Thursday, July 11, 2013

Haunted Houses

By Lisa Grace

The term "haunted house" is a misnomer. Houses can be occupied by corporal creations or by supernatural creatures that  are mentioned in the Holy Scriptures.

The reason I bring this up is, I am currently visiting/staying at a house where my husband and I both had a visit from a supernatural creature a couple of years ago. We did not summon it (that's forbidden in the Bible) and we certainly were not expecting it. My husband had never experienced the supernatural in such a hands on way before, so this was a surprise.

We were in bed, but plenty of light leaked in under the door from the next room. We had just turned in and ended a conversation when something unseen ran across the covers, and over our bodies. It had weight, it physically made depressions, and stepping sounds, and we felt it through the comforter as it moved across the bed.

The first words out of my husband's mouth were, "Did you see that?"

We weren't scared because we know beyond 100% that the supernatural exists. We also know God is control and we have His protection.

At the time someone whom we assumed practiced witchcraft (because of the various spell books and paraphernalia related to witchcraft that we saw around the house) was currently living in the home, too. We assumed they had intentionally or unintentionally invited “it” in through their practices.

We said a prayer asking the entity to leave in Jesus’ name and peacefully went to sleep.

Now we’re back and have been here for almost ten days. The person who owned the spell books no longer lives here, and all the witchcraft items have been removed. We’ve had no visits from supernatural creatures, and I don’t expect any either. Why?

Because of my faith, and my husband’s and because any entity would be told to leave in Jesus’ name.
Now is the house haunted? No. It had a supernatural occupant that was told to leave under God‘s authority (not mine), which it did.

The problem with all these haunting shows on TV is they should be just as boring as the true life incident I related above. The creature engages you, then you command it to leave permanently in Jesus’ name.

But the truth is—paranormal seekers really don’t want these entities to leave. No, they want them to stay—and interact, even in cases where you can see the human being possessed. They treat it like it is a game, and talk excitedly about returning to interact again.

The Holy Scriptures warn about these interactions because they can lead to these evil creatures attaching, possessing, or tormenting their human hosts.

Just like a house can be occupied, so can a person or the area around them.

Keep your guard up, and call in someone who will truly drive them away. Fifteen minutes of fame is truly not worth the price you may have to pay for encouraging demonic manifestations to interact with you.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it really is that simple for born-again Christians to command demons to leave through the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, taking care to say that out loud, too, that it is through the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth we command the demons to leave. As God's children, we have that authority. Well said, Lisa.

Mariea said...

Hello Lisa,
I like this article Lisa as I always believed this to be true. Anytime a friend has told me about an "experience" - it was always traced back to something a person did. Ouija boards were usually the biggest culprit, although at the time the connection was never made. Also, it never happened right after its use - usually quite awhile I may add. Both friends described chaotic happenings such as things flying off shelves, lights flickering, things laying on top of them in bed which "felt" like a person due to its weight. When I have time - I often ponder, what is to become of such host of these television shows/ groups that dabble in tis stuff on a constant basis and make money off of it to top! What happens when Satan has no other use for them (at the time)? What if they leave the business of ghost hunting and want to lead a normal life and have a "real" job? What then? I have a strange feeling that answer will come soon as things only last in pop culture for a short while. And, let's not forget, there are always new, and younger recruits coming in to replace the ones who are phasing out as it always "seemed" more of a popularity contest.
I have enjoyed reading this blog over my summer break before going back to teach in the fall. Keep up the good work! Please excuse any grammatical and spelling errors in advance as I don't type much in the summer:)