Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Media, Movies, Creating, and the Supernatural

By Lisa Grace

Good becomes evil, and evil appears as good. The term "politically correct." The devil uses media to push truths as lies. The Bible says we are created in God's image. God is a creator. Ergo man likes to create too. From C. S. Lewis to Tolkien come worlds that are populated by creations drawn from early mythology.

Man creates worlds too, especially through various forms of storytelling (including books and movies), we must be careful to discern where the ideas are coming from. And for what purpose are we creating? Are we creating to magnify the glory of God or to pervert it?

Jesus himself told stories, the parables. Why? Because he understood we learn from what we can imagine, hear or see. Stories and storytelling are a means to communicating a truth or make a lie seem like a truth.

Through storytelling, we can create different worlds, times, places, to allow us to understand something about the life we are living.

How does this tie in with the supernatural?
Satan also uses storytelling to convey the lies he would like us to see as truths. Some literature and movies while harmless on the conscious level are extremely dangerous in their underlying themes.

Some of the universal lies that are popular in mainstream media are:

1) All roads lead to God
2) Do what thou wilt (The devil's creed)
3) Death is just the stepping stone to something better no matter what your belief system is
4) You will live another earthly life; and have many chances to get it right
5) You don't need a Savior, because you're really not bad
6) You are your own savior and deep down you know it

I have read many books and watched many movies that have at least one of these underlying themes. This is one of the most devious paths the devil uses to influence are belief systems. In many ways, horror movies come the closest to showing why we need a Savior, and the real motive behind the supernatural creatures that choose to interact with humans. Many people won't watch horror films, because they are scary. But what the devil knows is: don't scare people, that drives them a way, instead, entice them with what they want.

Nothing to me is more scary than appealing uplifting films that give a false message saying you don't need a Savior. The road to death and hell is unfortunately paved with really fun movies and books.

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