Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Issue 155 – Paranormal Hate Squad & Conversations with the Dead Scandal, Part 2

By Kirby Robinson

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This week, learn about Terry Todd and the Paranormal Hate Squad and continue reading about the Conversations with the Dead Scandal.

Terry Todd --Leader of the Paranormal Hate Squad

While addressing my Facebook email last Sunday I noticed that I'd been invited to listen to one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of paranormal radio shows on Blog Talk Radio. One was hosted by Terry Todd. I don't have to pay Chip Coffey a few hundred dollars to tell this may not be his real name. Anyway, the guest for the night was none other than that paranormal ambusher herself, Andrea Perron. And being that all hang on to every word this woman speaks I indicated that I would be there and posted a comment. That brought this response from Mr. Todd:

Since you are obviously filled with hatred, I am asking you not to comment on my event page.
Of course I cannot stop you, but any comments you make will be deleted

Now what was the hate-filled comment I left that must have been filled with enough expletives to make someone turn away from their screen?

Simply this: "It may not be the true story but it will be a story."

Such words spoken in public could get me arrested, right? LOL. So, I figured that this guy must be an expert on the case. I wrote back and just asked some simple questions like the following:

~ You invited me to listen to your show, right?
~ If anyone doubts these claims, then we are full of hate?
~ Have you been inside the farmhouse, on the property, or have you talked to the current owner, Norma Sutcliffe?
~ Have you talked to the local historians and looked at the documents?

Those questions brought this [unsurprising] response.

Yes, I asked you to come, I didn't ask you to make rude comments about my guest. This entire situation is very difficult for me. As a young man, I was involved in a haunting ( If I said one or two words you would recognize the incident), I lived this, it was MY LIFE, and just like Andrea, there are still people who deny what happened, yet I LIVED IT! Plus all the people involved, I'm very close to, so I don't do well with nay sayers. As Far as I'm concerned, I have no inclination to discuss this any further

A. I'm still trying to figure what was a hate-filled comment? Is it because we refuse to buy Andrea Perron's story completely? Since when is that rude or hate-filled? Is being told accept things blindly now the only way to understand the paranormal?

B. Since Terry Todd was also part of some major ghost case, claiming "I LIVED IT!" then it must be true. Sadly, these people make a mockery of those who really lived through a demonic case. I've seen it for over 25 years and those who have demonic encounters want to let it go and try to move on with what is left of their lives. The last thing they want is to sit around and talk about it.

C.  Terry knows all the people involved with the case. He must be referring to the Paranormal Hate Squad. They are trying to silence the debunkers out there. He fears if Andrea's case is debunked so will his case. Andrea has the guts to talk [profit] about hers. But he refuses to talk about his.

D. He has never set foot in the farmhouse or talked to the current owner, or looked at the historical documents. Terry ignores actual research and relies on Andrea's point of view as the truth.

So if you get an invitation to listen to Terry Todd, just keep your thoughts to yourself or you'll be labeled a hate-filled person!

Conversations with the Dead Scandal Grows – Featuring Chip Coffey!  

As we showed last week, it seems PRS has made it a part of their business model to schedule events/conferences, collect money from saps, oops, the paying public, and cancel or postpone the event. Meanwhile, they live off the money they receive. Such a method makes it difficult, if not impossible, for people to get their money back.

It seems that Conversations with the Dead event featuring Chip Coffey was not an exception to this rule. We've learned that while tickets were being sold, the locations where the event was to occur was being notified that the event would not be taking place -- with or without Chip.

This was posted on Ryan's Facebook page prior to Chip dropping out April 17.

Hey everybody. Please send positive thoughts to Ryan. He was taken to the hospital last night. Nothing life threatening but positive thoughts and warm messages could help for a speedy recovery and also put a smile on his face. More updates later.

And this…

Hey everyone, Sergey here. Just wanted to inform you all that Ryan is doing well. I read him your loving messages and he was really touched by all. For those that will be attending the Conversations with the Dead tour starting next week, Ryan is looking forward to seeing you there.

It's not unusual for PRS to use Ryan's cancer as the fall back for all the cancellations and postponements, citing hospital stays as the excuse. By April 17, they had their exit strategy but Chip tossed a monkey wrench in it when he posted on April 22 that he was not going to take part in any PRS event.

Was Coffey getting wind that venues for the event were already receiving cancellation notices from PRS? Was this due to lagging ticket sales? How about any profit that PRS was going to be making falling short of its goal?

Next week we'll hear from the public…and they are not happy.

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Anonymous said...


people who claim they lived in a haunted house for a couple of weeks and then write how many books?? FRAUDS!

people who say they speak to spirit but yet, spirit doesnt tell them where the damn malaysian airplane is. fraud


eyeontheparanormal said...

started to look into this Steven Lachance odd how things are not adding up

Anonymous said...

talk about frauds Mr Kirby is not sanctioned by any church as a matter of fact i don't think he went to any seminary to be a minister or a exorcist and my post will probably be deleeted

eyeontheparanormal said...

Lets talk about being ordained

are you talking about one of those things you can print out from the web

or pay 5 or 50 bucks for like Chip Coffey did

or go to a papermill school you pay for your degree

or are you talking God ordaining people like he did for Peter or Paul

GOD ordains paper from man is not worth a thing

eyeontheparanormal said...

next case

Anonymous said...

The reason tgat your comments get deleted, anonymous is that youmprobably tell the truth and Kirby does not like the truth unless its the truth the way he perceives it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the misspelled words I have trouble seeing

Anonymous said...

well said obviously he never answered the question or maybe he did David Koresh ordained himself and said he was doing gods work and look where he is do we have another nutcase preacher here if you want to call him a preacher every preacher i know that says he is doing gods work doesn't try to bully people and backs up what he says he speaks the word of god not the word of Kirby in my opinion kirby is trying to be something he is not or will never be a man of god that spreads his message of hate not kindness and if it is not his way he deletes you're comment in my opinion he is a hypocrate and will never amount to anything a wheelchair bound exorcist that does nothing but spread nasty take a hint nobody wants you or you're message of hate this will probably get deleeted

Anonymous said...

there is a gay paranormal group coming out what do you think you're a minister let us know what you think

Anonymous said...

Conversations with the Dead "tour"

I purchased tickets for me and my son and guess what happened in Dallas? again they reschedule until July.

Refunds take 60+ days?

Reading the email they sent is a joke.

Anonymous said...

i didnt know that their was a call to become a demonologist

Bobnoxious said...

A gay paranormal group you say?

Maybe they will start a trend by NOT dressing like retarded rednecks LOL

I know; I'm priceless.

Anonymous said...

Good call on Conversations with the Dead, Kirby.
To the person who is putting in for a refund: You can fill out their refund form, but don't rely on just that. If you paid by Paypal or credit card and you want a refund, you should file a dispute right now with them. I have read from others that if you are past 45 days from date of purchase(I think that is the number), Paypal won't refund, but you might want to verify that and try anyway. Some credit cards have embedded benefits with them when it comes to events like this. If disputing merchandise, you may only have 90 days to dispute on your credit card. On events, concerts, etc., that you order in advance, some credit cards waive that deadline and will file the dispute for you.
Also, there is a Facebook group called PRS Support whose page states "For all if us interested in pursuing legal action against PRS or Ryan Buell and getting our money back."
Another proactive action you can consider is contacting the North Carolina attorney general and filing a complaint and the IC3 - the FBI Internet Complaint Site.
Good luck to you. I hope you get your money back.

Anonymous said...

Actually, none of the venues for the PRS Conversations with the Dead Tour were paid. Twice they were reserved but never secured while ticket sales went on. Verify this with the Logan in Chicago, and Dallas's venue. Last night tickets for Chicago showed "Sold out" Boston and Dallas showed No longer selling tickets. Today Ticket holders got this message: Dear attendees, We'd like to thank you for the understanding and patience you have shown throughout this process of rescheduling the tour. We are grateful that, despite all the set backs, you have still decided to join us on our Conversations with the Dead Tour featuring Ryan Buell and Michelle Belanger. With this in mind, we are unfortunately announcing we will not be able to do the tour this week and will have to reschedule for dates in July. We acknowledge we made the mistake of rescheduling it too soon, as we wanted to hold it for you guys as soon as possible, however, now, we have decided the best option is for pushing this back to July, which will give us, and all of you, plenty of time to prepare. We understand flights and hotels have been booked and that you deserve an explanation as to why this tour needs to be rescheduled again. A separate email written by the Director and host, Ryan Buell, and will be sent to you tonight which will further explain as to what is going on with the tour, and why we've had to postpone it. The new schedule for the Chicago - Dallas - Boston stops is set to run between July 24-29. As soon as we get confirmations from the venues, we will let you know of specific dates and locations. For anyone unable to make the July dates, you will be able to submit a refund request. A link to the Formstack refund request form is included below. If you had already submitted a refund request and are now able to attend the July dates, please let us know, and we will be happy to accommodate you. For any further questions about the event, we ask you contact us at We apologize for all the inconveniences and frustrations this has caused, PRS Events Staff Formstack Refund Form:
Refund Request Form - Formstack

Basically if you do get a refund it's in 30-60 days via paper check. Michelle Belanger who was to take Chip's place never received her travel package in order to appear in Chicago, so she posts on her Facebook that she's not traveling this weekend. Meanwhile, no word on Ryan's site on FB as to what or why any of this has happened. (Paranormal Fraud Society - Facebook)

Anonymous said...

a "gay paranormal group" what the fuck. And who is this "gay paranormal group." I want specifics and not bullshit, stupid answers. who are they - whats their name? who is in the group?

eyeontheparanormal said...

wheel chair bound must have slept thru that one

and toy spek of a gay paranormal group well should not all paranormal groups be gay

it may tax your brain but you should figure this one out gay = happy look it up

eyeontheparanormal said...

case closed next case

eyeontheparanormal said...

sorry getting slow and old they already had a gay paranormal group on TV

Most if not all of the core members of PRS is gay while they did PARANORMAL STATE

yet one more case closed next case

Anonymous said...

OK you have a book out called don't mock god but in reality you are the one mocking god with you're message of hate you take the word of god which i can quote all day and it gets me nowhere and claim to be a christian but in reality i would never use religion as a crutch i grew up in the church and am very knowledgeable in the word you my friend use it as an excuse to act whatever way you want and think its except able to do so you are a disgrace to all ministers and Christians you had the opportunity to do something good with the word of god and you blew it but you take the scriptures and turn it around for you're benefit and think nothing wrong with it you ought to be ashamed of you're self self proclaimed minister,exorcist,and real piece of crap

eyeontheparanormal said...

so you judge me is that not a sin

case closed next case

eyeontheparanormal said...

but thank you for the comment that means more hits for us

Anonymous said...

you judge people everyday on you're damn blog if they post something you don't like like the truth you delete the comment you hide behind the bible and think that you are superior you are the one who judges

eyeontheparanormal said...

So your logic goes I sin so that gives you the right to sin

So if your in a relationship your partner cheats that gives you the tight to cheat

can you tell me where I can find that in the Bible

case close next case

Anonymous said...

From Ryan Buell's Facebook page posted today... next stop, Canada and the Paranormal Canada Tour - they're still selling tickets!

Copy pasted:

Caitlin Follett
FYI-Don't assume your show is confirmed-even if you've bought tickets. This email is regarding the Edmonton Show:

Hi Caitlin.
This was supposed to happen at Avenue Theatre but I have not been able to reach the organizers for weeks now, so I cancelled the booking.
It's not happening.
Thanks for checking.

Steve Derpack
General Manager/Talent Buyer
Avenue Theatre
9030 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB, T5B 0T8
Venue phone: 780-477-2159
Steve's cell: 780-993-1911
Avenue Theatre
Avenue Theatre is one of Edmonton’s best venues for live bands, concerts, shows, theatre productions, and the arts.

Bobnoxious said...

The real shock is that someone would buy a ticket.

Good grief get a life LOL

Count Mallachi said...

Kirby you REALLY know how to annoy the dwindling fans of washed up para-celebs LOL

Anonymous said...

Of course he loves all the comments every time someone makes a comment he gets paid from the affiliate

eyeontheparanormal said...

you get so rich thru blogger not case closed next case

Anonymous said...

boy you have an answer for everything case closed no personal attacks on bloggers but i can attack anyone let me give you a clue its not a personal attack if its the truth oh lets see let me delete the truth you're a waste you can say whatever you want about anyone else and post it but god forbid we say it delete

eyeontheparanormal said...

thank you you made my point for me we deal in the truth when we talk about fake para celeb so it is not a attack

like I say

case closed next case

King Krimson said...

This is a comma < , >

Some of you may want to buffer your atrocious grammar with basic punctuality, then just maybe someone will take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a scam and racket. No wonder the scammers use Pay Pal. Why are these scammers not reported to the Attorney General of the state they live in and operate out of?
More scammed people need to report this so hopefully there could be an investigation. Sad.