Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Issue 139 – Random Paranormal Thoughts

By Kirby Robinson

The Eye on the Paranormal Radio Show

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'Haunted Collector' is Gone -- Another Fake Show Bites the Dust

John Zaffis was better than this show. We shouldn't get upset that it's gone the way of such shows as Paranormal State and Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal.

When we set out to debunk an episode, it took only one phone call to the investigation site and a single Google search to come up with the information we needed. We had to work a little harder to debunk Paranormal State. Also, we had a few bloggers in the pipeline who told us about Haunted Collector and the number of places they visited that were open to ghost hunters for a fee. Hmmm, seems like they never told the public about that.

We were sent a link to this guy's blog:

What an ego driven piece of crap. Why do people look up to these fools? Just because they're on TV? Whenever I see or hear a person is on one of these shows it makes me wonder how easily they sell their souls for that few minutes of televised fame.

West Memphis 3--No Satanic Ritual Abuse & No Psychics

If you get a chance, watch the 2012 documentary West of Memphis. It covers the infamous 1993 case from finding three bodies of eight-year-old boys to the release of the three men convicted of the murders years later. The question remains: who killed the boys?

The producers tell us who they think did it. But after looking into the case not one psychic stepped forward and offered their help. Sylvia Browne was a no-show. James Van Praagh had nothing to say. Theresa Caputo, who claims to bring loved ones on the Other Side together isn't offering any free readings. Why? Because they can't talk to the dead, not even famous dead people.

Ghost Hunters Insensitive to Family's Privacy

The following article drives home the price that is paid by insensitive ghost hunters who only care about making money and spreading their fame -- while the truth is twisted.

American Pastor's Life Means Something -- Even if the Media Ignores Him

The media doesn't care as the word Christian is mentioned. They aren't concerned that American pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen, is put into the same area of an Iranian prison as rapists and murderers. Obama doesn't care even though he has a man's blood on his hands. A pastor whose only crime is loving God. Obama's approval rating is in the low 30s. In heaven, it's far less.

See full story here:

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