Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Heart Of Deuteronomy

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

It would seem that one of Jesus' favorite books was Deuteronomy, as He quoted from it so often. As a little boy, He was instructed in the Torah.

I have had computer problems so I need to make this short.

What is the HEART of the book that Jesus had such affection for? LOVE....for God and man.

Many folks do not realize that the Great Commandment is found in Deuteronomy, first and not in the New Testament.

ALL of the major temptations in wilderness were responded with quotes from Deuteronomy.

Three weeks ago I was clawed in my shoulder for the first time--it was very unnerving. That night I had cleansed a person/house......

I was left with the need for human tenderness and not counsel or advice. Please keep that in mind.

Lastly, this book has the most profound comment re why God saved/loved us....He loves us because He loves us. A GOLDEN CIRCLE.....there is no reason on our end as to why God would be drawn to us....He loves us because He loves us--that is far back as you can go in the divine counsel.

Let us love God and be tender to those hurting.

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William Meegan said...

Jesus Christ is an allegorical character, which symbolically represents the spiritual interpretation of the sacred scriptures. In other words the CHRIST does not represents a human organic man; rather, this allegorical character CHRIST symbolizes the unction of the esoteric (hidden) texts.

It is impossible to derive knowledge of God (spiritual law) by reading the exoteric (surface) texts.

The only way to interpret the bible is to break it down alphanumerically and symbolically letter by letter, in its indigenous languages, until the basic knowledge of esotericism is learned. Then one need not be so detail in the study of Christian symbolism; because, the sum-total of the knowledge of esotericism is imbued into the artworks of Catholicism and can be easily read once the basics are known. This is how the people of the medieval period were taught to understand the teaching of Catholicism seeing the masses, for the most part, did not know how to read.

Whereas, in modernity few have anywhere near the knowledge of those that lived in the medieval period. In fact modernity has little knowledge beyond fundamentalism: i.e. literalism.

Having said all this, you quote the allegorical character Jesus Christ. Seeing Christ represents the spiritual interpretation of the sacred scripture what is being referenced by the 'Greatest Commandment"?

Do you actually know what LOVE is? Every human being bandies that word around; however, few know what it means. Yes, there is emotional and sensual love but that is not what CHRIST is talking about.

There is the love of INDIFFERENCE; meaning, that you have to let the other go and do what he or she has to do in order to learn life's lessons.

The teacher in the formative years of the child teaches the class the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic but there is no way that anybody can force the individual learning these basic rudimentary mores of society to put them to use later on in life.

Actually these basic tools will teach the student how to read the bible but few will ever put those tools to the task.

LOVE is allowing the other to live in hell if that is what he or she chooses in life.

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