Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Issue 144 – American Ghost Hunter-Gate

By Kirby Robinson

Chad Calek and Ryan Buell might find coal in their stockings this Christmas due to the fallout of American Ghost Hunter-Gate.

Anyone who's had the misfortune to have viewed Paranormal State will recognize the name Chad Calek. Angelenos who've never seen a single episode will spot him around the city as much as they do chronically unemployed actor Dennis Woodruff [who now makes his own movies]. Yes, Chad likes to run around promoting himself and has memorized his acceptance speech for the Oscar that he feels he'll be winning.

When Chad joined Paranormal State, Ryan told viewers that Chad was brought onto the team because of his unique ghost hunting skills. What's unique about them? Chad employs the yelling at ghosts strategy. However, what Ryan didn't tell the viewer is that Chad was going to take the show to yet lower levels of deception during the filming of the episodes. Chad directed several episodes having a heavy hand in trick shots and fake stories.

Like most greedy folks hungry for fame and money, Chad was never happy. He took deceptive practices to a new level, hoping to become the next major horror director. At the same time the band of merry followers at American Ghost Hunters tried to get interest in anther show: The Ghost Prophecies. But that failed. Chad and Ryan then put together a mockumentary called American Ghost Hunter the Movie, which they shopped around Hollywood. It was either rejected or the offers they received didn't match the dollar signs in their eyes.

The intrepid pair took the show on the road going from town to town charging fans to see it in meeting rooms and small venues. That was a lot of work. Instead of going the traditional distribution route, they got the bright idea: let's sell the damn thing to the public ourselves and make more money!

Encouraging fans to preorder American Ghost Hunter The Movie, they failed to deliver it when it was scheduled. Of course, Ryan and Chad are master excusers, blaming everything short of the pope and Justin Beiber for the DVD not to be delivered to the paying customers. They also claim the warehouse [somebody’s garage] is running full force.

Michael Anthony Hey Man! Where's my freaking DVD!!!??? #Lawsuit Jo Summa Public: please be Leary of ANY pre-sales with these guys! Jo Summa People tell me be patient that the DVD is coming! So is the tooth fairy. So is Christmas, so is New Years, So is April Fools Day, Yaddy, Yaddy, Yaddy. Have filed complaints to 3 different but related web sights & will continue to make noise until I get the DVD I ordered & paid for in May Jean Kniss Walter Do not waste your money...many people paid for their dvd months ago n never received...SCAM!!! Like  Reply  2  21 hours ago via mobile Barb Lincoln I haven't received my dvd!!! Either. Like  Reply  8 hours ago via mobile Jan Lois Gliber Ryan I wish you well always but I am getting anxious. I was one who ordered the movie early on and have not gotten it. I've seen your video and have been patient but starting to get concerned. Then there is the announcement on the American Ghost Hunter Film Facebook Page 1. American Ghost Hunter The Movie shared a link. December 3 ***12.3.13 UPDATE*** INCREASED VOLUME SHIPPING ORDERS CONTINUE DAILY, AS ALL REMAINING "AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER" SPECIAL EDITION 2-DISC DVD SETS WILL BE DELIVERED NO LATER THAN DEC. 24TH!

Donnie Bailey
Hey Ryan D. Buell, where's your video update regarding the shipment of the AGH DvD's? It appears that is has disappeared from your wall. Coincidence? I think not. Rest easy, though, as I am sure that Chad's "Worldwide Distribution System" strategically located in the "Warehouse" will eventually get around to filling all the orders they have taken. Question, has Chad paid you yet? If not, you might call and make sure your are on the list to get paid. Oh wait, you can't call. Well, post on his page and maybe he will answer you.

Some have even put together a YouTube video about this:

After a lot of fuss, some people received their DVD's – but they are unwatchable. Why? Apparently, those working in the shipping department don't understand how to do something as "complicated" as sending out DVD's. Customers are getting scratched DVD's or the cases are broken. Those ordering autographed copies aren't getting them autographed. Requests for replacements go unanswered.

I am no fan of Ryan's or Chad's. I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid and have exposed them for the cons that they are. But there is a following that hasn't and they still deserve to be treated fairly and with respect--two words that are foreign to Ryan and Chad.

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Anonymous said...

AGH was so disappointing, no paranormal, just Chad's dysfunctional family and some really bad acting. Shame, shame, shame on all of them!

Sister Goulash and Her Tomato Posse said...

I STILL have not gotten my DVD and I ordered on May 25th.. I am only a member of the Damned and Banned Group.. Earlier Chad Tweeted "even the mean ones were getting theirs.." Also "the costumer is NOT always right"... Hard to swallow!

eyeontheparanormal said...

hris Baricko
I am happy to say that I have gotten a few messages from people who bought American Ghost Hunter The Movie & Paypal is giving them there money back for DVD's they never received or were received broken.
Even though Chad & AGH refuse to admit they screwed many people.

Not only will Paypal be going after Chad & AGH the State of CA is also now involved. I am glad to see people are finally taking a stand. It's our money not matter if it's $5.00 or $5.000 we all work for it just cause they are or were on TV don't mean there any better than anyone of us.

My advise do your home work before you pay for any event or merchandise mostly in the paranormal field