 months ago about blogging here I was a little nervous because I am by no means a professional writer nor have I ever had a blog before. I had a radio show in 2008 but other than that like I said I never even wrote a blog. All I ever hear is the bad and the negative and not once have I ever heard the good so I really appreciate that. I certainly apologize to anybody who feels offended by my personality that tends to show up in the blogs. My intentions are not to offend anyone. I also agree with what you wrote regarding your views on the demonic. It's very much valuable information. People seem to be upset assist with demons and the demonic. All the movies I see that are coming out in theaters are all about diabolical demons or demonic oppression or possession. There are way too many people obsessed with this and it's dangerous. There is a church that I am not a member with but I do you help out when I get home and in the last 67 months has been a huge increase they have to have a mental health evaluation done that we pay for that Way it weeds out anyone just doing it for attention or trying to seek any type a thing. How can they say they can afford it when were taking care of any fees? My how quickly do they change or never heard from again once it gets to that point. Even if people are making things up it is still given things attention and when you give something attention you're almost giving you life in my humble opinion. You grew up aware of these things just like me so we understand what they are capable of. And I respect all opinions and views absolutely people are perfectly entitled to disagree and that is no problem. It just doesn't need to be done in a nasty hateful manner and I'm referring to all the unnamed cowards who are sending these violent hate mails to me. But won't give the name of who they are and explain why they feel the need to be so hateful and borderline Violet about it. To take that kind of time out of your dayt to look up multiple people not just me but a few others are getting it as well and that is a lot of time it's very time-consuming and it baffles me that people have that much free time or choose to spend it that way.

Thank you again Darlene. Hearing the nice things really makes me feel like maybe I'm doing something that is a little bit proper and or right for lack of better words. I really honestly needed to see that after the last couple of days I've had.

Please do keep in touch.

Jen Auld

Bobnoxious said...

I hope you aren't labeling me as "hateful and borderline Violet"
because I made an off-color swipe at your "para-beauties" expression.

Speaking of off-color, I think you meant borderline violent (not violet).

Darlene you need to edit Jennifer's posts too.

Are "demons" agents of chaos?

KM said...

Dear Jen, thank you for sharing another excellent article :-) I wasn't familiar with Luke 10:20 yet I've probably read it many times. It's a powerful verse with a very important message. I always enjoy reading your articles.

Jennifer L. Auld said...

Bob, I said "the unnamed cowards sending me emails". I did that detail on purpose so no one here felt I was accusing. That is completely separate from here please don't jump to conclusions I was not referring to you or talking about you at all. Please there's no need to look for trouble and chaos where there isn't any. I certainly was not referring to you you've never sent me an email. You have every right to say negative mean things about me and my blogs on here as that is your choice but you've never emailed me I purposely said the unnamed cowards sending emails. No one here.
Geez my God stop picking a fight with me. Let's be an example to other people who are reading these and agree to disagree in a proper fashion instead of giving Scott sticks a reason to say were all a bunch of idiots and kids on the playground that was an email I received regarding what somebody saw on this website that included the bloggers and the people posting they were calling all of us a bunch of idiots and how we react to each other. Just kindly bypassed my dogs in the future because you can't seem to do it and read them without picking a fight this is the second or third time he's done this. That's why I hardly ever come back to read if there's any comments or not because I know people pick fights and reach for anything to create attention and chaos. Not you, i'm speaking in general. That's why a lot of people tell me they don't post because they know they're going to get railroaded by certain people that are always on multiple forums bashing others and they just don't want to deal with the drama so they quietly read the blogs and lurk. And I'm not referring to you about that I'm referring to some other forums that had nothing to do with you. My apologies that I offended you so badly. It is certainly not done on purpose.

Have a great weekend and I hope everyone you love this healthy.

Jennifer L. Auld said...

Who's editing/changing my posts? And for what reason?? I've been doing this for over a year and I've had no issues with anybody. If I'm not wanted here then the author of the website just needs to say the word.

Jennifer L. Auld said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer L. Auld said...

I need to be notified before anything of mine is ever changed /edited (blog/comment) because it has my name attached to it. I need to be spoken to before anything is ever edited of mine unless it was something downright cruel or raunchy and X-rated. I'm very confused. I've never had any issues on here in the last 15 months. I do not fear anybody nor do I answer to anybody but my Lord Christ and again that is my choice everybody has a right to their choice of religion. Bob I don't know why you got it in for me so badly? I can't figure it out it's too bad because I'm not that bad of a person you would actually probably like me as an individual I'm known for being a very loyal trustworthy women.

I am speaking right now to the cowards emailing me with fake names in blocked email addresses...just remember you call yourself a Christian some of you when you purposely go out of your way to hinder somebody who's doing The Lords work that God called them to do....and you are purposely just looking for any bit of sand to create a castle and efforts to thwart the person and what they're trying to complete you best watch out. I seen some nasty consequences follow up on people who practice black magic who literally truly sent serious spells my way and what happened is it was counteracted and nasty consequences came to that person what they wish Tommy came upon them. That's what happens when you're dealing with somebody legit. Before you're even finished with your evil little planner spells I'm already prepared for your attack because I've been notified by the Holy Spirit. If you don't like what someone does her you don't agree that's fine but you don't have to harass then emailing me every day telling me yeah "cancer made you ugly" I don't know what my looks have to do with this or my prior health condition but it's just insane it's like I'm surrounded by a bunch of psychopaths. And again this is not directed at anybody here it's directed at the cowbirds sending extremely nasty messages to my inbox.

Thank you KM for the kind comments. It's nice to hear the good and not just the bad and I appreciate it that you do enjoy my blogs. We all should stick together that's the best way and agree to disagree but I'm very humbled and honored that you do enjoy them. Thank you so much for your confidence in me.

Bobnoxious said...

Quote Jen:

"You have every right to say negative mean things about me and my blogs on here as that is your choice"

You should apply for a job as an anchor women on PMSNBC

"Bob I don't know why you got it in for me so badly?"

Don't flatter yourself, I'm just a merry prankster that messes with are nothing special.

Bobnoxious said...


Jen, I have no personal issues with you, nor do I approve of the hate mail campaign you have evidently been subjected to.

Just an educated observation:
Whenever demons are discussed, chaos inevitably ensues.

Ta Ta

Bobnoxious said...

Sorry I can't resist:

Quote Jen:

"Just kindly bypassed my dogs in the future because you can't seem to do it and read them without picking a fight this is the second or third time he's done this."

This is part of the reason why I can't resist posting snarky comments in blogs like yours...

KM (Karen) said...

Bobnoxious, I have some questions for you. Why are you interested in the paranormal? Does finding fault in others make you feel better about yourself? Are you really a "Bob"? Keep in mind, Jen is a very kind, humble yet remarkable person. It's admirable the way she spends her free time sharing the Gospel, trying to help others. How do you spend your free time?

Bobnoxious said...

How much time do you estimate I have spent making a handful of obtuse comments in this mediocre blog?

You wouldn't be capable of conceptualizing my interpretation "the paranormal" (as you neophytes refer to it) but I can pretty much guarantee that if I really did decide to "find fault" with you noble demon slayers you would know it.

I was going to drop it and move along but perhaps I should take a closer look at Jens purported spiritual calling? Is that what you are suggesting? Hmmmmmm?

Cripes you people need to get a sense of humor and lighten up a little.

KM (Karen) said...

Bob, I hope you take a closer look at Jen's calling. It isn't "purported,"'s real :-) And Bob, even if you don't spend much time visiting this blog, please, take the time to share your definition / conceptualization of the paranormal. I have no delusions of grandeur regarding my own abilities. Despite my limitations, however, I'd like to see your interpretation. Go ahead. You want me to lighten up? Enlighten me.

Bobnoxious said...


Please explain precisely what you mean by "your abilities".

Then I will be more than happy to elucidate you on why (IMO) you are or are not "delusional".

tick tock, tick tock

KM (Karen) said...

Oh, come on, Bob, that's not very enlightening. Give me a real answer. Why are you interested in the paranormal?

Bobnoxious said...

Simple psychology.

Now answer the question, diversionary tactics will not work here.

KM said...

Argh! LOL. OK, Bob, you win.

Bobnoxious said...

I always win...

I'm not picking on Jen, I just found her opening greeting to be annoying and her typos to be funny.

I have no specific recollection of commenting in one of her other blogs but I tend to select those that will at least reply to comments etc.