Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bad Bad Thing Wednesday – Money Grubbing New Agers/Hugging Saint a Cult Leader?

By Kirby Robinson

We had intended to continue our investigation into The Dead Files, but there has been a brief delay and it will be posted on Saturday.

Self-Help for the Confused

The only thing self-help gurus, consultants and life coaches do is help themselves to your cash. For example, "Controversial 'sweat lodge' self-help 'guru' James Arthur Ray was released from prison in July 2013 after serving just two years negligent homicide involving three people who partook in his programme." Read about him and other money grubbing new agers here: 

Controversy Surrounds 10-Month-Old Girl's Sudden Death

Family turns to psychic Debra Martin, a "level five certified medium with the Windbridge Institute." Read more about this controversial death here:

Palestinian Teen Dies in Exorcism

The Koran [Quran] is a book of demons that'll kill you if you follow it. 

"Sensitive" Bobby Drinnon Dies of Cancer

Bobby Drinnon, who disliked calling himself a psychic, died at the age of 61. He milked millions of dollars with his psychic lies and deceptions. We'd like to hear him plead his case to keep out of hell.

Egyptian Army Cures AIDS and hepatitis C!

Practicing medical fakery cures nothing except if you're bored and need a laugh. Check out this story:

Is Mata Amrithanandamayi "The Hugging Saint" a Cult Leader?

Australian follower of the hugging saint for twenty years, Gail Tredwell has written a book entitled "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness." Read more about it and the Hugging Saint here: 

This Saturday -- more doubts and questions about Amy Allan.

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