Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bad Bad Thing Award Goes to Nancy Marks, Sixth Sense Debunked, Demon Assassins & More

By Kirby Robinson

On this bad bad thing Saturday, we have convicted psychics, crazy exorcists running wild, and proof that there is no SIXTH SENSE .

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Fake Psychic Nancy Marks Fined & Convicted!

We could give fake psychic and convicts felon Nancy Marks a bad bad thing award for just being alive but the good news is this well-known fake psychic is going to jail and must repay 2.2 million dollars.

The Sixth Sense DEBUNKED!

Read full story here:

Another Fake Psychic Caught!

Crystal Marks, a fake New York psychic, swindles civil lawyer out of $118,000. Read the story here:

We’ve all have heard of fake exorcisms going bad and killing people, but this sad story shows that 2 young children, ages one and two, were murdered by their mother and mother's friend—both members of a tiny group called the Demon Assassins. Two older siblings were hospitalized with multiple stab wounds. Full story:

In the article, they describe the young children's eyes as "dark black." This theory of eyes turning black is a popular subject on such talk shows as Dave Schrader’s Darkness at the Edge of Town and others. All hosts and guests perpetrating these false beliefs have the blood of the innocent on their hands.

Do you know of a para-celeb, psychic, ghost hunter, demon chaser, or false teacher who’s eligible for the award? You can take part by sending us a name and why you think they should receive the BAD BAD THING award. Contact for more information.

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Anonymous said...

I fail to see how this is a credible article...You are aware that at least one of these "sources" are tabloid? The DailyMail should not be considered credible because it is a known tabloid. So whose to say that ALL of them aren't tabloids? :/

Oh, and by the way Kirby, go take some anger management classes.

eyeontheparanormal said...

thank you for the comment maybe it is time to post a new WE HAVE TO ASK due to the fact that is what we do ask the tough questions