Monday, May 27, 2013

Bad Bad Thing Award Goes to Cindy & Nick Uwanawich for Stealing $238,000

By Kirby Robinson

Cindy & Nick Uwanawich
Stealing $238,000
Can't hit the lottery? Start playing the fake psychic lottery! You might make $238,000 but cheating the public is a bad bad thing.

It seems that more and more con artists are turning to the fake psychic/palm reader/tarot reading con in order to make a quick buck off the innocent public. They want to defraud those who are seeking some advice and help from the other side.

"Cindy Uwanawich, 57, and Nick Uwanawich, 56, of Twin Peaks, have been charged with three counts each of felony grand theft after eight customers came forward and said they were scammed out of more than $238,000 in total." John Asbury,

These two so-called psychics in the Inland Empire, Cindy and Mark Uwanawich, [yes that is their last name] made $238,000 telling their victims they needed to get rid of evil spirits to find happiness. The only thing the victims found were their bank accounts got a whole lot smaller.

I always tell people seek God in prayer and meditation on His Word. God never charges for His services and He is always there.

Here is the full story:

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