Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Birthday, Elvis!

By Kirby Robinson

Here's a video celebrating Elvis's birthday.

Elvis and Michael: The Hidden Connection

From the book Paranormal Teachings: The Best of Shedding Some Light

Here are some interesting connections between Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

In June 2009, the world was greatly saddened by the deaths of three icons of American and pop culture:  Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and, of course, Michael Jackson. Michael’s passing is sad just as the passing of anyone is, whether they’re famous or not. Yet for the joy and happiness that he brought to millions of this world now and for years to come, he paid a price just as Elvis paid a price for his fame and fortune.

I’m surprised that many have not focused on the strong Elvis/Michael connection. Their life paths mirrored each others. It is more than just by chance that there is a spiritual connection between the two. Let us take a look at their similarities.

~ 1 They were both born into poor working class families.
~ 2 They both had a parent that pushed them.
~ 3 They both started out young.
~ 4 They both could sing and dance
~ 5 They both were called King for their generation. Elvis was the King of Rock, and Roll Michael was the King of Pop.
~ 6 They both became known by one name: Elvis. Michael.
~ 7 They both had a story book wedding.
~ 8 Michael married Elvis’s daughter, Lisa.
~ 9 They both looked for something spiritual within their lives.
~ 10 They both had fears about their deaths.
~ 11 They both had heart conditions.
~ 12 They both were surrounded by yes men more interested in what they could get out of Elvis/Michael than in a desire to help the person.
~ 13 Their respective homes, Graceland and Neverland, were both symbols of heaven and a better world.
~ 14 Their deaths left people wondering what happened. In addition, both have estates that will make more money from their deaths than they made while they were alive.

These are physical similarities but there is a stream of similarities that show Elvis and Michael were spiritual brothers.

Many do not know that Elvis was a twin. His brother (Jesse Garon) was stillborn. Throughout his life, Elvis was always haunted by his missing brother.

Let’s take a look at the numerology of both Elvis and Michael respectively. Elvis was born 1/8/1935 which makes him a 9. 9 people are often driven to find a spiritual path and tend to have issues when it comes to spiritual matters. In many ways they are like Job they are blessed but then they can be tested as well. Being a 9 means his life cycle runs every 9 years. Elvis’s death came on 8/16/1977 which was ruled by the number 3 which is the number of justice, and a good day for a 9 to die on. It can be interpreted that in death they will find what they did not find in life, as they were looking for that missing thing or person. Now, Elvis’s mother, Gladys, was born 4/25/1912 which makes her a 6. This number tends to focus on growth, ambition and success in life. Vernon, his dad, was born on 4/10/1916 which is a 4, influencing him focus on foundations. Those born under the number 4 tend to be fixed and not risk takers. 4 and 6 are good matches. 6 tends to be closer to 9 than 4 does which means that Elvis was closer to his mom.

Michael was born on 8/29/1958 which makes him a 6. This number is focused on growth and is commonly referred to as a reversed 9, and Elvis was a 9. Michael was at the lowest point within his current cycle in the months of June, July and August of this year. Now was NOT the time for him to start anything new and his health was bad for being at this low point. Elvis died while in a transient phase of his cycle. By the way, if you take Michael’s parents: his mom, Katherine, was born 5/4/36 which makes her a 9. His dad, Joe, was born on 7/26/29 which makes him a 9 as well. So, within a chart of Michael/Elvis you have running though it currents of 9 and 6.

Here is one more interesting point of numerology. If Elvis’s twin brother had lived, 1958 would have been a transient year for him. In this case the spirit moved from the spiritual realm to the physical one.

Another point I would like to make is that Elvis had a concern over the civil rights issue of the 1960s. Two songs come to mind: “In the Ghetto” and “If I Can Dream.” Those songs are about social injustices. Michael had concerns over civil rights but because many around him never wanted him to speak out he did it through music just like Elvis did.

When it came to sex appeal the path was interesting for both musicians. With Elvis, the Colonel and his people, The Memphis Mafia, used every angle to play on Elvis and his sex appeal with women. With Michael, they did everything to bury his sex appeal. When it came to film, Michael was desperate to have a film career but for reasons known only to his family and management, none of them seemingly wanted him in front of the camera. Conversely, Elvis was forced into making movies, most of them bad.

They both ended up having sleeping issues. Elvis slept during the day time, and Michael could not fall asleep. It is odd that the two kings never came face to face. But then one king would have gotten upstaged. They can’t turn Neverland into Graceland West. There are laws about burying people on private property. Michael was buried at Forest Lawn.

Both Elvis and Michael were more than social and cultural icons -- they were brothers bound by spirit and soul. May they find on the other side what they never found here.

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DEUTERONOMY 18: 10-12 "There shall not be found among you anyone that maketh his son or daughter pass through the fire or that uses divination (spells, charms, spiritual powers), or an observer of times (astrology, numerology, tarot, fortune telling), or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer (hypnotist), or a consulter with familiar spirits (psychic channeling, seancing), or a wizard (male witch and magician), or a necromancer (communicater with the dead). For all that do these things are an abomination to God!"