Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Issue 107 – Old Pope, New Pope …

By Kirby Robinson

…it all smells bad to me.

“The Holy Spirit will play some part in the selection process.”

The above quote came from one of the hundreds of newscasts that have been held since Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation from the office. It was made by a priest who claims to be an expert in Vatican politics.

Politics shouldn’t play any part in the selection process. It’s part of all that smells rotten in the Vatican, and has for some time. And, in the years to come, it’s going to get worse.

That is one of the reasons I chuckle when I hear that the antichrist will come out of the Vatican or the false religion will be a new age form of Catholicism.

Why would the unholy trinity ruin a good thing? For centuries, we have gotten a false teacher from the head of the church. Due to the ever-growing and seemly never-ending child abuse charges, people have been losing faith in the validity of the spiritual path being offered by the Catholic Church. If the ordained priests, nuns, and officials of the Church, which are supposed to be God’s chosen, can’t live the spiritual path that they teach, then who can? And the priests, who are the voice for Him on this earth, become higher than a human, after they take their vows. They are just below angels under the misteaching of the Church that angels are above men. However, this isn’t the truth as angels are below men. The pope/priests have the ability to forgive sin, which is NOT true. The only person who has the ability to forgive sin is Jesus, who died on the cross. The Church claims that priests have a supernatural ability to actually change the wafer to the body of Christ, and the wine into the blood of Christ. But if such priests can’t keep to the path, who among us common sinners ever hope to live up to the path?

Not every priest or nun should be tainted by the sex scandal. Time after time it has came to light that these disgusting pedophile priests have been reported to church authorities. There were times when local church authorities tried to do something, but the Vatican blocked any action. So the complaints fell on deaf ears. To understand this, watch the HBO documentary Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God. It does a great job of exposing the cancer that spreads throughout the church.

It allows us to see that the concept of the pope as the Vicar of Christ [his representative here on earth] is free from error, is a false teaching. Worse still, the process of his selection isn’t done by the hand of God but by something quite sinister.

I recently watched a show in which the top five or six male candidates were discussed. [By the way, women aren’t allowed to hold the position even though in the past there have been pope[s] that might have been female.]  As for the candidates, the following statements are used to describe each one of them.

1 The new Pope’s selection would make political sense.

2 The new person in the Vatican would appeal to the minorities.

3 The new Pope would be liked by the media.

4 America has an African-American president – why not go one better and put an African in the Vatican?

5 The new Pope knows how to delegate authority.

What is not said:

1 Signs and wonder follow him.

2 He has cast out demons.

3 He has healed the sick.

4 He has raised the dead.

5 Signs and wonders appeared when he was born.

What we see is politics and PR put far above spirituality.

Did Christ ever do this? NO!

When it comes time to select the Dalai Lama [the Tibetan Buddhist pope], they have a rigorous selection process. It might take years, but they seek out, and test, that special person who shows there is something outside of the physical world that intends for him [again no females] to sit in the seat of power. One would think if a man represents God on earth that such things like healing, raising the dead, casting out demons would follow him wherever he would go. [There have been some cases of this but they are rare]. These so-called men of God who will soon do the voting are also the ones who have done their best to hide the child abusers. In some cases, they’ve punished the adults who were molested as children and rewarded the pedophile priests with luxurious homes and positions of power. How can these men claim to have spiritual authority over anything?

Until they face the issue of these child abuse charges, the Catholic Church as a whole will sink into a pit of spiritual despair. The cheap out is to claim that celibacy drove the priests to do what they did. Such a statement seems logical but it isn’t.

Celibacy would have no impact in what these men find sexually arousing. Their sexual preferences would’ve been part of the personality at the time of joining the church. That’s why recidivism rates are almost 99% when it comes to pedophiles. One element that is missing is the pedophile underground that has always been active. How much of a role have they played in the church?


If we are to buy the contention that the pope is GOD’S voice on earth and he is without error, the Holy Spirit should be the only thing that determines who will be the next pope.

Let’s think about that for one moment:

1 A woman can never be His voice.

2 A non-Catholic can never be God’s voice.

3 A simple monk or priest could never be His voice, nor can a layperson.

When you see a select group pick who will be the voice of God on earth, doubts must be raised about the credibility of such a statement. I tell people if you look through the Bible of the great men and woman of God who heard Him speak--man never chooses--GOD DOES THE CHOOSING. God never goes through a conclave. If the selection of the next pope was truly from God, and not merely from a group of cardinals with their own agenda, which is different from God’s, there wouldn't be a need to vote. God would address every single cardinal and tell them to vote for such and such and it would be a unanimous decision—and it would only require one vote.

Lastly, the church is under great error on papal authority. Yes, Christ said He would build a church with Peter as the foundation, and he appointed Peter as the head of the apostles. But it stopped there. In no Biblical passage did he tell Peter he had the same power.

The Pope is just a man--nothing more. There is only one perfect man who spoke without error and His throne is not in Rome but heaven. He has no interest in politics and He certainly doesn’t side with child molesters.

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