Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Issue 131 – Paranormal Potpourri 3 ~ More Stinky Fake Para-Celebrities!

By Kirby Robinson

The paranormal potpourri keeps getting stinkier! Has the era of debunking fakes and frauds ended?  Lisa Livingston Martin -- master historian or master distorter? The Murder Bordello gets a release date while the public gets screwed.

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Mark Your Calendars ~ August 28 Eye on the Paranormal Radio Show Special Program

We’ll spend 2 hours on the topics of the Amityville Horror Haunting and The Conjuring. We’ll expose the fakery behind the Amityville Horror, The Haunting in Connecticut and my concerns about them.

Tune in and let the truth set you free from the lies and deceptions.

Paranormal Debunking – the Field Keeps Shrinking

Have 99.9% of the so-called paranormal debunkers lost their guts? It seems to be the case as more and more blogs and websites are disappearing or becoming only a tool to make money from ads and links. Guess it’s like the old adage – if you can’t beat them, join them.

I understand why. Debunking and exposing lies and fakery can be a lonely life. You’re not welcome at paranormal conventions. Your calls are never put through on radio programs. If you share a possible show topic with many of the radio shows you’ll get no response or if you do it’ll be “I’d love to but the network’s owner tells me you’re not allowed on the network.”

Inundated with difficulties? Life does tend to pile things on you: marriages, divorces, kids being born, kids leaving home, the economy’s far from good. Still you wonder why the falling away?

Some want to be friends to those they have to keep an eye on. That’s impossible and a clear violation of the ethics of being a good reporter. Sure, you can exchange emails and say hello, but to become friends puts one in a perilous ethical position. What happens when you uncover something less than good on that person…do you report it or let it slide?

Some websites claim they’re still in the debunking business but if you take a close look at their updates you won’t find it relates to a para-reality show, fake para-celebrity, fake psychic or a fake haunting case.

Some have chosen to only go after the almighty dollar and use YouTube and the website to get hits which equals money while not really debunking anything.

Others have been scared off by the saber rattling by the fakers that get uncovered. When they do, they threaten to sue. They refuse to understand that not only freedom of speech protects them but being a news reporter gives then additional protection along with the fact that once a person becomes a public figure the rules change. If you have truth on your side and your facts lined up, why back down?

Sadly, the giant egos that rule the rest of the paranormal field also rules the shrinking debunker field. Many times we’ve reached out to organize the debunkers to create a unified front, but to no avail.

Let others fall to side. Let others sellout. Let others become just as fake as the ones they report on. Rest assured, the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL won’t shut, won’t blink or break. There is much more truth to reveal and deceptions to uncover.

Mockumentary About Galena, KS Murder Bordello Teaser Released

Sadly just about everything in the teaser is a lie. In the first few seconds, you’ll hear a scripted narration. Note to the Klinge Brothers you might want to start going to church. You can pray for all your sins of lying, cheating, and using people, and learn that when one dies they can’t hold off from going to heaven or hell.

On a side note, we noticed that Mr. Coffey has been packing on the pounds in the midsection. Due to a concern for his health, we suggest that he cut back on the baloney a little.

Be Rude to Your Elders!

Carolyn McLean has been around since the middle of the last century and is the only person in Galena leading the fight against all these lies have been flying about. Apparently, she’s asked too many questions and by doing so has received a very rude response from one of the managers of Proof of Paranormal Society on their Facebook page. Managers Cindy Adams DeRossett  and Michelle Shackelford Yancey have a great love for fake para-celebs.

Proof Of Paranormal Society wrote: "Dear Ms. McLean: 2 things I’ve learned from your post: 1) You were hoping for an interview and didn’t get one 2) You have more time on your hands than most normal people. The idea that you have SOUGHT OUT our page to address a post from a MONTH AGO to spew your ugly story so you could be heard is astounding, not to mention sad. There are people you have named and those associated with the production are personal friends of ours and as I know my name, know they would not KNOWINGLY or maliciously deceive the public nor would they go to the time and expense to produce a ruse (DUH). Could it be, that YOUR facts are not clear? Could it be that these people WHO INVESTIGATE & UNEARTH HISTORY FOR A LIVING might have better skills at discovering evidence than you? What is clear to me, ma’am, is that your slander comes on the heels of being butt-sore for not getting your 15 minutes of fame. Run along now. Your slander has earned you a block from this page. However, and finally, we send you light and love in hopes you take the opportunity to seek happiness and positive energy in your life. ~ The POPS Crew "He who angers you conquers you." ~Elizabeth Kenny "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." - Buddha"

Lisa Livingston-Martin – Master Historian or Master Distorter?

One of the persons that we’ve yet to take a look at is Lisa Livingston-Martin, who seems to want her share of the fake para-celeb pie.

She’s written a book called Missouri’s Wicked Route 66: Gangsters and Outlaws on the Mother Road that after my first read-through has issues. Most cases she writes about took place prior to the road being built. It seems to be just on par with a long high school term paper. There is no new research presented, and little, if any, proof offered to the reader to back up her claims of the alleged Murder Bordello’s location. She writes that it’s located on Main Street yet she shows no proof of this.

Now that we know the Klinge Brothers intend to focus on Route 66 in the DVD series we have to ask what kind of role will she be playing in the series? How much information did she feed Chip Coffey? Is she making any money off the nightly ghost hunting fees for the house?

It seems that she’s a ghost hunter and even appeared on a recent My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera. Next week we’ll break that appearance down.

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Anonymous said...

Carolyn McLean here..

Bravo! As usual loved the blog this week....Loved the comment about Chip Coffey... Very funny!

Please keep up the good work!

Keep that "truth" train coming....:)

Anonymous said...

Shadows on 66′ called out for paranormal hype, not historical accuracy
by idoubtit • August 25, 2013 • 2 Comments

A new straight to DVD/download feature about fabled Route 66 is already showing it’s true colors.

“Shadows on 66″ trailer » Route 66 News Route 66 News.

A trailer for the upcoming “Shadows on 66″ paranormal series features Galena’s Murder Bordello.

If you eventually watch the episode, just remember the long-told tale that Galena’s Murder Bordello was the home of serial-killing madam Ma Staffleback in the 1890s doesn’t square with the known facts. But the folks behind the site still should be commended for dramatically improving the historic home’s condition and converting it into a tourist attraction.

The film series Shadows on 66 is a project by the Klinge Brothers of Discovery Channel’s “Ghost Lab” (one of the worst and most ridiculous paranormal reality shows) and Chip Coffey of A&E’s “Paranormal State” and “Psychic Kids” (two other most horrendous shows, enough said). Neither party is known for their historical accuracy, inquiry or accuracy. I’m not surprised it is possibly off the mark to begin with. Here is more on the controversy over the bordello house in Kansas.

Doubts arise over history of Galena’s Murder Bordello » Route 66 News Route 66 News.

Numerous media outlets — including Route 66 News — have reported that Galena’s Murder Bordello in Galena, Kan., served as the headquarters of a murderous madam, Ma Staffleback, during the 1890s when she and other accomplices may have killed dozens of clients.

However, records unearthed by two members of an area historical society have cast doubts whether Staffleback owned or operated in that house at all.

For Americana buffs, that Route 66 website is really fun and full of interesting stuff. Check it out. Wikipedia: Route 66

Tip: Graham Donald

Anonymous said...! RE: The house at 203 North Main Street, Galena, Kansas is a plain ordinary old 2 story house… No Murders! No Stafflebacks! No haunting that I have ever heard rumored. My family came here in 1878 and the only rumor that I ever heard about that house was that it was a brothel in the 1930′s and a lot of the old timers in Galena heard the same thing from their parents etc.

“It is my personal opinion” that the house was built by a mining company and because of the way it was built with the balcony that it truly was a brothel in the later part of the 1800′s. Over the years, many families have lived in the house and two different parties had it for “Rest Homes” and Humble Sand owned it at one time.

RE: The “Stafflebacks” came from “Swindle Hill” at Joplin, Mo and came to the southern edge of “Pickers Point” on the western edge
of Galena near “Owl Branch” in the mining fields.. They moved into a “Deserted Miners Shanty” and the brothel was a “Grungy Little Log Cabin Brothel” per the “Chicago Tribune” in 1897. Behind what is now the Galena Museum…

They were convicted of killing “ONE” person and that was not premeditated.. Not the 50 that “Russell Keeler”, “Lisa Martin Livingston”, “Brad klinge”, and believe it or not “Michael Wallis” of Route 66 said on national television in June of this year on ABC, Channel 12 near here in Joplin, MO…

Frank Galbreath was thrown into a mine shaft 2 blocks west of 7th. & Main Street on the north side… The Deserted miners shanty and the Grungy Little Log Cabin Brothel was 50 feet north of the mineshaft… (behind what is now the Museum)

Russell Keeler, After Midnight Paranormal, came here in February of 2010; saw the house took a picture of it, found the “Staffleback” story on “Kansas Legends” and started “Galena’s Murder bordello” that same month. Then in June of 2010 he called Dave & Kathy Alexander of “Kansas Legends” and had them come and look at the house and they picked up the picture of the house and the “New Story”… Per e-mail from Dave Alexander to me…

71 pages of local newspaper articles in 1897 plus articles from all over the United States…Galena had more free advertising than anywhere in the world at that time..
30 plus drawings of the family and houses etc.
Map of 1900

Yes it is important to preserve our Galena, Kansas History for our future generations… I do not want Galena to be known forever as a town of deceit…

See: MY Facebook site: “Galena’s House of Deceit: Staffleback Murder Bordello”
“Eye of the Paranormal” Blog…. Kirby Robinson has been exposing them for the past 5 weeks..

P.S. Nothing in this D.V.D. is the truth not even the “Staffleback” Story…

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why the D.V.D. is not going to be shown around Galena, Kansas where it was filmed?????

Is it because everyone in the Four-State area knows the "TRUTH" and that it is purely "FICTION"????????

Are they afraid that some of the Galena people will picket the film??

Can't wait for it to come out so we can see how much of it is faked.....:)