Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Issue 115 – Haunted Collector Becomes the Humiliated Collector, Part 2

By Kirby Robinson

So after some wild story about fixed boxing matches the team returns to night 2 of the hunt.

It contains nothing more than the first night claims of something moving through someone. Or punching bags swaying. We never see it start only the aftermath of someone pushing it. Lastly, dust is being blown from under the ring. Air pump maybe? They find some smelling salts and a bottle of Phenobarbital.

Talking to someone from the boxing club at Whatsoever Community Center, the mat and flooring for the ring had been changed more than once over the years. If anything had been tucked under there it would had been found so we have to ask who put it there?

They take the items to an antique dealer who knows what smelling salts are and has a slight understanding of the drug but only understands the most basic facts about the drug. What’s not reveal is that some used it as a recreational drug.

The final client meeting is standard fare. Aimee, John’s daughter, stands arms folded, pulling away from both men.

60 Seconds of Plain Bitter Coffey

The next story comes from Joplin, Missouri, a city that is just recovering from the worst tornado that’s ever hit the area. An increase of paranormal activity is being reported and one household that is being hit hard needs help with it.

We’re not going to spend a lot of time on the claims as they are standard: fare such as voices, shadows, people on the stairs, and kids afraid to sleep in their rooms.

In comes Chip Coffey who hasn’t made a para-reality show appearance for quite some time. His 60 seconds of airtime provides us with nothing new. As with his walkthroughs on Paranormal State, the information he offers is as bland as in the past.

- He feels agitated. Chip, you’re in a so-called haunted house -- you should be.

- Something’s on the stairs. What’s on the stairs? Chip never says.

- Old mirror. That’s an easy target. Observe how he sits so both the mirror and him are in the shot. Did his old pal Eric Levin show up an offer a few pointers?

- In the bedroom he claims he’s agitated. He mentions no names, no whys-- nothing. A few seconds later, he’s gone. Some guest appearance.

The night features two primed EVP’s. You don’t hear anything until the hosts prime you to hear it. A pattern with the laser light is claimed to be ghost. The small number of lights moving seems to be more like flying bugs.

The show wraps up with one more night of collecting evidence, the only piece being the mirror of producing something solid.

There really is nothing paranormal. It’s more than likely the family as a whole suffers from PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome]. A unit this size producing such negative energy will produce negative activity psychically. It’s not paranormal.

A loss of credibility over 60 seconds of Coffey is a bad deal for this show.

Because now everything is up for question, we are building a file over the number of places they have visited that have already had ghost teams there. In some cases, they have charged for these ghost hunts. They allegedly go to help the people there what does it mean? They are deceiving the public and it will be up to the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL to do the uncovering.

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Christian Soldier said...

chip is washed up! lol

Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph is noted. I responded on Part 1 of this topic noting a paranormal team whose founders own a building which is probably at this point a pay for investigation spot. They were portrayed as scared couple on a certain show and despite changes in name due to a marriage its not hard to notice who they are and what team they belong to. Yet on the show its like they're concerned and have no prior knowledge if the place is haunted or not. And then people wonder why people won't believe what they say about the paranormal. If your reputation is important don't chance it that people will recognize a sham.

Anonymous said...

Learn how to type and spell. Who cares about one or two faked show's. Everyone knows that not all paranormal activity is real anyway. And how are we to know if any footage is real. For all we know everything we see on t.v. could be doctored before it is aired to show us what they want us to see. Let the man have his dignity. Put him back on the air.