Friday, May 3, 2013

Ten Things Not To Like About Christians

By Stephen Piersall, God’s Preservation Ministry   ß----------Subscribe by email to get all posts and updates.

We read and hear the comments about those of us that do a lot of preaching, sharing, and renouncing all the paranormal activities that many are involved with especially the media. As for the mature Christians who read this and accept it as food for the Holy Spirit within us that is great. Those that are Christians but perhaps “back-slidden" with their faith, get pretty aggravated with our attempts to bring them back closer with God. Those that have NOT accepted Jesus into their lives will lash out with calling us shameful names, posting negative comments behind the safety of their computers and think all is right to their lives.

Why do we buy car insurance if we never plan to get into an accident? Sure you can agree that would be a great deal of $’s in our pockets as usable income. Whether the law says we have to buy insurance or not is irrelevant, since the first thing we are thankful for when we get involved in an auto accident is gladness that you won't have to pay a large sum of money to fix or buy a new car. Have you invested life for your future? This is not rot referring to a retirement plan or an investment in the stock market, but speaking about your future beyond death. 

Whether you want to believe it or not there are a Heaven and Hell, and when we die, we stand and bow before Jesus, and we have our life reviewed, it comes down to whether you have already accepted Jesus or not. No, you cannot pray someone out of purgatory, or cross over an earthbound spirit. Why would that be? Because there is no such thing, and without salvation through Jesus, you will have a future in Hell. On the other hand, if you still choose in the paranormal, you can be one of those fictitious ghosts. Send us an EVP instead of an email if you want to sign up for updates on our website.

Let us share something that may change your mind or give you something to think about regarding your future beyond the grave. The top ten things not to like about Christians is an opinion only. Do Christians act more like Christ than the Pharisees do? If the shoe fits, then maybe you need to make some changes to your Christian lifestyle:

10. The self-righteous argue over which edition of the Bible is holier. Are any of these (KJV, NKJV, NIV, and NASB) versions really 100% correct? Growing up many years ago there was only the KJV, but we need to keep in mind, we no longer speak like the days of Shakespeare. If you really want to study the Bible, then we have to go back to Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. If these newer translations help someone understand God’s word, and we win souls…Amen!

9. Why must we bash other religions and denominations? We are to bring people to God not to religions and denominations. We do not have to agree with what another person feels as comfortable to attending their church as it is for them to think the same about us. The Bible is CLEAR that his bride is the church; He did not say any particular denomination. Wait until you stand before Jesus and defend your viewpoint of condemning his bride!

8. People who follow God’s rules are better than those who do not. We should stand against those who oppose Christian values and feel grateful to be a Christian when we see other people’s failures and flaws. We should see God-given value in people, regardless of their past or present conditions. God is for everyone, and in fact; God works in people’s lives, even when they are not following him. We need to demonstrate love and compassion just as Jesus showed us by his example. How much time do you personally spend time with non-believers to help them follow Jesus?

7. Those that go buy fancy cars, clothes, homes, etc. and then when the collection plate comes around in church, we pull a few dollars out of our selfish wallets and feel good about ourselves. Jesus said, “Give back to Caesar. What is Caesar’s, and to God? What is God’s”. Tithing is giving to God your 10% right off the top of your income, and that is the amount before taxes too. We all feel the economic pinch, but for our churches to exist and prosper, we must give of all our resources, money, time, community, etc.

6. Do you remember the TV show “Leave it to Beaver”? Did you ever notice that the parents never went to the boy’s activities, with school sports or attending church? Sure, they would go to Beaver’s school, but that was when he got into trouble. By not attending church as a family and getting involved except on holidays sends a message to our children. You decide if it is a good or bad choice as a parental role model.

5. Bullying is in the news more and more and is becoming frightful. Look in the mirror, when you decide to bash a well-known pastor because you do not believe in their interpretation of Theology. Do you see a bully? Why are you not praying for them as Jesus taught? We are to pray for; those who have not accepted Jesus, those that have hurt us, and those that are backslidden. Who shall cast the first stone?

4. People who say they will pray for you and never do. Listen to others to learn their story. In fact, try to discover the needs of non-Christians rather than waiting for them to come to you. We should be praying ceaselessly. Start your day and end your day in prayer. Talk to God throughout your day, and give thanks for all the good things into your life. Do not be selfish in prayer. Pray for others before your needs.

3. Why must people attend church have to wear high $ fashions (women showing their cleavage), and have all their gold jewelry on display? Our Church has a come, as you are approach. It is not a good idea to put on a false front of your possessions or even your knowledge and experience. We need to be more humble and contribute to our churches and communities without attracting attention to ourselves. Do not let PRIDE or SELF-ENTITLEMENT get over the way of demonstrating your Christian walk.

2. People who proclaim they are mature Christians based on years attending church, but do not do anything except show up on Sunday mornings. Last weekend while at church, there were plenty of seats and pews and did not need any more deadwood just be sitting around. Read your Bible, pray daily and volunteer when opportunity is there. The more involved you become in the local church you will enjoy the fellowship of other believers, as well as get a chance to help in your community. Just remember you reap what you sow.
Lastly, the number-one reason of things not to like about Christians is…

1. Those that know better but still go out and do ghost hunting and believing in earthbound spirits, etc. Wake up and smell the new-age cologne you are wearing. When in doubt read Deuteronomy 18, and you will see that you are committing sins. Beware of false prophets and know Satan and his demons are masters of disguise. Have you ever been tricked by a salesperson to buy a different car than the one wanted? Do NOT get tricked into believing your future is full of rewards and find out you're stuck in Hell tormented forever! 

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